21.09. – 22.09.2024


The ADAC 1000 km race on the Nürburgring was already one of the most emotional races on the longest and most beautiful race track in the world when it was first held in 1953. The symbiosis of man and machine, which in turn fought for victory and positions in sporting and fair competition with each other, fills many books and race reports. History was made at the 1000 km race on the Nürburgring and drivers became heroes. 

In 2021, the ADAC 1000 km race was revived. Incorporating the Grand Prix Track and the legendary Nordschleife, the race was relaunched as the last real endurance race for young and classic cars. The emotions reawakened. No balance of performance, no prescribed minimum standing times in the pits - limits are only set by safety-related issues. It is not the sheer engine power that decides, but driving skills, the sensitive handling of the race car, the engine, the tyres and brakes. The team in the pits, where every move has to be perfect.

At the 70th anniversary race, more than 100 competition vehicles with approx. 300 drivers took turns to race the entire circuit with a length of approx. 23 km. As a special feature, touring cars of the Golden Era, the old DTM in a separate starting group, took part in a race of 3 laps for the first time. In the past, the old DTM cars rarely had the opportunity to prove themselves on the Nordschleife. Now the opportunity was there again.

As a pre-race programme, drivers of air-cooled Porsches from the 356 to the 993 had an hour's opportunity to drive the entire circuit and to please not only themselves but also the visitors and to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Porsche appropriately.