Overtired but still wide awake: Denes/Barneveld win DNLS4 in the Mahle Porsche


Five Mercedes-AMG teams finished the HAPPY RACING 3h race on Sunday in the top eight positions. So once again there was a strong overall performance by the SP9 cars from Affalterbach. But the winner of the fourth race of the Digital Nürburgring Endurance Series (DNLS) presented by Goodyear was the Mahle Racing Team. US American Phil Denes and Dutchman Ryan Barneveld repeated the triumph from DNLS2 in the Porsche 911 R GT3. Second place went to Team BMW Bank with Bruno Spengler and Kay Kaschube. They were followed by the winners of the first and third rounds, Mercedes-AMG E-Sports Team Landgraf with Elias Seppanen and Luca Kita, ahead of Mercedes-AMG E-Sports Team HRT with Norbi Kiss and Florian Denzler.

"I didn't have high expectations for the race because I already drove the Bathurst 12-hour race yesterday. That's why I had to get up at 2am in the night. Ryan did a great job. We also benefited from the one or other penalty or long stop of our competitors. In the end, the effort was worth it. One day I want to drive the Nordschleife for real," said Phil Denes. "Only then have you lived as a racing driver."

In 7:47.03 minutes, Norbert Kiss initially set the fastest time in qualifying with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 of Mercedes-AMG E-Sports Team HRT. However, the Hungarian had to let Joshua Rogers in the Porsche 911 R GT3 of Coanda Simsport pass already in the starting phase. In the end, Rogers and team-mate Tommy Ostgaard finished sixth. The duo had to make a longer penalty stop - because there was no driver from real motorsport. They were followed by Denes in the Porsche 911 R GT3 (Mahle Racing Team) and Spengler in the BMW M4 GT3 (Team BMW Bank). 20 minutes after the start, Kiss briefly lost control of his SP9 car in the Wehrseifen, which meant he slipped back to seventh place for a while.

Shortly afterwards, the next serious incident occurred. Nils Koch (BS Competition) in the BMW M4 GT3 and Daniel Juncadella from the Mercedes-AMG E-Sports Team Winward crashed into a transverse car through no fault of their own. For BS Competition, third overall, the race was over prematurely. The Spaniard, however, continued the race. In the end, he was at least fifth with Alexi Elomaa.

In the final phase, Team BMW Bank with Spengler behind the wheel was the only serious challenger to Denes' leading Mahle Porsche. At the finish, the winner's lead was 10.44 seconds.

Coanda Simsport completes hat-trick in Cup2
Marcus Jirak/Martin Ascher of Ascher Racing had a bad day in Cup2, finishing ninth in the class after a collision in the first laps. David Williams and Zachery Campbell from Coanda Simsport Cup2 were able to continue their winning streak in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, who, including the current race, have now won the last three rounds.
The dominators of the SP10 class continue to be Austria's Pascal Stix and Maxim Ramsteijn from the Netherlands in the Porsche Cayman GT4. In the end, the duo, victorious for the third time, was 5.4 seconds ahead of the RSO 397 team with Nils Carstensen and Nils Lorenz.

In SP3T, Team Heusinkveld 404 and CoRe SimRacing SP3T fought a thrilling duel to the finish line. After three hours of racing, the time difference between the two fastest Audi RS3 LMS was only 0.31 seconds. Sven Glatzel, Fabian Siegmann and Patrick Kubinji had the better end for themselves against Corentin Guinez and Kieran Harrison.

On 6 March, the big showdown in the DNLS will take place at the Lego Technic 3h Race.