Driving Regulations


Last edit: January 2021

The Nürburgring (Nordschleife and/or Grand Prix track) is made available for touristic rides (tourist rides) on days when it is not being used for racing events or testing. The German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) shall apply to such rides, unless specified otherwise below.


  1. Only motor vehicles which comply with the German Road Vehicle Registration Regulation (StVZO) shall be allowed to drive on the Nürburgring. Excluded from the tourist rides are vehicles which, due to their design or because of their technical condition, have a minimum speed slower than 60 km/h, vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of more than 2.8 t, with full bucket seats (driver and passenger), with modified or non-standard removable steering wheels, with HANS (head and neck support) systems, with unpadded cages, with additional front- or rear-mounted fittings such as spoilers and aerodynamic components that protrude beyond the car‘s original width and height or have sharp edges, with transit plates (red numbers), temporary number plates (03 and 04 numbers) and vintage car transferable number plates (07 numbers). Also excluded are quads, trikes, karts as well as formula vehicles and formula-like vehicles.
  2. Each vehicle driver must be in possession of a valid ticket issued by Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as “NG”) and a valid driving licence. Persons who hold a driving licence under the “accompanied driving from the age of 17 (BF17)” programme in accordance with § 48a of the regulation on granting persons permission to drive on the road shall be excluded from participation in the tourist rides. Drivers must carry their driving licence and the vehicle registration papers.
  3. Drivers of vehicles which are not registered in Germany must carry proof of insurance.
  4. Driving on the Nordschleife using a season ticket shall be permitted only in combination with valid ID.
  5. The validity of the season ticket is limited to the duration of the season. A season ends on 31 December of the respective year at the latest. The season ticket is personalised and therefore not transferable, including for use in individual cases. Season tickets cannot be returned and no refund will be made, neither in full nor in part. The general right of withdrawal shall be excluded if the season ticket has demonstrably already been used in the respective season.
  6. NG reserves the right to exclude vehicles with visibly recognisable defects from the tourist rides. No claims for compensation may be derived from such exclusions.


  1. The Nürburgring may only be entered and exited via the points which have been set up for this purpose and are marked accordingly.
  2. The Nürburgring is a one-way street and is marked as such. Vehicles must drive in a clockwise direction.
  3. Vehicles must use the roadway. They must drive on the right-hand side. Overtaking is only allowed on the left. Drifting is not permitted.
  4. The entire Nürburgring, including the hard shoulders, is an absolute no-stopping zone. Vehicles with technical defects are exempted from this rule. Turning and reversing is also banned on the Nürburgring.
  5. If a vehicle is no longer fully roadworthy due to a technical defect, or if it is leaking operating fluids, the driver is obliged to immediately park the vehicle in a safe position on the hard shoulder or in another suitable spot. The incident is to be promptly reported to the track management (phone: +49 (0) 800 0302 112). The driver and all passengers are obliged to immediately get to safety behind the guardrails. If necessary, following traffic is to be warned from a safe position using hand signals or other suitable measures. Furthermore, the vehicle must be removed from the track by the towing service authorised by Nürburgring as instructed by the track management. The resulting costs shall be borne by the driver of the vehicle. Private towing is not permitted.
  6. The use of snow chains or spiked tyres is not permitted. It is also not permitted to use racing tyres (e.g. slicks). No winter road clearance services are provided.
  7. Motorcyclists must wear complete protective clothing.
  8. Car drivers and passengers must wear seat belts. This also applies to persons in the rear seats. Children must be secured in appropriate child restraint systems.
  9. There is an absolute overtaking ban in the vicinity of accident sites and other dangerous areas. Such sections must be navigated at appropriate speed, no faster than 50 km/h. Signals from the deployed track safety staff or the intervention vehicles must be observed at all times. Failure to observe these rules will result in driving bans.
  10. Track closures due to accidents etc. are indicated by red signal lights. In this case, no car may go on the Nürburgring.
  11. The posted safety rules and instructions must be observed at all times.
  12. Any commercial use of access roads, fences or other NG facilities is prohibited. No tents may be set up. Putting up advertising banners, distributing flyers etc. is only permitted if expressly permitted by NG.
  13. No timekeeping whatsoever is permitted during tourist rides. This also applies to so-called BTG lap times. All kinds of timekeeping devices are to be switched off before starting a lap. In the event of non-compliance, NG staff is entitled to stop drivers from starting their lap or to issue a general driving ban. The tourist rides do not serve the purpose of achieving top speeds as a matter of principle.

§ 3 – SPEED

  1. On the Nürburgring the basic rules on driving speeds in accordance with §3(1)StVO must be observed (see StVO excerpt below).
  2. Motor vehicle races are banned in accordance with §29(1) StVO. This explicitly also includes attempts by individual vehicles to achieve speed records.
  3. All users of the Nürburgring must strictly observe the speed limits on the track.
  4. Vehicles must slow down in the sections of the Nürburgring that are marked “roadworks”. The specified speed limits are mandatory.


  1. Driving on the Nürburgring is not subject to any liability on the part of NG and persons appointed by it. This particularly applies to damage suffered by the user due to violations of the obligations stated in §§ 2 and 3 committed by the user themselves. This exclusion shall not apply to damage to life or limb or impairment of health caused by intentional or negligent breach of duty – including by a legal representative or vicarious agent of the group of persons released from liability – and also not to damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty – including by a legal representative or vicarious agent of the group of persons released from liability.
  2. Accidents and technical defects as well as damage to the track, the hard shoulders, the fences, the guardrails and other facilities of the Nürburgring must immediately be reported to the personnel of NG. Violations will be reported to the police as hit and run offences. The damage incurred shall be noted in a damage report which has to be signed by the person who caused the damage. The cost of repairing the damage, including the deployment of marshals and/or intervention vehicles, shall be borne by the person who caused the damage. Upon request, the hourly rates for staff and/or vehicle deployment charged to persons causing accidents, dirtying the track etc. can be seen at the track management. The assertion of higher damage in individual cases shall not be excluded by this regulation. This provision also applies to deployments which are not due to accidents but caused by a technical defect of a vehicle or by spilled operating fluids.
  3. NG shall be entitled to demand an adequate advance cash payment for any damage caused by the user in accordance with the provisions outlined above in subsection 2.


  1. Operating commercial taxi rides, whether for a fee or free of charge, is forbidden within the framework of tourist rides without authorisation by NG. A commercial taxi ride means every type of transportation of third parties, whether for a fee or free of charge, which serves to achieve or initiate a direct or indirect profit and/or service provision. In particular, this includes the initiation or deepening of business relationships with third persons, links with other services of the person performing and/ or operating the taxi rides, company incentives (internal, external), raffles as well as the auctioning off of rides via online auction sites, such as “eBay”, and the offering of such rides via websites, newspaper advertisements, etc.
  2. Persons violating subsection 1 will be banned from the premises immediately.


  1. Any type of environmental damage must be immediately reported to track management.
  2. Vehicles which do not comply with the noise limits specified in the vehicle registration papers with regard to noise emissions when driving and standing shall be banned from driving on the Nürburgring. Furthermore, the noise limit must not exceed the level in accordance with the near field measurement method (95 dB [A]) and the maximum sound-power level (130 dB [A]) stipulated by NG, measured when the vehicle is driving past. NG measures noise levels along the track and reserves the right to exclude vehicles from the tourist rides if they exceed the aforementioned noise limits, even if their noise limits do not exceed those stipulated in the vehicle registration papers. Vehicles with defective or illegally modified exhaust systems shall also be banned.
  3. Drivers shall not be entitled to claims for compensation or refund of driving fees because of a ban imposed based on subsection 2.


  1. Drivers are not permitted to use the “Steilstrecke” section or the rescue and supply roads.
  2. The instructions of NG staff must be followed at all times.
  3. Photographs, filming and video recordings are banned during ongoing tourist rides as a matter of principle. Exceptions from this rule shall require the explicit approval of NG. Holders of driving licences according to §1 who do not want to be photographed or filmed by third parties (including commercial photographers) while driving on the Nürburgring are required to put a marker on the sides of their front and rear windows before going on the track, thus signalling that they object to such photo- and video recordings. The corresponding markers are available at the ticket container at the Nordschleifen-entrance Meuspath and the “Imbiss zur Nordschleife” in Breidscheid.
  4. All kinds of commercial use of the tourist rides shall require the explicit approval of NG. Driver training sessions or driving instructions conducted by third parties or private persons are forbidden during tourist rides as a matter of principle. This ban also applies to driving schools.
  5. All types of guided drives, with vehicles travelling in pairs or in convoys, as well as all kinds of training formats, are forbidden. Violations shall be punished by imposing a ban on the respective driver. Users shall not be entitled to compensation or a refund of driving fees in case of such a driving ban.
  6. Drives for training purposes to increase safety during tourist rides shall require the explicit authorisation of NG.
  7. In the event of a loss of a season ticket, this must be reported to NG within 48 hours, so that a replacement card can be issued. If NG is not notified within 48 hours after ascertaining that a card has been lost, no replacement card shall be provided. If the loss is reported in good time, NG shall provide a replacement card. A processing fee will be charged.
  8. NG reserves the right to conduct random checks to verify the identity of registered users and drivers using season tickets. In case of misuse of the season ticket or registered ticket (e.g. through transfer), the account of the respective user shall be disabled without refund of the purchase price. NG also reserves the right to impose driving bans on the respective persons and to report the misuse to the police.
  9. NG conducts technical inspections at the track access point in cooperation with a certified expert. Vehicles which have defects or represent a danger to other users of the track shall be banned from participating in the tourist rides. No claims for compensation shall be derived from such bans.
  10. The track may be closed down without notice due to unforeseen circumstances (accident, weather, state of track etc.). No claims for compensation shall be derived from such track closures.
  11. The privacy policy of NG can be found here: www.nuerburgring.de/datenschutz


  1. A contractual penalty of € 250 (in words: two hundred and fifty euros) to the benefit of NG shall be agreed between the user and NG for every culpable violation by the user of their obligations set out in § 1 subsection, § 2, § 3, § 5 as well as § 7 subsection 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. Imposing such a contractual penalty explicitly does not exclude the assertion of claims for damages in addition to the contractual penalty.
  2. NG reserves the right to impose a driving ban on track users for serious culpable violations of these general terms and conditions for driving on the Nürburgring. Information on the nature and extent of driving bans imposed for various types of violations can be obtained from NG.

§ 9 – WEBCAM

  1. The vehicle driver acknowledges that 360° webcams are installed both at the access road to the Nürburgring Nordschleife and at the start and finish straight of the Grand Prix circuit, which can be accessed on the Internet through the following links https://nuerburgring.panomax.com/grand-prix and https://panorama.nuerburgring.de/nordschleife-start and on the Nürburgring website. The images shown are updated at certain intervals (after 5 minutes at the earliest). Persons are shown pixelated and are therefore not recognizable on the pictures. The archive function has been deactivated so that images taken at an earlier time can no longer be viewed.

Excerpt from § 3(1)StVO

“The driver of a vehicle may only drive at speeds at which they are capable of controlling the vehicle at all times. In particular, the driver must adapt their speed to the road-, traffic-, visibility- and weather conditions as well as their personal driving skills and the characteristics of the vehicle and its load.” ...

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