46 obstacles, 24 km, prominent backdrop, mass start. That's how the Nürburgring is, that's how you love it, that's how it will stay - even if the name has changed!

The "KING OF OBSTACLES" is getting ready for you and the ultimate obstacle course kick! Who was once present at the fulminant start show and the hottest run in Germany, knows what we are talking about. Bathe in the Eifel mud bath deluxe, climb the altitude meters and jump with an ass bomb into the ice-cold water pool. Here where normally hot cars chase over the asphalt, we chase you into runner's luck!

Whether HOT12 with 12 km and 23 obstacles or HOT24 with 24 km and 46 obstacles - here everyone will be celebrated until the finish. Too tough for you? Then there is the HOT8 with ten fun obstacles over 8 km! Or you register with your crew - you help each other and save with group discounts! Because those who run together have more fun!