Race4Friends ensures pure joy for special passengers


Bright eyes and lifelong memories at the Nürburgring: 860 people with disabilities experienced high-speed cab rides on the Grand Prix circuit at this year's Race4Friends. A record number of participants! Never before have so many passengers sat in the passenger seat during the event. 150 helpers, 250 escorts and 120 drivers with their racing cars volunteered their services. The Nürburgring provided the entire infrastructure, including the race track, race control and sports marshals, free of charge.

The excitement before the drive, the waving from the car, the unbridled joy when getting out of the car. All of this could be observed every second. The Race4Friends has been an integral part of the Ring calendar since 2010 and has provided countless unique moments since its premiere. While other motorsport events are all about trophies and points, the focus here is on one thing only: the joy of the participants. "That's what drives us," explains Christoph Brune, 1st Chairman of Race4Friends e.V. "We are happy for the people and also that we can give them a special experience that they probably wouldn't otherwise have."

"I think it's great how many Nürburgring employees get involved"
Racing cars waited in rows of two in the pit lane of the Grand Prix circuit for the participants, who were each taken to the vehicle by one or more attendants. While some only needed a little help getting in, others required several helping hands. A number of wheelchair users were also able to look forward to a ride. They were lifted into the vehicles by the helpers. Right in the middle of the action: the Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO from the Nürburgring Driving Academy. At the wheel: Nürburgring chief instructor Andreas Gülden. He has also been a volunteer at the event since its premiere and is delighted with his special co-drivers. "It's so nice to see how we can give so much joy with our passion for motorsport. I also think it's great how many Nürburgring employees are involved here as helpers and lend a hand in the background. It's great teamwork."

The Race4Friends left everyone enthusiastic. Meanwhile, the organizers can start planning for next year. The Nürburgring has already confirmed its support for 2024.