Police and Public Order Office Adenau inform for the Easter weekend 2023


  • Traffic disruptions are expected, especially on Good Friday.
  • Those who do not have to go to the Nürburgring should avoid this area as far as possible.
  • Traffic disruptions are expected throughout the Easter weekend, especially on Good Friday. 

At the start of the Easter weekend on Good Friday, 07.04.2023, several thousand visitors are expected around the Nürburgring, depending on the weather.
On this day, as well as on the following Easter days, a high level of vehicle and pedestrian traffic is to be expected in the area of the main access roads to the Nürburgring, in the town of Adenau and in the surrounding villages.

Traffic situation: 
Therefore, there may be increased congestion during arrival and departure traffic. 
Traffic violations will be punished consistently. The police will focus on traffic safety and the compliance of vehicles, as well as on the behaviour of drivers.

Anyone who behaves "badly" in the area of the Nürburgring must expect consistent punishment of the traffic violations, which in the final analysis can lead to all-day expulsions or vehicle seizures. In addition, if a person is unfit to participate in road traffic, he or she will be reported to the driving licence authorities.

In individual cases of endangerment, the driving licence may be confiscated. 
Parking in violation of traffic regulations outside of designated areas will ultimately result in vehicles being towed away for a fee. In this case, the public order office of the municipality of Adenau and the public order office of the municipality of the Vordereifel, especially in the town area of Adenau and the access roads, will focus on parking violators.

The traffic regulations must be observed, and the police and the public order office will carry out intensive checks!

Together against speeders and parking violators!