The Rhineland-Palatinate Cheerleading and Cheer Performance Association is organizing the 2024 state championships in the ring°arena. Around 400 athletes from a dozen clubs will compete here and show off their skills. Cheerleading is no longer just a break filler, but a real competitive sport.

The teams from Rhineland-Palatinate competed at the state championship to qualify for the Western Regional Championship. The fast-paced championship programmes - called routines - include elements of floor gymnastics, acrobatics and dance. Different age groups from small to large compete for qualification points. In addition to difficulty, execution and synchronicity are also important. 

A favourite at the national championships is CheerForce Lightning. The team is a member of the 2nd Cheerleading Bundesliga and a real top team in Germany. Some team members are even in the national squad and have already won medals at international level.