Pitstop area at the tourist drives: Refuelling and taking a break directly at the Nordschleife


A new service at the tourist drives on the legendary Nordschleife: During the tourist drives, there is a Pitstop Area. This means that the tourist drivers can take a break or refuel between their laps on the Nordschleife in the area at T13. Afterwards, they will immediately return to the track. There is room for around 100 vehicles at any one time. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, two stewards regulate the traffic.

During the lap, the Pitstop Area is accessed directly via the Nordschleife near the Hohenrain chicane, and the re-entry onto the track is just before the Sabine Schmitz bend.

The operators of the circuit expect this to have some advantages for the tourist drivers and also for the traffic situation on site. Previously, all drivers had to take a break in the parking area at or near the Nordschleife access road. Especially on busy days, this cost the frequent drivers at the Ring time.

Therefore, the alternative that has now been created - with a direct exit and re-entry - is much more attractive for a short rest and also relieves the traffic at the access road. In addition, there is now the option for tourist drivers to refuel in the Pitstop Area right next to the track.