Nürburgring and "Friends of the Nürburgring": Investment of € 50,000 in the jobs of the sports stewards


With a total investment of 50,000 euros, the stands and workplaces of the sports stewards along the Nordschleife were refurbished this season. The workplaces at a total of 33 posts have been upgraded through various measures. The measure was supported by the "Friends of the Nürburgring" association. The latter contributed 15,000 euros as an earmarked donation.

Sports stewards are the good souls of motorsports. Their tasks around the race track are manifold - they ensure safety and a correct sporting procedure. Sports stewards wave the different colored flags that send important signals to the racers, they intervene if a vehicle has an accident or a vehicle part is lost, and they are at the track for every race: in wind, sun, and rain. "Without the sports stewards, the events at our racetrack would not be so feasible. Their dedication and passion for motorsport is what makes it all possible," explains Andreas Klapperich, Team Leader Track Operations & Safety at the Nürburgring. "That's why upgrading the stands and workstations is not only necessary but also a matter of the heart."

After several small improvements in previous years, a larger investment followed this season. The project, which totaled 50,000 euros, included various large and small measures and works - from a new plexiglass screen at the track marshal shelter to new metal stairs for fast and safe operation. "We supported the upgrading of the stand and workplaces of the sports marshals out of deep conviction," explains Manfred Sattler, chairman of the "Friends of the Nürburgring" association. "For years, we have been committed to the Nürburgring as a legendary race track and to all those who contribute here full of energy. The sports officials are undoubtedly one of them - and therefore it was no question that we contribute €15,000 here."