Karate am Ring: Successful first event in 2022!


The first event of the year, the International Rhein Shiai, took place at the weekend. More than 500 athletes from Germany and abroad competed in top-class karate matches at the Nürburgring. The organisers relied on the versatile indoor infrastructure of the modern event location.

The hotspot of the karate competition was the ring°arena. Up to 8 competitions could be held simultaneously in the infield of the multifunctional arena. Meanwhile, coaches and family were seated on the comfortable grandstands. "Optimal conditions", summed up the organising Sen5 Karate Club after the event. Especially in order to be able to meet the strict Corona protection requirements. 

Next door, the Bitburger Event Centre was also actively used - and the club presented itself on the ring°wall and provided walking Nürburgring visitors with impressions of the event.

After the successful start to the 2022 event year, the focus is now on the future. There are just two months to go until the engines start again on the race track in mid-March. In the ring°arena we are then looking forward to the premiere of Darts am Ring