Extensive winter construction work at the Nürburgring


The winter period will once again be used for extensive construction work at the Nürburgring this year. Extensive work is being carried out on and off the track along the Nordschleife and on the Grand Prix circuit. In total, more than one kilometer of asphalt will be renewed. The track operator is spending three million euros on this. At the same time, construction work on the digitalization of the Nordschleife will continue this winter. The 11 million euro project started last winter. Its aim is to monitor the entire race track with artificial intelligence and camera technology by the 2025 season.

New asphalt for the "Fuchsröhre": Almost one kilometer of the fast and challenging section of the Nürburgring Nordschleife is being extensively renovated. The asphalt surface itself and all underlying layers will be completely renewed. As with all construction work on the legendary Green Hell, the same applies here: The unique characteristics, the track layout and therefore also the world-famous claim of the race track will be retained. In addition, the excavators will also be rolling on the Grand Prix circuit in the coming weeks. The exit of the pit lane will be renewed there.

Next construction phase of the Nordschleife digitization
In addition to the work on the asphalt, the Nürburgring is also continuing to focus on the digitization of the Nordschleife. While the first half of the Green Hell was prepared for the use of digital infrastructure last winter, it is now the turn of the remaining 12 kilometers - from the Breidscheid section in Adenau to the Galgenkopf. The digital networking of the Green Hell is an extensive project, because in addition to the cameras, all other infrastructural requirements must also be created. For example, foundations for 58 cameras are being laid, shafts for several kilometers of fiber optics are being dug, cables are being laid and the power supply is being ensured at every single point. No easy task on the Nordschleife, which winds its way through the middle of the Eifel forests with its unique topography.

Start of the motorsport season on March 16, 2024
Like every winter, the schedule at the Ring is tight. There are now less than four months until the wheels start turning again. Speed and precision are therefore required once again to ensure that all work is completed on time. On March 16, the test and set-up day heralds the start of the 2024 motorsport season.

The major construction measures in safety & infrastructure of the Nürburgring race tracks - an overview of the past years (total since 2015: ~29 million euros):

- 2023/2024
3 million euros 
New asphalt Fuchsröhre (Nordschleife)
Pit lane exit (Grand Prix circuit)
& Continuation of the 11 million euro "Digitalization of the Nordschleife" project
- 2022/2023 - 2024/2025
11 million euros 
North Loop digitization measures
4K track cameras, fiber optics, power supply around the entire Nordschleife & development of artificial intelligence
- 2021/2022
3 million euros 
New asphalt Döttinger Höhe (Nordschleife) to Hyundai N curve (Grand Prix circuit)
300 meters of new FIA safety fence between Kallenhard and Wehrseifen
- 2020/2021
1 million euros 
Digitization project for parts of the Nordschleife
4K track cameras & fiber optics from Döttinger Höhe to Hohenrain chicane
- 2019/2020
1 million euros 
New asphalt AMG Arena (Grand Prix circuit)
New construction of Nürburgring rallycross track
Further infrastructure measures Müllenbachschleife
- 2018/2019
1.3 million euros 
Extensive digitalization of the Grand Prix circuit
4K track cameras, 17 kilometers of new fiber optic cable
Completely renewed Race Control
- 2017/2018
4 million euros 
New asphalt Schwedenkreuz, Kallenhard, Wehrseifen & Ex-Mühle
Additional FIA safety fences on the Nordschleife
- 2016/2017
1 million euros 
New asphalt Hatzenbach, Hohe Acht, Hedwigshöhe & Brünnchen
- 2015/2016
2 million euros 
New asphalt Quiddelbacher Höhe & airfield
New FIA safety fences at Schwedenkreuz, Metzgesfeld, Stefan-Bellof-S, among others
Information display boards on the Nordschleife access road
- 2014/2015
1 million euros 
New asphalt in the Eschbach area
Asphalt work on and next to the Grand Prix circuit