Nürburgring prepared for rush of visitors on Good Friday


All over Germany, car enthusiasts gather in various public places on Good Friday to share their passion. At the Nürburgring, a large crowd is expected again this year when thousands of visitors gather around the track. The Nürburgring operating company is deploying a team of over 150 stewards, security staff and traffic wardens to support the measures and visitor management of the public order office and the police. A central aspect of the close cooperation is the protection of the region and nature from excessive noise and waste.

Although there is no event at the Nürburgring on Good Friday, thousands of people come. The fascination of the world-famous race track has also made it a popular destination for tuners on this day. For the Nürburgring, the public order office and the police, there is therefore one thing above all else on the agenda: to control and educate the many visitors accordingly and to punish any infringements.

In order to relieve traffic and the local areas, the B412 will be closed in coordination with those responsible at Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG, Landesbetrieb Mobilität, the Ahrweiler district administration and the Mayen police headquarters, the B412 will be opened to through traffic. However, depending on capacity utilization in the Brünnchen and Pflanzgarten areas, traffic may be temporarily closed and diverted. In addition, various traffic circles will be set up so that only straight through traffic is possible.

Extensive parking facilities along the Nordschleife and Grand Prix Track
The Nürburgring will provide extensive parking facilities around the circuit in order to reduce congestion as much as possible. Almost all parking spaces in the A zone near the Grand Prix circuit are open, as well as additional parking spaces in the B zone if required. On the Nordschleife, in addition to the best-known Brünnchen and Pflanzgarten parking lots, other areas in the Schwalbenschwanz and, if all parking areas in Adenau are full, other spaces in the Adenauer Forst will also be open.

A large contingent of stewards and additional security personnel will also monitor the ban on barbecues and camping.
Traffic violations will be consistently punished
Overall, a high volume of traffic is to be expected in the area of the main access roads to the Nürburgring, in the town of Adenau and in the surrounding villages. The police will be focusing on possible traffic violations, paying particular attention to road safety and vehicle compliance as well as driver behavior. The message from the law enforcement officers is clear: anyone who behaves "out of line" must expect consequences. These may include all-day bans, vehicle seizures or, in individual cases, confiscation of driving licenses. Illegal parking outside designated areas will ultimately lead to the vehicle being towed away for a fee.

An overview of the open parking areas:

Parking areas Grand Prix Track:

  • A2, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, B zone if required

Parking areas Nordschleife:

  • Brünnchen
  • P96
  • Pflanzgarten (P97+P98)
  • Schwalbenschwanz
  • P100
  • Adenauer Forst (opens when all parking areas in Adenau are full)