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Sixth victory of the season for Oliver and Udo von Fragstein in the RCN GLP regularity test 2023

The last RCN GLP regularity test 2023, the Klingentrophy of the MSG Solingen in the ADAC, ended with a huge bang. The task this time was to drive six scoring sections consisting of three laps each on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit and to confirm the self-set time from the setting lap block to the hundredth of a second. The winners managed this with just 0.3 points and four fault-free...
Sixth victory of the season for Oliver and Udo von Fragstein in the RCN GLP regularity test 2023


The last RCN GLP regularity test 2023, the Klingentrophy of the MSG Solingen in the ADAC, ended with a huge bang. The task this time was to drive six scoring sections consisting of three laps each on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit and to confirm the self-set time from the setting lap block to the hundredth of a second. The winners managed this with just 0.3 points and four fault-free sections. Chapeau!Unfortunately, only 56 participants had entered for the big GLP final 2023. The reason for this "meager" field of participants was certainly the unfortunate event date on a Friday, which is still a working day for many people. This handicap could not be compensated by the fact that the start, instead of the usual early morning, was scheduled for 13:00. After the obligatory drivers' briefing, race director Jürgen Seidel sent the clear starting field out onto the partially still damp Grand Prix course of the Eifel race track at temperatures below 10 degrees. Not all teams found the right rhythm right away. On the one hand, this was due to the unfamiliar track, on the other hand, it was due to the autumnal weather conditions. The time table of start number 42 may serve as an example. Michael Dedekind and Sandra Meier confirmed the first section with 5.9 penalty points. Already in the second section the two from Landshut improved to 2.5 points. In the following section the timing recorded a further improvement: only 2.1 points. After the refueling break Dedekind/Meier coped even better with the perfectly prepared BMW M3 or rather with the circumstances on the track and the number of penalty points per section became smaller and smaller: 1.5 points, 0.4 points and 0.1 points. The steady increase yielded a total of 12.5 penalty points in the addition. Thus Michael Dedekind and Sandra Meier not only secured fifth place in the day's standings, but also P4 in the overall annual standings. The GLP went similarly, although not quite as continuously, for Patrick Gierlich (Rheinbach) and Ralf Schreiber (Schleiden). With their red and white Nissan Sunny they scored 9.2 penalty points in the first three sections and only 3.2 points in the second half. With the cumulative 12.4 points (4.0/2.1/3.1/00.8/0.9/1.5) the two placed themselves just ahead of Dedekind/Meier in fourth place. A top result for Gierlich/Schreiber at the end of the season with which they established themselves in eleventh place in the annual ranking.   Winfried and Karin Schlüter from Horstmar also used the final run to increase their points tally in the long term. But unlike many other teams, they drove their best result already in the first leg. At the finish line, the red Mini JCW then finished in third place with 10.5 points (0.5/1.3/2.2/3.1/2.3/1.0). The surprise of the GLP year was certainly Falk and Monika Mellentin. Reliable and with consistently very good results, the two drivers from Mönchengladbach, who start for the DAMC 05 in the ADAC, were able to score points regularly with their BMW 318ti. With only 2.0 penalty points (0.3/0.0/0.2/0.3/0.1/1.1) and the resulting 2nd place the "Mellentins" managed a strong end of the season. Thus P2 in the GLP annual ranking was safe for them. And as "icing on the cake" Monika Mellentin also won the GLP ladies ranking this year.  "Oliver and Udo von Fragstein are slowly becoming scary to me". This is how Jürgen Seidel commented on the renewed success of the father/son team from Leichlingen and Leverkusen respectively. If one were to compare their performance at the Klingentrophy with the menu of a star chef, the first section was the amuse-gueule, the greeting from the kitchen, with only 0.1 fault points. This was followed by the excellent appetizer with 0.2 demerit points in the second section before the Maitre de Cousine served the four outstanding courses of the main course: delicious 0.0 points in the third section, tasty 0.0 points in the fourth section, tasty 0.0 points in the fifth section and all outstanding 0.0 points in the sixth section. All in all, a taste explosion. The final tally then succeeded without the need for a calculator: only 0.3 demerit points in six scoring sections. Another victory. Another masterstroke!  For Oliver and Udo von Fragstein it was the sixth GLP victory this season. Only once they had to be satisfied with P2. This also answers the question about the GLP Champions 2023: Oliver and Udo von Fragstein. A nice development could be seen in the rookie ranking. From the third race of the season onwards, the two best rookie teams were always placed in the top 10 of the daily standings. At the Klingentrophy these were Sebastian Gödderz and Jessica Suitter (Winkelhaid) in the Renault Twingo with 13,2 points (2,5/2,0/1,3/4,7/0,8/1,9) as winner of the rookie ranking ahead of Jens and Mika Vetter (Racksen/Siegen) in the Audi S3 8V on P2 with 13,6 points (3,0/2,2/0,9/0,6/3,8/3,1). The team ranking secured itself the team "Nullrunde (Schlüter/Schlüter, Dedekind/Meier and Ezaru/Ezaru) with 29,96 points before the team of the MSC Wahlscheid in the ADAC (Göbbels/Göbbels, Scholl/Scholl and Derscheid/Derscheid) with 16,25 points, the team "Die Ü30er" (von Fragstein/vonFragstein, Bernards/Bernards and Ostrowski/Ostrowski with 15.89 points and the team Inkognito (Hoppius/Bettenbühl, Steinbrück-Weiß/Weiß and Völksen/Bremer) with 10.54 points on the fourth place. The teams also placed in exactly this order in the GLP annual ranking.   Current info: GLP Overall Ranking 20231st Oliver and Udo von Fragstein, Leichlingen/Leverkusen 59,292nd Falk and Monika Mellentin, Mönchengladbach 57,613rd Harald and Harald Ezaru, Pforzheim 56.114th Michael Dedekind and Sandra Meier, Landshut 55.405th René and Tina Göbbels, Eschweiler 54.906th Winfried and Karin Schlüter, Horstmar 51.307th Justin Schumacher, Hennef 51.248th Sebastian Anding and Nadine Philipp, Blaufelden 49.219th Marcus and Kurt Bernards, Langenfeld 49.1110th Steven and Jennifer Ostrowski, Essen 47,48 GLP Rookie Ranking 20231st Sebastian Anding and Nadine Philipp, Blaufelden 47,172nd Justin Schumacher, Hennef 46.203rd Sebastian Gödderz and Jessica Suitter, Winkelhaid 45.794th Jens and Mika Vetter, Racksen/Siegen 43.655th Gregor Starck and Kalin Rashev, Kaiserslautern 40.38

Nürburgring publishes 2024 endurance racing dates


The Nürburgring is giving a first preview of the 2024 season, and fans and teams of the popular endurance motorsport on the legendary Nordschleife can pull out their calendars. Because in addition to the date for the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring (May 30 to June 2, 2024), which has already been fixed for some time, the provisional dates for the popular formats of an endurance series and the Rundstrecken-Challenge Nürburgring (RCN) are now also fixed. As usual, the Nürburgring will present the entire event calendar for next year at the Essen Motor Show at the beginning of December. The challenges of the most demanding race track in the world are among the special fascinations in motorsport - for professionals, amateurs and fans alike. The endurance motor racing races lasting several hours have always been part of the Nürburgring DNA. That's why many horsepower enthusiasts mark the dates in their calendars well in advance and plan their vacations and free time accordingly. And the racing teams try to plan their entries as early as possible - either at the various races at the Nürburgring or taking into account the international racing calendar. Four-day motorsport festival at the 24h NürburgringNo matter what the respective focus is - planning security plays an important role for the teams. This is also why the Nürburgring already announced in 2021 together with the ADAC Nordrhein, as the organizer of the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring, that the current contract would be extended early until 2028. The date of the highlight for 2024 was accordingly fixed early. Fans can look forward to a four-day motorsport festival in the Green Hell again next year. The 52nd edition of the endurance classic will take place from Thursday, May 30 to Sunday, June 2, 2024, with the dress rehearsal taking place a good month beforehand - the associated ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers from April 13 to 14, 2024. One race every month - nine dates for endurance seriesAs usual, the coming motorsport year will kick off with the test and set-up day. The first testing opportunity on the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife will be on Saturday, March 16, 2024, when the teams taking part in the various races at the Nürburgring can prepare for the tasks ahead. The "warm-up" will be followed each month by fixed dates for an endurance series and for the Nürburgring Circuit Challenge (RCN). From March to October, the operators of the Nürburgring have taken into account the dates here, planning ahead with the respective season highlights. Thus, for an endurance series after the season opener on March 23, 2024, a 12-hour race or a double header (13 - 15.09.2024) can also take place. On this date, Sunday has already been reserved in addition to the usual race Saturday. The season finale is scheduled for October 12. Popular sport in the Green Hell: Nürburgring Circuit Challenge No racing series better represents the fact that the Nürburgring is also the home of popular sport than the Nürburgring Circuit Challenge. In this context, the entry-level series is called GLP - a regularity test whose regulations allow drivers to start with a street-legal vehicle. The goal is consistency. The participants must repeat their submitted lap time as accurately as possible in the subsequent confirmation laps. The next stage is the so-called performance test, the Nürburgring Circuit Challenge. This must be contested with a race-ready car and with at least the DMSB license A. In addition to a points system based on the lap times driven, there is also the 3-hour "Schwedenkreuz" race at the end of the season, which is counted as the eighth race. There the participants can gain their first racing experience. The dates for these popular formats have now also been set well in advance of the start of the season. The green light for the start of the RCN / GLP 2024 will be given at the ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifier on the second weekend in April. The RCN will celebrate another appearance as usual in the context of the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring. In October, there will be a double-header of the circuit challenge: on Sunday, October 13, and on Saturday, October 26, with the 3h race as the season's crowning finale. Overview of all provisional endurance motorsport dates in 2024: Tryout and set-up session: 16.03.2024 Endurance series: 23.03.2024 Endurance series: 06.04.2024 ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers with RCN / GLP: 13. - 14.04.2024 RCN / GLP: 27.04.2024 Endurance series: 04.05.2024 ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring with RCN: 30.05. - 02.06.2024 Endurance series: 22.06.2024 RCN / GLP: 29.06.2024 Endurance series: 06.07.2024 Endurance series: 03.08.2024 RCN / GLP: 04.08.2024 RCN / GLP: 31.08.2024 Endurance series: 13 - 15.09.2024 Endurance series: 12.10.2024 RCN / GLP: 13.10.2024 GLP: 25.10.2024 RCN 3h race: 26.10.2024

5. GLP Race „Rhein-Ruhr“ - A strong grassroots sports experience


Thick fog was still wafting in the Eifel valleys around the Nürburgring when race director Jürgen Seidel called the participants of the fifth RCN GLP of the 2023 season early Saturday morning for the obligatory drivers' briefing. Of course, he not only explained the GLP driving tasks, but also addressed the special weather conditions. After the rainfalls of the night, the track of the Nürburgring Nordschleife was still wet and therefore unpredictable for the 115 registered GLP participants. But just in time for the start of the RCN GLP Rhein-Ruhr of the AC Oberhausen in the ADAC, the fog had lifted and Jürgen Seidel could send the teams onto the legendary race track.  For Jutta Steinbrück-Weiß and Dirk Weiß from Usingen (Audi S6 plus) as well as for the rookies Peter Schlingmann and Jan Tax (Celle) in the VW Golf I the GLP run started with a bang. Despite the not yet optimal track conditions, both teams piloted their cars so skillfully around the Nordschleife that the timekeeping recorded a zero-fault lap each at the end of their first confirmation. They were followed at this early stage by Juan Alberto Bermejo Munoz and Susanne Denecke (Gifhorn) in the Lancia 831 ABO in P2 with 0.2 fault points. As the event progressed, the track dried out. First the ideal line, then also the damp places in the shade of the trees. At the tank lap, the half time of each GLP, the following picture emerged. On P5 were Marcus and Kurt Bernards with 2,6 points. The father/son team competing for the MSC Langenfeld in the ADAC moved the Peugeot 196 unspectacularly, but very reliably and safely through the Eifel. At this point, the best-placed rookie team, Sebastian Anding and Nadine Philipp (Blaufelden) with their Honda Accord, was already in fourth place with 2.3 points. The red Mini JCW with Winfried and Karin Schlüter (Horstmar) was third with 1.8 points, just behind Falk and Monika Mellentin (Mönchengladbach) who were P2 in the BMW 318 ti with 1.6 points. At the top, however, with only 0.9 points from three confirmation rounds, was the father/son team Oliver and Udo von Fragstein (Leichlingen/Leverkusen), who were used to success, with their black Ford Puma. In the second half of the GLP Rhein-Ruhr there should be some changes in the rankings. However, it was noticeable that various teams were able to perform better with the now more pleasant conditions. Stefan Jacobs (Aachen) and Justin Schumacher (Hennef), for example, who have already won the rookie classification three times this season, collected a whopping 10.4 fault points in the first half of the fifth race. Even the zero-fault result in the final confirmation round could not move their ranking into the usual front range. 13.7 points (3.4/2.2/4.8/0.5/2.8/0.0) were enough for sixth place in the rookie standings and twentieth place in the daily standings. It was a similar story for Patrick Gierlich (Rheinbach) and Ralf Schreiber (Schleiden). 11.1 points in the first two confirmation laps and then top laps non-stop. At the finish, the Nissan Sunny team was rated P19 with 3.6 points (5.1/6.0/0.5/1.2/0.5/0.3). Another example are René and Tina Göbbels (Eschweiler) who start for MSC Wahlscheid. With their VW Golf 2 they collected more points in the first confirmation round than in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth together. In the end, they added up 8.8 points (3.4/2.1/0.9/0.9/0.4/1.1), which resulted in eleventh place. Tenth place was secured by Micheal Dedekind and Sandra Meier (both Landshut) with 8.4 points (3.3/2.0/0.4/0.5/0.9/1.3) in the BMW E46 M3, which is always wonderful to look at. The ninth-placed drivers were the only ones in the top 10 to manage a zero lap. At the finish, Jörg Wenzel (Langenfeld) and Uwe Knipp (Essen) in the Subaru Imprezza had 7.7 points (3.4/0.6/0.3/2.8/0.0/0.6) under their belt. Steven and Jennifer Ostrowski from Essen are always good for one of the front places. This time they finished in eighth place with 7.5 points (1.3/1.1/2.0/0.3/1.6/1.2) in the husky AMG Mercedes A45. One of the few teams that did better in the first GLP half than in the second were Winfried and Karin Schlüter. With their red Mini JCW (starting number 4) they reached P7 this time with 7.1 points (0.8/0.7/0.3/2.0/3.0/0.3). With 5.9 points (0.3/2.3/0.9/0.6/0.3/1.5), the second best rookie team, Gregor Starck and Kalin Rashey (both Kaiserslautern) in Suzuki Swift, placed a good sixth. Between two newcomers, landed the GLP veteran Andrea and Rolf Derscheid (Much) in the Opel Corsa A. For the couple, who start for the MSC Wahlscheid in the ADAC, 5.4 points (1.4/0.6/1.3/0.9/0.8/0.4) were enough for P5.Sebastian Anding and Nadine Philipp were able to defend their good placing from the first GLP half. 5.1 points (1.2/0.9/0.2/1.8/0.4/0.6) after crossing the finish line meant not only fourth place for the two from Blaufelden but also victory in the rookie classification. And the first three podium places? Anyone who would have predicted third place for Paul Gorolll (Waltenhofen) and Christoph Schlangenhaufen (Grenchen) would certainly have had clairvoyant powers. But the two Fiesta drivers were the big surprise at the 5th GLP round of the season with 5.0 penalty points (0.6/0.4/2.4/1.0/0.1/0.5). A little less surprising was P2 of Falk and Monika Mellentin from Mönchengladbach. After one tenth, one eighth and two third places this season, the couple competing for the DAMC 05 in the ADAC again showed their qualities with 4.2 points (0.3/0.2/1.1/0.7/0.8/1.1).  Better were only Oliver and Udo von Fragstein. Sovereignly and with an enormous "evenness" they circled the Nürburg. Their confirmation laps showed no major outliers, the deviations from the set time were only between 0.02 and 0.05 seconds. With only 2.3 penalty points (0.3/0.2/0.4/0.5/0.5/0.4) at the finish, the successful father/son team once again deservedly secured the day's victory. In the team classification this time the "Ü30er" (von Fragstein / von Fragstein, Ostrowski /Ostrowski, Bernards / Bernards, Will / Anhuth as well as Geibert / Fasel) won with 28.16 points ahead of the "Team Null Runde" (Schlüter / Schlüter, Dedekind / Meier and Ezaru / Ezaru) with 27.11 points. Third was the team of the MSC Wahlscheid in the ADAC (Derscheid / Derscheid, Göbbels / Göbbels, Vosen / Vosen, Scholl / Scholl and Dahlhäuser / Dahlhäuser) with 26.32 points.     Current info: www.rcn-glp.deNext GLP dates:08.10.2023 6th run "Erftquellenpreis" (Nordschleife m. short track)27.10.2023 7th run "Klingentrophy" (GP track)

RCN GLP regularity test Nürburgring: A zero lap alone is not enough for victory


A zero lap in a regularity test is always something special for the respective team, perhaps comparable to a "strike" in bowling or a "triple 20" in darts. After all, at a GLP the drivers have to confirm the lap time of the setting lap to the hundredth of a second in order to get a so-called zero lap, i.e. a faultless lap, credited by the timekeeping. With a lap length of 20.379 km on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, a "zero" is therefore a strong performance, but it is not enough to win on its own.     At the drivers' briefing of the GLP "Rhein-Sieg" on Saturday morning, driving director Jürgen Seidel again explained the task in detail, because some teams had not adhered to the rules at the last event and therefore had to be taken out of the classification. Then followed the obligatory exchange with the head of track safety Franz Mönch, who had previously driven the Eifel race track: in some places the track was still "soaking wet", but it would dry up. Punctually and well briefed, the race director then sent the 102 GLP teams into the Green Hell. Already in the first confirmation lap Karin and Winfried Schlüter set their mark. With a zero lap, the couple from Horstmar in the red Mini JCW took the lead in the round table. They were followed on P2 by the rookies (!) Stefan Jacobs (Aachen) and Justin Schumacher (Hennef) in the Ford Puma with 0.3 points. Third place was shared at this point by Oliver and Udo von Fragstein (Leichlingen/Leverkusen), also with a Ford Puma, and Jutta Steinbrück-Weiß and Dirk Weiß (Usingen) in an Audi S6 plus with 0.4 points each. Then Oliver and Udo von Fragstein countered. They finished the second confirmation round with zero faults and now took the lead with a cumulative 0.4 points. With 0.1 fault points in the second round, the winners of the last GLP, Harald and Harald (Senior) Ezaru from Pforzheim, now moved up to P2 after 0.7 points in the first confirmation round, while Karin and Winfried Schlüter slipped to third place with 1.0 fault points. During the refuelling break, the drivers confirmed Franz Mönch's forecast: at the beginning it was still wet and slippery, but now the Nordschleife was good to drive on. At this point, halfway through the race, Oliver and Udo von Fragstein (0.6 points) were leading the time table ahead of Ezaru/Ezaru (1.5 points) and Schlüter/Schlüter (1.7).  With the improving track conditions, the mood of many GLP teams also improved. At the finish Sandra Meier and Michael Dedekind (Landshut) in the splendid looking BMW E46 M3 were in tenth place with 9.6 points (1.9/2.1/0.1/1.5/0.7/3.3). Jutta Steinbrück-Weiß and Dirk Weiß were unable to repeat their good result from the first round. 9.2 points (0.4/1.3/2.9/1.3/1.4/1.9) were enough for ninth place.   Karin and Winfried Schlüter as well as Andrea and Rolf Derscheid (Much) in their Opel Corsa, who start for the MSC Wahlscheid in the ADAC, only missed one lap with more than four points. Derscheid/Derscheid reached eighth place with 8.5 points (0.5/4.2/0.8/0.5/0.5/2.0) Schlüter/Schlüter secured P7 with 8.0 (0.0/1.0/0.7/4.9/0.7/0.7) points. The next two places were taken by rookie teams. With a good 7.7 points (1.9/0.7/0.6/2.0/0.7/1.8) Jessica Suitter and Sebastian Gödderz from Winkelhaid (south-east of Nuremberg) in the Renault Twingo managed sixth place. With 6,5 points (0,3/1,3/1,0/2,7/0,9/0,3) Stefan Jacobs and Justin Schumacher delivered a strong result, which was easily enough for P5. In fourth place was again a team from MSC Wahlscheid in the ADAC. The competition knows that Tina and René Göbbels (Eschweiler) are always a force to be reckoned with in the white Golf. With only 5.5 penalty points (0.8/1.4/1.0/0.8/0.1/1.4) they once again showed their qualities. For Monika and Falk Mellentin (Mönchengladbach), the switch to the BMW 318 ti compact seems to have paid off. With 4.8 points (0.8/1.9/0.2/0.5/1.2/0.2) they finished third for the DAMC 05 in the ADAC. And right at the front? At the last GLP, the number 2 won and the "1" came second. This time it was the other way round. Father and son Ezaru delivered a strong result with 2.6 points (0.7/0.1/0.7/0.7/0.2/0.2), but father and son von Fragstein were ahead in the end, not least because of the zero lap, and with 2.0 points (0.4/0.0/0.2/0.5/0.3/0.6) they took already the third stage win of this season.   By the way, the following teams also managed one of the coveted zero rounds. In their third confirmation lap, Jörg Wenzel (Langenfeld) and Uwe Knipp (Essen) managed to confirm the time from the first setting lap to within a hundredth of a second. However, as the two Audi A3 drivers slightly fouled up the first round, 106.1 points (94.7/1.7/0.0/3.3/2.4/4.0) were only enough for 65th place in the end. Wolfgang Großelanghorst (Gütersloh) and Josef Bollweg (Dissen) also had minor problems in the first confirmation round. They only managed the feat "zero round" in the last confirmation round. With 56.2 points in the addition (42.4/8.5/1.7/1.0/2.6/0.0), the Peugeot 207 drivers competing for the MSC Gütersloh in the ADAC finished in 53rd place. For the SFG Schönau in the ADAC, Karl-Alois Kaster and Markus Hansen (both Nettersheim) in the Fiat Bravo achieved a good result. Their faultless second round was the basis for 19th place with 19.4 points (4.7/0.0/5.4/5.01.5/2.8). What is going on with the rookies at the moment? The four best teams in the special ranking also placed in the top-20 of the overall ranking. Strong performance! Once again the rookie victory, this time with 6.5 points (0.3/1.3/1.0/2.7/0.9/0.3), went to Stefan Jacobs and Justin Schumacher. They took an excellent 5th place in the overall daily standings. P2 in the rookie ranking (P6 overall) was secured by Jessica Suitter and Sebastian Gödderz with 7.7 points, ahead of Nadine Philipp and Sebastian Anding from Blaufelden with 10.6 points (P11 overall).  The "Team Null Runde" (Ezaru / Ezaru, Schlüter / Schlüter, Dedekind / Meier and Großelanghorst / Bollweg) won the team classification with 28.12 points ahead of the team from MSC Wahlscheid (Göbbels / Göbbels, Derscheid / Derscheid, Scholl / Scholl, Dahlhäuser / Steimel and Knöppel / Wildschütz) with 27.23 points. On the whole, driving director Jürgen Seidel was satisfied after the GLP, as there were no major accidents despite the weather, but only slight slips without personal injury.

RCN GLP Regularity Test Nürburgring 3rd GLP Run Venntrophy


Article 17 of the regulations for RCN regularity tests states: "In the event of a tie in points, the lower number of penalty points in the first confirmation round, in the second confirmation round, etc.". Race director Jürgen Seidel had to apply this rule several times at the Venntrophy of MC Roetgen. Three times the timekeeping recorded the same number of points after the finish for two teams within the top 10.  Even at the drivers' briefing early on Saturday morning, it was clear that there was going to be a hot event on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. An absolutely cloudless sky over the Eifel race track and temperature forecasts of around 30 degrees drove the one or other participant the beads of sweat on the forehead even before the start. At 8 a.m. on the dot, the race director sent the motley field of 119 vehicles, from youngtimers to Teslas, out onto the track.  The first big surprise came after the first confirmation lap: With 0.1 penalty points, the rookies Stefan Jacobs (Aachen) and Justin Schumacher (Hennef) in the Ford Puma led the time table. P2 was followed by number 2, father and son Harald Ezaru (Pforzheim) in the BMW 330 ci with 0.2 points ahead of Dominik Geibert (Enspel) and Thorsten Fasel (Kaden) in the BMW 318is with 0.3 points. At the refuelling break, Ezaru / Ezaru had moved up to first place with a total of 0.8 points. They were followed by Oliver and Udo von Fragstein (Leichlingen/Leverkusen), another father-and-son team with 1.0 points, and, now with 1.1 points, the rookies Stefan Jacobs and Justin Schumacher. As the event progressed, the temperatures in the cars rose, which led to avoidable mistakes by various participants. Nevertheless, 101 out of 119 started cars reached the finish line. Among them were Monika and Falk Mellentin (Mönchengladbach), who started for the first time with the new blue and orange BMW 318 ti compact. After an eighth and a third place in the first two rounds of the season, the two, who compete for DAMC 05, finished tenth this time with 6.8 points (0.9/0.7/0.3/2.3/1.4/1.2). P9 went to Karin and Winfried Schlüter in the red Mini JCW with 6.7 points (1.0/1.0/0.4/1.8/1.9/0.6). Just ahead, with 6.6 points, were Dominik Geibert and Thorsten Fasel for AC Mayen in the ADAC in eighth place. Seventh and sixth place were secured by the two best rookie teams - tied with 6.3 penalty points! But since Nadine Philipp and Sebastian Anding (Honda Accord) finished the first round with 1.3 penalty points, they had to settle for seventh place (1.3/2.4/0.3/0.2/1.1/1.0). After finishing P23 twice in the first two GLP runs, this is a strong result for the two drivers from Blaufelden. Sixth place was secured by Stefan Jacobs and Justin Schumacher due to the better result in the first confirmation round (0,1/0,9/0,1/0,5/2,8/1,8). Their best result of the season so far was achieved by Konstantin Krasnoperov (Munich) and Axel Theiling (Karlsfeld) in the BMW 325i. After a ninth and a 22nd place, this time 6.1 points (1.2/0.2/2.3/1.4/0.3/0.7) were enough for P5. Equal points also on P4 and P3, with fourth place (1.3/1.2/1.0/0.4/0.4//0.7) taken by Jennifer and Steven Ostrowski (Essen). Despite the good results with the husky AMG Mercedes A45 in the first two races of the season (fourth and fifth place), Steven Ostrowski is not yet completely satisfied: "Jenny did a fantastic job of stopping the times. But the car and I are not yet one. We'll get that right, though." Gorden Völksen (Barsinghausen) and Mario Bremer (Wiesbaden) also showed an upward trend. After a fifteenth and a seventh place, the two Golf drivers competing for the ADAC Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt finished the current GLP in third place with 5.0 points (1.0/0.2/0.6/0.2/0.6/2.4).  Second place, equal on points with the day's winners, went to the winners of the first two GLP heats, Oliver and Udo von Fragstein in the Ford Puma. Only 1.7 penalty points (0.4/0.1/0.5/0.3/0.1/0.3) were a top result for the von Fragsteins. However, as Article 17 of the GLP regulations is applied in the event of a points tie, the victory went to Harald Ezaru and his father Harald Ezaru senior (0.2/0.1/0.5/0.1/0.5/0.3).  In the rookie classification, Stefan Jacobs (Aachen) and Justin Schumacher (Hennef) won in the Ford Puma, as in the last round, ahead of Nadine Philipp and Sebastian Anding from Blaufelden in the Honda Accord. Both the Puma team (10.8 points in the last round) and the Honda drivers (15.5 points) were able to improve their result considerably with 6.3 points this time. In the RCN Green Challenge, Thomas Overbeck (Tönisvorst) and Uwe Reichle (Recke) in the Renault Zoe again secured the title, this time with 26.3 points (9.5/11.9/4.9) ahead of Bastian Reitmeyer (Fuldatal) and Erik Schilb (Reichenburg/Switzerland) in the Tesla with 268.3 points (18.5/248.6/1.2). The "Ü30er" team (von Fragstein / von Fragstein, Ostrowski / Ostrowski, Geibert / Fasel, Bernards / Bernards and Wenzel / Knipp) was successful in the team classification with 28.81 points. The "Team Null Runde" (Ezaru / Ezaru, Schlüter / Schlüter and Dedekind / Meier) followed in second place with 28.11 points.