Red Bull Formula Nürburgring: Vettel and F1 back on the Nordschleife


Fans had to wait ten years: at the Red Bull Formula Nürburgring, the engines of the F1 cars finally howled again on the iconic track. Vettel, Coulthard, Tsunoda & Co. thrilled 60,000. Drift action, Nascar interludes and unique show runs were on the agenda before the 12-hour race at the Nürburgring. 

In the middle of it all was the one everyone had been waiting for: Sebastian Vettel.

"I feel like I'm in a time capsule. A whole lot of memories come flooding back. Everything fits together here today - including the fact that we're now running on synthetic, i.e. CO2-neutral, fuel." - Sebastian Vettel


Fuels could be produced synthetically and serve as a substitute fuel. According to Vettel, that may not be the only solution, but it is part of the solution. For the four-time world champion and one of Germany's greatest Formula One drivers of all time, it is important that everyone realizes that we have to do something. He said that doesn't change anything about the sport: "You don't feel any difference in the car, it's just as much fun."

Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel, who supports the "Race without a trace" campaign, came to the Nürburgring with a clear mission: "Motorsport is my great passion and I want to preserve the sport." 

The event also brought back memories for the international stars and legends of motorsport on two and four wheels

A highlight was the halftime show with some of the most prominent representatives of two-wheeled motorsports: stunt driver Aras Gibieža, freestyle motocross pro Luc Ackermann and trial freestyler Adrian Guggemos. Elias Hountondji, one of the two Drift Brothers, made the tires smoke. As his brother was unable to attend due to injury, Conor Shanahan, the current leader of the Drift Masters Championships, provided some incredible driving maneuvers.
So did David Coulthard, who stepped in at short notice for the injured Daniel Ricciardo. The Scottish Formula 1 vice world champion from 2001 piloted the RB8 and drove together with Sebastian Vettel through the almost 21-kilometer course with its 73 turns in the grand finale.

"I feel very privileged to have been able to drive here today with Sebastian Vettel and in front of a fantastic crowd." - David Coulthard


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