The highlight of the Nürburgring season, the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race, can take place as planned. This is made possible by a show of strength by a number of partners. At the organising ADAC Nordrhein, the lights are now set on "green" for the hot phase of preparations for the race from 3 to 6 June. The ADAC 24h qualifying race on 8 and 9 May is also scheduled to take place as planned.

A fundamental contribution is being made by Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co KG, which once again underlines the excellent cooperation with ADAC Nordrhein as the organiser. But also the premium car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche as well as the tyre manufacturers Falken, Goodyear and Michelin are contributing considerable sums to secure the race. On the marketing partner side, Sporttotal as the holder of the 24h rights and Eurosport Events as the promoter of the FIA WTCR have made important contributions. And Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus also contributes to the sponsorship pot, demonstrating its deep commitment to the event, at which the "Glickenhaus Award" is also presented annually as a challenge cup for the fastest Nordschleife driver of the season.

This year, the planning for the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race is again facing many hurdles. "Of course, we had hoped that we would be able to overcome Corona by June 2021 and that we would be able to stage the 24h race in its former glory, so to speak," summarises race director Walter Hornung, noting: "Now things are turning out quite differently, and the race will be an even bigger tour de force for us than last year." Because in view of the pandemic situation, it is currently not foreseeable whether and if so, to what extent spectators can be admitted. Hornung: "Of course, this hurts us in several ways. On the one hand, we are clearly lacking income as an important component of the budget. But on the other hand, our fans of course contribute to the inimitable atmosphere at the 24h race - and we sorely missed that last year." Nevertheless, those responsible at the ADAC Nordrhein see that the event is important for very many people - in some cases even existential. "Jobs at many teams, suppliers and also at the circuit itself depend on the 24h race," says Hornung. "That's why we really pulled out all the stops to secure the staging." It became clear early on that a postponement of the 24-hour race was not the most obvious alternative. After all, August and September are already packed with dates in the 2021 season. Collisions with other events and series would have been unavoidable. So in the end, thanks to the strong partners, it was possible to secure the staging of the race on the original date in June. "On behalf of the ADAC Nordrhein, we would like to thank them very much for this," said the race director. "And now we are very much looking forward to offering the best possible 24h race that is possible under the conditions."

Tickets will be taken back for a refund
One of the biggest factors of uncertainty now is whether and to what extent spectators can be admitted to the 24h race. In the current situation, an event without any fans at all could be imminent. "But of course we will do what we can," promises race director Walter Hornung. Last year, it was already possible - at the last minute, so to speak - to open the grandstands to a limited number of fans. Because it is still not foreseeable whether the usual scope of attractions and services will be possible this year, the organisers have now decided to take back all tickets already purchased from last year. Hornung: "Advance sales for 2021 were deliberately not started. In the coming days, we will additionally create the possibility to take back tickets already purchased in the previous year for a refund of the ticket price." More information on this will be available shortly at www.24h-rennen.de on the official homepage. To make sure you don't miss the action every minute of the race, extensive live coverage is also planned for 2021, bringing the race directly to fans' living rooms via free-TV, livestream and digital services.

Wave of solidarity with the 24h race
After interim media reports about a possible cancellation, the organisers of the ADAC TOTAL 24h race were overwhelmed by a wave of solidarity. Among other things, sports officials offered to compete without compensation and fans wanted to set up crowdfunding projects. "We are overwhelmed by these signals," says race director Walter Hornung happily. "It shows us that this event is close to the hearts of many, many people. For us organisers, this is a great incentive." Now hopes are also resting on the fact that the pandemic can finally be overcome in the course of the summer. "Because in 2022 we want to celebrate the 50th 24h race as a big reunion party - of course with the fans and with the special atmosphere that makes this weekend the most beautiful and biggest motorsport festival in Germany," says Hornung.