Around 1,000 starters from 19 nations prepared for the coming season in the ring°arena as part of the International Rhein Siai Tournament at the beginning of January. A highlight for every karateka in the busy karate calendar!

The largest international round-robin karate tournament once again attracted athletes and visitors from all over the world. Among them were numerous guests of honor such as the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of the Interior and Sport, Michael Ebling, who took over the patronage of the event. The tournament was also attended by international title holders, including Olympic karate champion Ivet Goranova from Bulgaria.

According to the motto: "Fight and train together - get better together", Sen5 Rhein Shiai creates the framework for future successful athletes.

All categories will be held in an each-against-each model. All participants in a class are divided into groups, which all compete against each other. The top two in each group qualify for the intermediate round. Wins and the points difference count here.