May we introduce: The Nürburgring mascot "Legend".

He welcomes the big and small fans in the Green Hell. Dressed in a racing suit and equipped with a cheeky cap, he is on the road at various locations of the Nürburgring as a destination during major events but also on other occasions. Here, Legend is available for souvenir photos and even hands out his own autograph cards. And for the little fans, there are also their own fan articles featuring the new crowd favourite.

Having grown up in the Fuchsröhre, the section of the famous Nordschleife, Legend has his home in the Eifel forests along the history-steeped asphalt. And of course, the new Nürburgring mascot got his enthusiasm for thrilling motorsport here at an early age. Legendary races with the big names of motorsport such as Lauda, Schumacher, Vettel or Verstappen - Legend has experienced all this at first hand. Equipped with a sleek racing suit, the nimble fox is always ready to take the wheel himself. No matter whether it's an official race or a Nürburgring formula training session. And - just like a real racing driver - his name is also clearly visible on the suit's waist belt.

Legend carries the fascination of the versatile event location firmly in its heart. This is also why the new claim of the racetrack is emblazoned on the peak of his cap: "we make your heart race".

We communicate where Legend can be met and when via our social media channels and website.

TIP: Download Legend's coloring picture here.