The tourist drives at the Nürburgring - an offer for everyone. On the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife, visitors can experience the myth of the "Green Hell" in their own cars. Now the race track has announced the dates for the tourist drives in 2021. They will again include highlight weekends such as the "Green Hell Driving Days" and the popular Easter weekend. Here, driving fun is possible for several days in a row. Particularly pleasing for the fans: the lap prices remain stable for the fifth year in a row and there is no price increase for the season ticket either.

It doesn't take much to take part in the tourist rides. The only conditions: a registered, roadworthy car or motorbike and the indispensable willingness to abide by the road traffic regulations.

In times of Corona, the rules of "contactless tourist rides" also apply. These allow driving pleasure with special attention to the health of all involved: 2020 has shown that this works. Since April 2020, tourist riders have been making their rounds according to this concept. Despite the increased effort, the prices will remain the same in 2021. For five years now, a lap of the legendary Nordschleife has cost 25 euros from Monday to Thursday and 30 euros from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays. A 15-minute stint on the Grand Prix circuit will continue to be available for 30 euros - regardless of the day of the week. The season ticket, brings unlimited driving pleasure on both tracks. It can be booked from Wednesday, 6 January 2021.

Green Hell Driving Days and Easter Weekend
The special highlight for all tourist drivers from all over the world are the dates when driving on the legendary race track is possible for several whole days in a row. Traditionally, the Easter weekend can be firmly planned here again. From 2 to 5 April, tourist rides are possible for four days in a row. The same applies to the so-called "Green Hell Driving Days". Here, too, driving pleasure is available almost "non-stop" from morning to evening. These will take place in 2021, from Thursday, 13 to Sunday, 16 May, and in the golden autumn from Friday, 22 to Sunday, 24 October.

Anyone wishing to take part in the tourist drives can top up their personal credit via the "Green Hell Driving Portal" (at and also find out about all the dates - both for the Nordschleife and for the Grand Prix circuit.

Contactless tourist driving with tried and tested "Corona concept"
In times of Corona, the tourist drives take place under special rules. These rules stipulate that credits and tickets can only be purchased online - even on the road via mobile phone. On site, access to the route is by QR code or card. It is forbidden to get out of the car at the main entrance to the Nordschleife. Only the regularly disinfected toilet is accessible. The second access road in the Adenau district of Breidscheid remains closed. A maximum of two people per vehicle are allowed to drive on the circuit, and they must have already arrived together. The driver must also keep a record of who is accompanying him at the time of the journey so that a possible chain of infection can be traced. On site, staff members ensure that everything runs according to plan, check compliance with the rules and also punish violators if necessary. In case of emergencies and problems, the office at the Nordschleife and a clearing station at the car park are manned - here, too, the necessary precautions have been taken to protect everyone involved. Track safety is on the road as usual - but in contrast to usual, with one car per deployed employee. All assigned employees, stewards and temporary staff have also been trained in the generally applicable rules of conduct in Corona times.

About the tourist drives
"No trip to the Eifel without a lap of the Nürburgring" is a saying from the early days of the more than 90-year-old race track. This is still true today, because during the tourist drives, the barriers to the unique circuit regularly open to anyone in possession of a driving licence and a registered vehicle. So during the tourist drives, the myth of the Green Hell can be experienced on your own wheels - almost every day. To ensure that everyone can experience the unique driving pleasure in their own way, the rules of the road traffic regulations apply to tourist drives, making the racetrack the most beautiful one-way street in the world.

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