Kart racing at the Nürburgring? Of course, nearly every day! With fresh electro-karts, optimal routing and staff around the track that knows exactly what they are doing.

A lap at the ring°kartbahn takes about 20 seconds. But they are full of high speed turns, strong braking manoeuvres, challenging turn combinations and much more. The Nürburgring-electro-karts are a perfect match for this. Without ado they can change engine power into speed and bring great driving fun.

But the ring°kartbahn does not only bring great fun, it is also very secure. Everybody is wearing a seat belt, in the case of a crash stacks of tyres provide a secure landing. Our professional staff along the track will do their best to keep you safe.

What are you waiting for? Visit the ring°kartbahn – with friends for a hot exchange of paint or with your family for shared driving fun right at the Nürburgring.

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