Tourist drives: New access and exit regulation


In order to improve traffic flow and optimize the experience for all tourist drivers, the Nürburgring is introducing new access and exit regulations for tourist drives.

From now on, accessing the Nordschleife area is exclusively for direct access to the Nordschleife track. This means that anyone turning from the L93 roundabout towards the Nordschleife will be directed to the barrier and will need a lap ticket or sufficient credit.

Simply turning towards the parking lots in this area during approach is no longer permitted. Only drivers who have completed a lap of the Nordschleife can subsequently use the designated parking areas in the access area. This change aims to prevent cross traffic and entrance traffic that previously only served parking search purposes.

These changes are intended to optimize traffic flow at the Nordschleife access and thus improve the driving experience for all visitors.

Drivers who have completed a lap of the Nordschleife now have the following options:

  • Direct exit to the L93 roundabout.
  • Exit to the large parking lot at the Nordschleife access.
  • Direct passage for another lap - depending on operation, either through the mobile barrier at Döttinger Höhe or through direct passage to the barrier system.

These new measures are intended to significantly facilitate and streamline outgoing traffic. The goal is to reduce congestion and thereby improve the user experience for all visitors.

Parking for restaurant visitors and site guests:

Visitors who wish to access the access area or the Devil's Diner restaurant will find ample parking directly opposite the access on the other side of the roundabout.

Pitstop Area remains part of tourist drives:

The new regulation is another step after the introduction of a 'Pitstop Area' for tourist drives last year. This means that tourist drivers can take a break or refuel between their laps on the Nordschleife in the area at T13. Then it's straight back onto the track. Around 100 vehicles can be accommodated here simultaneously. To ensure orderly operation, two marshals regulate the traffic.

About tourist drives:

The rules for a drive as part of the tourist drives are very simple: Basically, anyone with a driver's license and a licensed, roadworthy car or motorcycle can drive on the Grand Prix track or Nordschleife. The rules of the road traffic regulations apply, including the right-hand traffic rule.