7,000 participants gave their all at the StrongmanRun


"StrongmanRun at the Nürburging" - today that meant versatile obstacles with 20,000 car tyres, 1,000m² of climbing nets and 60 overseas containers.  On the 12km course, 18 obstacles were waiting for the original distance of more than 20 kilometres, all of which had to be overcome twice. For runners who wanted to get a taste of the StrongmanRun feeling, the 6km FunRun was on the programme. In 2023, the obstacle race will start under the name HOTFOOT RUN!

7,000 runners conquered obstacles made of water, mud, straw and tyres. They scaled stacked containers on wobbly climbing nets and dodged nasty electric shocks.
It is not only the Green Hell at the StrongmanRun that is unique, but also the spectacular obstacles, the brilliant start show and above all the personal success stories that the runners associate with the StrongmanRun. Tom Belz, for example, was there again: he lost his leg to cancer at the age of eight and took part in the StrongmanRun for the third time.

Next weekend, the action continues with thrilling motorsport:
ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers (06.05. - 08.05.2022).