Get the boost: ring°kartbahn special in February!


Wednesdays and Thursdays with extra power: In February, the ring°kartbahn attracts drivers to the Nürburgring with a special. On the two days mentioned, drivers can use the boost button for extra power during the public sessions. That means: double power at the push of a button!

At the ring°kartbahn there is now the opportunity to experience an overtaking button for yourself in the modern RIMO electric karts. This doubles the power of the kart for a few moments, thus making it faster and easier to overtake. In February, the Boost button will now be used every Wednesday & Thursday all day during normal operation. 

This doesn't cost a cent extra: € 13.00 is the price for the 10-minute stint for adults, children over 12 pay € 11.00. The only restriction: the use of the overtaking button is only allowed for people over 18 - for safety reasons.

A lap on the ring°kart track lasts about 30 seconds. But it's a tough one: full-throttle bends, hard braking manoeuvres and challenging combinations of bends alternate rapidly. The Nürburgring electric karts are ideally suited for this. Without hesitation, they convert engine power into speed and thus ensure great driving fun. 

For more on the subject, visit the ring°kartbahn website.