15.09. – 17.09.2023

ADAC 1000 km Race - Return of the Legend

For the first time in 1953, the ADAC 1000 Kilometer Race offered the ultimate in endurance racing in the Eifel - in 1983, it took place for the last time on the overall course consisting of the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife.

In 2021, the return of the endurance legend celebrated a successful premiere at the Nürburgring: 100 teams took to the track over almost 7 hours and 38 laps on the second weekend of September 2021. 1000 km had to be mastered. The revival was an immediate success.

This endurance race is unique in Europe: the length of the track and the demands on the drivers and teams are incomparable.
The starting fields of the 2nd edition of the returned 1000 km Race at the Eifel circuit, which have room for up to 220 starter teams, continue to fill up every day.

To be seen in the programme: Starters with historic 1000 km Race legend cars of the early years in the "1000km sports car" demonstration race on the Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife.