06 June, Sunday

24h conclusion: Thanks go to the fans

This year the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race has been sold out – measured against Corona conditions. At the start of the long-distance classic, the 10,000 approved seats were all occupied on Saturday. For the return of the visitors, the operators of the Nürburgring had successfully solved a number of questions in advance and were able to draw a positive conclusion in the end. Also thanks to the visitors...
24h conclusion: Thanks go to the fans


This year the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race has been sold out – measured against Corona conditions. At the start of the long-distance classic, the 10,000 approved seats were all occupied on Saturday. For the return of the visitors, the operators of the Nürburgring had successfully solved a number of questions in advance and were able to draw a positive conclusion in the end. Also thanks to the visitors who willingly followed the rules. “It was a great feeling to look at the stands at the start and experience the great atmosphere”, explains Nürburgring Managing Director Mirco Markfort. “Happy visitors are the real reward for our work. The fact that all of this worked out is a team success in which everyone contributed.” The first event with spectators in 2021 meant intensive preparation for the Nürburgring, because for the first time only vaccinated, recovered and negatively tested people were allowed to sit on the stands. The verification of valid tests and certificates had to be harmonized with the online booking system and with the access controls. This task was solved with programming work by the Nürburgring IT department and in collaboration with the ticketing partner. Visitors were able to upload their negative Corona tests in advance via a specially programmed website and were thus able to enter in time. On site, it was possible to upload the test using a QR code or to visit one of the fan counters in the stands. In the background, a motivated Nürburgring team worked to ensure that tickets were released around the clock. Vaccinated and recovered people had a contact point in the ring°carré with their certificates. Here, the German Red Cross maintained a counter to ensure the authenticity of the documents. “Our developed concept was put into practice for the first time on the 24h weekend”, says Ingo Böder, Head of Events & Operations at the Nürburgring. “Despite intensive preparations, it is quite normal that minor adjustments still have to be made during live operation and that there are sometimes short waiting times. All in all, everything worked out really well. ” According to Böder, this assessment also applies to the seating concept. Here the visitors sat in groups of two for the first time. In addition, masks were required throughout the entire Nürburgring area – including on the seat. A total of 350 stewards were used to comply with all rules. They controlled the proceeding on the stands, in the paddock and around the Nordschleife. “The big thanks go to all those who helped to make this happen. Especially the fans who willingly followed the rules. Only occasionally spectators had to be made aware of the obligation to wear masks”, says Böder. Scientific accompaniment to enable further conclusionsSince the Nürburgring in Rheinland-Pfalz is a model project for events with spectators outdoors, the whole process is also scientifically supported. From online booking, to the arrival and departure, to the actual stay in the grandstands. That is why the scientists of the Hygiene Institute of the University Hospital Bonn were on site at the weekend. They tested a possible spread of aerosols on the stands. “With the help of a particle emitting device, which was placed on a seat, we brought water particles into the air. We measured the distribution of the particles with a special counter in the environment. From the evaluations, we can draw conclusions about the spread of aerosols outdoors”, explains Dr. Jürgen Gebel, from the Hygiene Institute. His colleague Dr. Britt Hornei adds: “By carrying out PCR tests in the ventilation systems of the VIP lounges, we also want to investigate a possible viral load in indoor spaces. However, due to the protective measures taken, such as the mandatory use of masks, we expect that there will be no introduction of viruses into the ventilation systems.” 24h race as spectator prelude to further eventsThe experiences of the weekend are now to be incorporated into the planning for the upcoming event weekends and to enable spectators here as well, as Managing Director Markfort explains: “The 24h weekend was an important start for the Nürburgring. As an event location, we are affected by severe restrictions from the beginning of the pandemic. Our aim has always been to make events with spectators possible again with proven partners and good concepts. We succeeded in doing so at the right time this year, because there are many other big events to follow, for which we now have justified hopes to have spectators in the stands again. This is vital for the Nürburgring, for the organisers and for the region.” In June and July, the races of the Nürburgring Endurance Series, the ADAC Truck Grand Prix, Rad am Ring and the eagerly awaited premiere of the FIA World Rallycross Championship await. All information about the events can be found at www. nuerburgring. de/events.

Contract extension ensures long-term 24-hour races


The ADAC TOTAL 24h Race remains the motorsport highlight in the calendar of the Nürburgring until at least 2028. This was announced by the race track operators and the organising ADAC Nordrhein just before the 49th edition of the endurance classic (3 to 6 June). The contract, which runs until and including 2023, has been extended for a further five years ahead of schedule. “The extension of the contract is great news for all fans of the Nordschleife”, said Mirco Hansen, head of the 24h Race. “We have just seen in the two Corona years just how important this mega-event is for the entire region. That’s why we’re happy to be able to plan for at least 2028. This gives everyone involved – teams, drivers and partners of the world’s biggest race – long-term security. ” Mirco Markfort, Managing Director of the Nürburgring, adds: “The 24h Race conveys the demands and uniqueness of our race track to a global public. With the early renewal of the contract, it is now ensured that the world’s largest motorsport party will have its permanent place at the Nordschleife until at least 2028. ” The dates for the 50th and 51st editions of the 24h Race are already set. Fans can now write down the Ascension weekends 2022 (26 – 29 May) and 2023 (18 – 21 May) in the calendar.

Premiere for digital infrastructure of the Nordschleife


At the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race, the Nürburgring is giving a special starting signal this year. For the first time, the race track is using the newly created, digital infrastructure of the Nordschleife. 2.8 kilometers of the historic track have been equipped with high-resolution cameras, fiber optic cables and power cables. With their help, camera signals from the race track, which was opened in 1927, now reach the race control system of the Grand-Prix track directly. The use of the new technology is expected to further increase safety on the world's most demanding race track and provide important insights for further possible digitalization measures on the Nordschleife. The technology group Fujitsu is supporting the project as part of a partnership. Together, innovations for a "track safety of the future" are to be advanced. "Jeder lobt, was Nürburgring-erprobt" - under this motto, many developments in the automotive industry have been driven forward for over 95 years. The digitalization measure on the Nordschleife is no exception. With in-house developments from Nürburgring's specialist departments and the support of specialist companies, a customized digital solution was designed on the section between Döttinger Höhe and the Grand-Prix track. From the stable camera masts, which guarantee a steady camera image even in strong Eifel winds, to connection cabinets for the necessary technology. Eight permanently installed swiveling and zoomable HD cameras now provide a perfect overview. They support those responsible in race control, who in the past had to form an opinion about the situation on the track exclusively via radio messages from the marshals. On the digitalized section, the development and use of artificial intelligence is now also to be advanced as part of a partnership with Fujitsu. This is intended to further increase safety by independently detecting potential hazards and deviations from the regular traffic. An important point, should the digitalization measure be extended to the entire Nordschleife. Around 100 cameras would then be used here alone - in addition to the existing cameras on the Grand-Prix track. Since all the image signals converge in Racecontrol, the variety of signals would be almost impossible to monitor with the human eye. For this reason, software is to ensure that various events are automatically displayed to those responsible so that decisions can be made quickly here and further measures initiated if necessary. "We are pleased to have gained a renowned and innovative partner in Fujitsu, which brings an incredible amount of know-how in the software and artificial intelligence sector," explains Nürburgring CEO Mirco Markfort. "We notice how great the interest and motivation for the Nürburgring project are at Fujitsu and firmly expect both sides to benefit sustainably from this cooperation. Together, we want to gain and implement important insights for modern track safety in the future." The technology will also be used to further expand measures such as digital marshalling. Digital display panels show flag signals and other information directly on the track. In addition, these signals can be shown directly to the driver on the display in the car. Conclusions are to be drawn from the entire test run as to what requirements digitization of further sections of the Nordschleife would entail. For this reason, different cameras, display panels and various power supply options will be used on the Döttinger Höhe in the coming weeks.



Finally, The Nürburgring can once again plan with spectators for the ADAC TOTAL 24h race (June 3rd - 6th). The personalized and seat-specific tickets for the motorsport highlight are now available online. The official approval by the authority should follow in the next few days after the final details have been clarified and the necessary consent from the Ministry of Health has been granted. This year the Nürburgring, which successfully admitted spectators last season, is a model project in Rhineland-Palatinate for events with spectators outdoors. On this basis, the grandstands on the Grand Prix track are to be opened for up to 10,000 visitors as well as the VIP lounges along the start and finish straight. The condition for this is that the 7-day incidence in the Ahrweiler district does not exceed the threshold of 100 on three consecutive days before the event. Here you can find all information and tickets for the 24h race. “We are pleased that we can finally welcome spectators once again to the 24-hour race. We see it as a result of our good work that this year we can again be a pioneer in this area,” explains Nürburgring Managing Director Mirco Markfort. “Of course, this entails a high level of responsibility and increased costs, but it is also a great opportunity to provide positive impulses - for the region and the organizers, for motorsport and Nürburgring fans and for the entire event industry. Infection protection is our top priority." The spectator concept developed under scientific supervision provides that up to 50 percent of the respective grandstand capacity is used. For the 24h race, this affects the open BMW M Power grandstand (T3), the Bilstein grandstand (T4), Mercedes grandstand (4a) and grandstand 12a. The spectators sit together in twos at most. The two seats next to, in front of and behind the occupied seats are free. Only visitors who have negative test result, have recovered or have been vaccinated have access to the event site. A professionally performed rapid test may not be older than 24 hours before entry to the event site, a PCR test not more than 48 hours. In addition, a mask is required on the Nürburgring site and on the seats. The tickets are only available online, personalized and seat-specific. Each open grandstand also has its own dedicated parking space on site with its own route. Day tickets are available from € 20 (reduced € 10), the weekend ticket costs € 55 (reduced € 27.50). Children up to 12 years have free entry. You still have to book a free ticket for you. Young people aged 13 to 15 and people with disabilities pay the reduced ticket price. The Nürburgring developed the current concept with scientific support from various institutes. It includes, among other things, basic measures to minimize contact, targeted visitor control, special infection protection measures, and the spatial and temporal division of audience groups as well as a strict alcohol ban. The Hygiene Institute of the University Hospital Bonn, the MVZ Labor Koblenz-Mittelrhein and the German Red Cross Ahrweiler were involved. In addition, the entire process is scientifically supported as the model project in Rhineland-Palatinate.



The Nürburgring has a new website. Here you will find all the information, events, experiences and fan articles of the legendary race track. Whether you are an event visitor or a tourist driver. With your user profile, you always have everything in view. – combines all offers and functions on one platform now. The menu is divided into the areas Info, Events, Driving, Experience, Business and fan°shop. Right next to it you will find the login button for your user account. Register and make to your virtual Ring experience – anywhere – at home on your PC or on the road with your mobile phone.  You are a tourist driver and already have an account in the previous Green Hell Driving portal?  Then you can use your familiar access data here, log in directly and access and manage your existing account balance. As usual, you will immediately receive all relevant track information, can top up new credit and secure Green Hell Credits. Under the menu item Info you will find, among other things, the current opening times – such as those of the karting track, the motorsport experience museum ring°werk or the race tracks and, of course, the popular webcams that give you the best overview of the Nürburgring. Anytime, from anywhere. With the new 360° tour, you can also take a look at the entire Nürburgring site from home. The virtual tour gives you impressive insights into many locations around the Grand-Prix track. Right next to it, under Events, you will find all event dates and information in a clear calendar – from the 24-hour race to Rock am Ring. Various display and filter options also help you with your targeted search. If you want to experience the Nürburgring yourself, you will find all your options under Driving. Training with off-road vehicles and formula racers as well as the fast-paced co-pilot drive on the Nordschleife or the tourist drives, where you can conquer the Nürburgring with your own car or motorbike. With one click on Experience you will discover many possibilities for the whole family. From a visit to a museum to a kart race. Under Business companies can find out how they can use the Nürburgring myth for their business. In addition to basic information on packages, programmes and locations, there is also an enquiry tool here with which B2B customers can combine their desired event components and send them as an enquiry to the Nürburgring team quickly and easily. Whether for large or small company events, team building, trade fairs or incentives right next to the start-finish straight. The most beautiful race track in the world is your passion? Then you'll find everything your Nürburgring heart desires in the fan°shop. Whether you're looking for a t-shirt, a cap or a watch – you'll find it here. Do you have any questions or comments? Then visit our FAQ section or send your feedback or questions about the new website directly to For all other questions about the Nürburgring, the info°center can of course still be reached on the free phone number 0800 20 83 200 or via the contact form. One website – your profile – everything in view – and your Ring experience can start!



The Nürburgring is delighted that the rheinland-pfälzische government has named it as a model project for outdoor events with spectators. Prime Minister Malu Dreyer announced the news today in a press conference on further opening steps. The third stage of the Perspective Plan, in which the model project can start, will enter into force on 2nd June. “We would like to thank the state government for its special confidence. At the same time, we also know that this is a result of our successful work over the past few months”, explains Mirco Markfort, Managing Director of Nürburgring. “We are building on the already successfully tested audience concepts. This shall be done under scientific supervision and in consultation with the competent authorities. ” The Nürburgring is working hard to implement the model project as soon as possible in the context of the upcoming events and thereby make its contribution to the crisis. However, it is not yet clear when the model project will start. There would be plenty of opportunities to implement the concepts. The calendar of the Nürburgring includes international high-caliber and traditional events such as the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race, the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the ADAC Truck Grand Prix or the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix. Last season, the Nürburgring took on a pioneering role in terms of spectators. The highlight was the Formula 1 race in October. Up to 20,000 visitors were allowed to sit on the spacious grandstands. This was one of the biggest events in the world in the Corona year 2020. After the season, the district administration of Ahrweiler summarised that no Corona infection in the district was due to an event at the Nürburgring. The Nürburgring will provide further information on the spectator concepts and possible events in the near future.



Real Eifel local heroes are the winners of the ADAC 24h-Qualirrace. After six hours of racing and 41 laps, two Porsche 911 GT3 Rs driven by Frikadelli-Racing (Barweiler) were able to prevail: Patrick Pilet (FRA), Frederic Makowiecki (FRA), Maxime Martin (BEL) and Dennis Olsen (NOR) were at the end of an exciting race ahead of their team-mates Mathieu Jaminet (LUX), Nick Tandy (GBR), Earl Bamber (MYS) and Matt Campell (Stuttgart). Third were the pole setters of the Phoenix team, which is also located close to the Nürburgring: Michele Beretta (ITA), Frank Stippler (Bad Münstereifel), Nicki Thiim (DEN) and Vincent Kolb (DEU) crowned a successful race weekend with their Audi R8 LMS GT3. For the teams, the race weekend was the final battle of strength at the place where the highlight of the Nordschleife season is scheduled to take place from 3rd to 6th June with the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race. For this reason alone, balancing the balance of power was just as much a focus for them as the intensive test under competitive conditions: After this last opportunity, all the participants have to do is prepare their cars perfectly right down to the final wheel nut to fight for victory and seconds in the Nordschleife classic. “Today, for the second time in a row, we have won a double at the Nordschleife”, said Frikadelli rider Maxime Martin after the fall of the finish flag. “This is perfect, of course. This weekend was completely different from the conditions at the NLS races. This was very important for the preparation of the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race. We drove a clean race and learned a lot. ” The flawless work was the key to success, because the teams were extremely close together and there were fierce position battles right up to the last minute of the race right across the starting field. At the same time, cars from almost all manufacturers represented in the starting field collected kilometers in the leading group and showed that the competitors are fighting with their sights open. “That was a successful prologue for the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race”, said race director Walter Hornung. “The more than 30 cars in the top classes showed great, balanced motorsport and once again proved that endurance racing at the Nordschleife is something very special. Now we are looking forward to the season highlight in June with even more action in the fight for the overall victory.” The teams also used the ADAC 24h Quali race to optimise their setups and – thanks to the spring weather – to test their tyres for the forecast temperatures in June. “Today’s temperatures are the highest of the season so far, and it is important for us to collect this data.   This is crucial in terms of tyre performance at the 24h Race”, said former DTM champion Martin Tomczyk, who drives one of the BMW M6 GT3s in the team of previous year’s winners at Rowe Racing. His assessment of the balance of power was clear after the weekend: “It’s incredibly tight – we’ve seen that in the last NLS races, and it’s now confirmed again.” Driver colleague Thomas Jäger, who took the wheel in the fastest Mercedes-AMG GT3 of the qualifying session, shares the same horn: “In order to analyse the strengths and weaknesses in detail, we will certainly have to take a closer look at the data after this weekend. But you can see that the competitors are all close together. Especially when you see the cars in the flock, this becomes visible. The last adjustments of the BoP were a good step. ” Ernst Moser, team manager of the Phoenix Audi #11, which started the race from Pole, knows: “We are very close to the goal of what the regulation experts achieved with the BOP. Porsche is strong on the road – but they’re not just driving away from the rest of the field. That’s how I like to race. ” Clearly, the Porsche teams were highly satisfied: “The Porsches are currently well positioned”, said Frikadelli team boss Klaus Abelen, adding: “We have done the best job so far.” Other team leaders see the same thing: “At the moment, it looks like Porsche is doing very well”, said Torsten Schubert, whose BMW team has made a strong impression in the previous NLS races. “But that also applies to Audi and Mercedes. I think it’s going to be exciting between the four brands. Our M6 also works properly. ”



From now on, everyone can get tested for the Corona virus free of charge at the Nürburgring. In cooperation with the German Red Cross district association Ahrweiler, the operators of the race track have built a drive-in with two test lanes in the ring°carré (formerly Eifeldorf). First of all, every Monday and Wednesday, from 2 pm to 8 pm, you can take part in the test offer with your own vehicle. Registration is done digitally using a barcode. The result is available 15 minutes after the smear. The results are then also transmitted digitally via e-mail or SMS. If there is no smartphone available, there is also the alternative of written registration on site. The public test offer for “everyone” at the Nürburgring means: No registration is required for the specified time windows, only the identity card must be brought with you for identification. “I am glad that we are able to make our contribution to this pandemic in this way”, says Mirco Markfort, Managing Director of the Nürburgring. “The DRK Ahrweiler has been the operator of our Medical Center for years and is also playing an important role in the context of the Corona pandemic. Based on this trusting collaboration, we have now also been able to launch the test drive-in. ” According to the managing director, it is important not to confuse the test offer now opened for everyone with the tests that have to be offered by companies or are carried out for example in the context of events. “These are different offers”, explains Markfort. “The drive-in is a measure in coordination with the district administration of Ahrweiler for the population and in particular for the residents of the district. There is a separate test offer for our employees. Participants in racing series are also tested separately, depending on the concept. ”



After snowfall made the season opener of the Nürburgring endurance series impossible three weeks ago, the forecasts for the NIMEX 45th DMV 4h Race are positive – not only in terms of weather – for everyone involved. Now things are finally going well, drivers and teams of 147 vehicles are looking forward to their first ride through the Green Hell. Most cars are in the GT3 class SP9. 20 cars from Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche Fighting for the day’s victory. New at the start compared to the opening race Michele Beretta and Nicki Thiim driving a second Audi R8 LMS for Phoenix Racing. Also deployed in 2021 by the team from Meuspath: The Weekly Mirror Ferrari. Georg Weiss, Daniel Keilwitz and Jochen Krumbach celebrate under the application ‚ WTM powered by Phoenix “ their comeback in the unique Nordschleife championship. New in the GT3 class of the NLS is CP Racing, the team around the US-American Charles Putman and Joe Foster. In the absence of his traditional HRT team, Nordschleife specialist Adam Christodoulou will be making a guest start for the debutants. Fast ladies enrich the field of participants in the Nürburgring endurance racing series, especially the Team GITI Tire Motorsport by WS Racing. Carrie Schreiner and Célia Martin will compete in the Audi R8 LMS GT4 under the motto “Girls Only. ” A pure women’s crew also brings the team AVIA Sorg Rennsport to the start. Here Pippa Mann, a driver with an Indycar background, and Christina Nielsen in class VT2 take the wheel of the BMW 330i. For Four Motors, Simona De Silvestro drives a Porsche Cayman GT4 in the alternative fuel class. In the Hyundai i30N by ROJA Motorsport by ASL Light Blue is Jessica Sofia Elisabet Bäckman Fabienne Wohlwend starts for the Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive in the VT2. Sophia Gachot is in the V5 for rent2drive-FAMILIA-racing in a near-series Porsche Cayman. A duel between two teams with female participation takes place in the SP3T. Michelle Halder competes with her Seat Cupra against Jasmin Preisig in Max Kruse Racing’s VW Golf GTi TCR. Katharina Lippka dares to rise from the RCN performance test to real racing at the NLS. The bank clerk from Neuss will start with a BMW 325i in class SP4. The only woman in SP9 is Janine Shoffner. She shares the cockpit of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 from GetSpeed Performance with Moritz Kranz and aims to win the class in the Am classification of the premier class. Matthias Malmedie celebrates his comeback in the Green Hell. The presenter, who lives in Cologne, was already on the Nordschleife in the early years of the millennium. Since 2007 he has been moderating the format “ GRIP - The Motormagazin” at RTL II, which he played a significant role in developing. He will tackle the race together with Markus Flasch and Jörg Weidinger in the BMW M2 CS Racing of the Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive. Strongly occupied Cup classes 19 vehicles can be found in the provisional list of participants in the Cup3. Constant drops are hitting the rock – in the sixth year of the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing and in keeping with the 25th anniversary of the racing team from Meuspath, the class is celebrating a record-breaking field for starters. The two production car classes VT2 (18 cars) and V4 (16 cars) are also well-attended. With twelve M2 CS Racing, the BMW Cup of the same name is well-attended in its debut year. Seven cars in the CupX, the KTM X-Bow Cup powered by Michelin, are also impressive. Hygiene concept further refinedAlso race two of the Nürburgring endurance series takes place under special conditions due to pandemic conditions. Spectators at the race track are not allowed, the paddock is only accessible to a limited number of people per team. All team members entering the paddock must have a negative Corona test. Masks are generally required on the entire event grounds and people are required to observe distance and hygiene rules. The course of the event was organised in advance in such a way as to minimise contacts. For the NIMEX 45th DMV 4h Race, the procedure for submitting Corona test results and issuing tickets to drivers and team members is completely digitized and implemented without contact. The NIMEX 45th DMV 4h-Race will start punctually at 12 noon on Saturday over the distance of four hours. Prior to this, the positions on the starting grid will be determined in qualifying from 08:30 to 10:00. The livestream on, YouTube and Facebook will show the race action from the Green Hell from 08:30 - by the way, in 2021 at all races with spectacular live images from the ROWE-Heli. © NLS

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