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Experience racing history at the 51st BELMOT Oldtimer Grand Prix 2024

The 51st BELMOT Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring will once again provide an exciting retrospective with more than 25 races from August 9 to 11, 2024 as the most traditional European racing event for classic automobiles. In many races, some of which are also held as championship races, over 400 racing cars and their drivers will once again meet for exciting competitions on the Nürburgring...
Experience racing history at the 51st BELMOT Oldtimer Grand Prix 2024


The 51st BELMOT Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring will once again provide an exciting retrospective with more than 25 races from August 9 to 11, 2024 as the most traditional European racing event for classic automobiles. In many races, some of which are also held as championship races, over 400 racing cars and their drivers will once again meet for exciting competitions on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit. Experience racing history in the following racing series, which have already been confirmed: Golden Era Touring Cars DRM Revival (German Racing Championship) Race 5 / Evening Race (two-seater racing cars + GT up to 1960/61 - participation by invitation only) FHR Historic Championship '65 (sprint series for GT, touring and sports cars built up to 1965) FHR Historic Championship '81 (90-minute race for GT, touring cars built up to 1981 and sports cars built up to 1971) FHR Historic Championship CanAm & Sportscars (sprint series for GT, touring cars and sports prototypes built up to 2006) HGPCA (Historic Grand Prix Cars Association) HRA Formula 3 (ADAC Graf Berghe von Trips Cup)  Ferrari Club Germany Formula Vau Vintage Sports Car Trophy (pre-war cars built up to 1948, NO timekeeping) The AMG Arena is reserved for the TOP brand club meeting. Clubs will meet there on a large exhibition area. We have already welcomed TVR, Morgan, Aston Martin, Porsche and Ferrari.  Not forgetting the many club parking spaces around the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit, which will make a major contribution to turning the 51st BELMOT OGP 2024 into a rolling museum of sporty automobiles. The Historic Paddock is and will remain the meeting place for pre-war vehicles and will provide a home for the drivers of the vehicles participating in the Vintage Sports Car Trophy.

Living motorsport history at the Anniversary of the Oldtimer Grand Prix


The "Classic for Classics" celebrated a milestone birthday this weekend: At the 50th edition of the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, around 500 historic race cars from almost all eras and categories of motorsport competed once again on the tradition-steeped Eifel circuit. Fast-paced birthday party at the Nürburgring The most traditional classic race celebrated its 50th birthday Around 50,000 spectators experienced historic motorsport at first hand Oldtimer Grand Prix 2024 expected to take place on the second weekend in August The 50,000 or so spectators were just as eager to miss the successful anniversary party of the Oldtimer Grand Prix as former competitors and participants. Together with the organizers, they celebrated a successful party with many highlights. An anniversary gala at the ring°werk already kicked off the event on Wednesday. Long-time participants drove around the circuit in the anniversary parade and showed off their automotive treasures in the tent of media partner Motor Klassik. Timekeeping partner Junghans even launched its own special watch series, the two models of which, strictly limited to 50 pieces, were sold out in no time at all. A large marquee in the paddock served as a meeting place for visitors, guests of honor, teams and drivers. Just in time for the anniversary, the AMG Arena was once again part of the paddock area - where top brand clubs presented themselves. The organizers had prepared a special tribute for the event's most loyal participant - Uli Sauer from Iserlohn, who has attended the Oldtimer Grand Prix in his pre-war BMW 328 every year since its debut in 1973. The Nürburgring and the organizers dedicated a tree to him on Rolf-Stommelen-Strasse, the connecting path between the historic and Grand Prix paddock, where a special avenue honors selected people with a very special connection to the Eifel race track. Satisfactory balanceIt is also already certain that Germany's most traditional and largest racing event for historic vehicles will continue: the 51st Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring is expected to take place on the second weekend in August in 2024. After the successful anniversary and the optimistic look into the future, the organizers of the event draw a satisfied balance: "The weekend was a birthday party full of positive and special moments for us as long-time organizers," summarizes organization manager Wolfgang Schulz. As managing director of CHRSN Sport GmbH, he is co-organizer of the Oldtimer Grand Prix and a long-time companion of the event and sums up: "We as organizers were pleased about many congratulations and exchanged many anecdotes with old and new friends. This all-round positive review encourages us all to now enter the sixth decade of this great race with a lot of energy." Packed touring car and GT fieldsThe sporting program this year was once again alive with a successful mix of German and international racing highlights. The domestic motorsport history was represented, for example, by the huge starting field of "Golden Era" touring cars, which included many unforgettable DTM and STW cars. There were also veterans from the great DTM era at the wheel. For example, Kris Nissen, Olaf Manthey or Roland Asch, who shared his Ford Cosworth with his son Sebastian. The races of the DRM revival, which saw a true summit meeting of the Group 5 cars, also made for shining eyes. Ralf Kelleners (De Tomaso Pantera Group 5) and Peter Mücke / Stefan Mücke in the Zakspeed-Ford Capri shared the victories, third place in both races went to the Turbo-Capri of Heinz Schmersal / Mike Stursberg, which has only been racing again this year. The three series under the umbrella of the FHR drivers' association also contributed to the round of legendary touring car, GT and racing sports vehicles: The HTGT, the Gentle Drivers Trophy and the CanAm & Sportscars / Groupe C Classic offered exciting runs with their many excellently prepared race cars. Shining eyes and headlights: 50s and 60s sports carsThe CanAm / Sports Car Series of the FHR was also a highlight in the sports car sector, in whose field, for example, driver and team boss legend Olaf Manthey started. The successful motorsport professional drove a Porsche 993 RSR - the very first Manthey Porsche, which marks the beginning of the racing team that has been successful for decades. One of the most important highlights of the weekend, however, was the race of sports cars from the 1950s and 1960s, whose historically valuable vehicles came to the Nürburgring from half of Europe. Once again, rare racing sports cars were at the start, following in the footsteps of the long-distance classics: On Saturday evening, their one-hour run into the falling night formed the atmospheric highlight of the weekend, which was celebrated with a fireworks display after the finish. The program also included the pre-war sports cars, which could be seen on the track for the first time without a sports classification. The field of almost 50 participants included Simon Scrivener and Conny Jäger from Liechtenstein in a Whippet Grand Prix from 1927 - the oldest race car of the entire weekend. But the program also offered an excursion into the sports car present - the FCD Racing Series of the Ferrari Club Germany with its Italian dream sports cars took care of that. New accents set in formula racingLast but not least, historic formula racing was an important pillar in the racing program. For the first time, a demo run of Formula 1 and Formula 2 legends provided a Grand Prix feeling, as did the races of the HGPCA. This British racing series presents the pre- and early history of the Formula 1 World Championship with its fine monoposto cars. For the first time, the first race of these classic formula cars was held separately for the rear- and front-engine classes on Saturday - and thus thematized the evolution of formula design. Also new were the international Formula 2 cars of the HSCC series. The formula classes were rounded off by the AvD Historic Race Cup of the HRA drivers' association and the well-staffed field of the Lurani Trophy with its Formula Junior racing cars.

Full starting fields full of historical highlights at the anniversary of the Oldtimer Grand Prix


In mid-August, the Nürburgring will turn into a time machine - for the 50th year: The Oldtimer Grand Prix will present the spectators with a packed programme on the occasion of its anniversary, which will probably thrill everyone who has anything to do with automobile and motorsport history: Pre-war racing cars and Formula 1 icons will take to the track, as will touring cars from the DRM and DTM. Little runabouts from the junior classes of the 1950s will be on the grid as well as beefy sports cars and prototypes that still thrill with their sound and performance today. And in many a race, vehicles can be seen racing on the track that are otherwise well protected in private or museum collections. For many races, the organisers also announce "full house" - the starting fields are often booked up to the last seat. A worthy backdrop, then, for the event that has long since developed into a classic in its own right over five decades. > more info & tickets Sports car classes: Legends and shining eyesOne of the jewels in the programme of the Oldtimer Grand Prix is the race of the sports cars up to 1965, whose first race on Saturday evening marks a highlight of the weekend. The race will thrill with a line-up of four dozen sports cars: Porsche and "Gullwing" Mercedes will be in a fight with Aston Martin and Lotus, Maserati and Ferrari - a fascinating display of vehicles that are considered by many to be among the most beautiful racing cars ever built. Just how rapidly the sports car class has developed can be seen in the course of the CanAm&Sportscars / Group-C-Classics. The models come from McLaren, Lotus and Lola, for example, and never fail to impress with their performance and sound. Formula History from Entry Level to Grand Prix SportFormula history occupies a large space in the programme. With well over 40 entries, the class of the "little runabouts" is at the start - the Formula Junior cars from the years before 1963. These "forefathers" of the junior formulae also stand for the time when the formula engines moved behind the drivers and thus made an important step in the evolution of racing cars. The somewhat younger junior formulae are also represented in the AvD Historic Race Cup. Here, more than 30 racing cars from Formula 2, Formula Ford and comparable series will compete, which were held between the mid-1970s and the end of the 1980s. The up-and-comers from these series then found themselves in the cockpits of Formula 2, for example, whose cars represent a novelty in the programme of the Oldtimer Grand Prix: The British HSCC Formula 2 presents these great 70s racing cars. Historically, a double race series, which also comes to the Nürburgring from the British Isles, looks back at least another decade: the HGPCA (for "Historic Grand Prix Cars Association") comes up with almost 50 racing cars from Formula 1 prehistory and early history. Here, too, the evolution from front to rear engine can be studied on a living object - and this year even more vividly. On Saturday, the rear-engine and front-engine starting fields will each run a separate race, only to unite in a single giant field in the second race on Sunday: the legendary front-engine Maserati 250 F, the Ferrari 246 Dino and other Grand Prix icons will then clash with the early Formula 1 racing cars from Cooper, Lotus, Brabham and Co. A very special treat also awaits the spectators in a special demo race, which will be run on Saturday and Sunday: Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars will then be on display - from well-known global brands such as Ferrari and Dallara to unknown formula forges such as Rial or Maurer. Touring car and GT classes: Top line-up and star meetingsIn the touring car and GT races, too, there will be a lot of action in fully occupied starting fields and a reunion with legendary cars. One of the absolute highlights for many visitors will be the race of the "Golden Era of Touring Cars", in which a number of old warhorses will be involved: Harald Grohs, Kris Nissen and Olaf Manthey will each drive a BMW E30 M3, Roland Asch and his son Sebastian will sit in a Ford Sierra and Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo 1. Ex-DTM driver Volker Schneider will also be driving a Sierra, while Kurt Thiim will start in a Volvo 240 GRA. Of course, the almost 60 racing cars will also include Audi, Alfa Romeo, Opel and other unforgettable models that shaped the great DTM era from the 1980s onwards. The DRM revival will also be a spectacle with a huge starting field full of remarkable cars: Group 5 bolides such as the legendary Ford Turbo-Capris, Porsche 935 K3 or BMW 320 Turbo will lead the field of four dozen vehicles from the legendary German Racing Championship. In addition, the races of the FHR present themselves in top form, with the HTGT ("Historic Touring Car and GT Trophy") and the Dunlop Gentle Drivers '65, two starting fields with great cars. Here, racing cars such as Ford GT40, early 911 Porsche, BMW 2002, Alfa Romeo 1750 and others are gathered, which always thrill with their action-packed races. Don't miss it: Experience tour through the paddockVisitors to the Oldtimer Grand Prix will not only encounter legendary vehicles on the race track. It already starts on the parking areas directly at the Grand Prix circuit, which are partly used for the big brand club meeting. This meeting of enthusiasts continues in the infield in the Mercedes Arena, where top brand clubs will set up their lovingly maintained Porsches, Maseratis and Ferraris. The latter will also enrich the weekend in the form of the FCD Racing Series with runs with modern super sports cars on the race track. In the Grand Prix paddock, in addition to the cars from all the weekend's races, the large marquee awaits, which will serve as a meeting place for drivers, fans and officials. The catering and dealer stands are also worth a visit - and especially two event partners: Junghans will present the two special watch models created especially for the event anniversary. The Official Timing Partner of the Oldtimer Grand Prix is located in the tent next to the podium. Only a few metres further on, media partner Motor Klassik will be present with its tent, where the vehicles of the demo run "OGP Legends" will also be presented. Last but not least: the Historic Paddock. This is where the participants of the "Vintage Nürburgring" are accommodated, who are not racing their pre-war racing cars, but are showing off their automotive treasures in special runs on the Grand Prix circuit and on the Nordschleife.

Oldtimer-Grand-Prix feiert rasantes Jubiläum


Am kommenden Wochenende (11. – 13. August 2023) feiert der Oldtimer-Grand-Prix mit einem prallvollen Programm voller historischer Renn-Highlights seine 50. Auflage. Das 1973 erstmals ausgetragene Event ist heute die älteste Oldtimer-Rennveranstaltung auf dem europäischen Kontinent und zeigt sich dabei so jung wie eh und je: In zwölf historischen Rennklassen sowie Demoläufen und Ausfahrten werden am Jubiläumswochenende mehr als 30 actionreiche Stunden Programm auf der Rennstrecke geboten. Mit dabei sind etwa die DTM-Boliden der 80er-Jahre, Fahrzeuge aus der legendären Deutschen Rennsport-Meisterschaft oder auch Demoläufe mit Formel-1- und Formel-2-Fahrzeugen. Die im traditionsreichen historischen Fahrerlager versammelten Rennwagen der Vorkriegszeit gehen zu Ausfahrten auf die Strecke. Die Langestrecken-Ikonen der 50er- und frühen 60er-Jahre setzen mit ihrem Lauf am Samstagabend den Höhepunkt des Rennwochenendes, der nach dem Zieleinlauf mit einem Feuerwerk und der Party für Fahrer, Fans und Funktionäre im großen Festzelt im Fahrerlager endet. Tickets sind an den Tageskassen vor Ort für alle Veranstaltungstage erhältlich. Wer es nicht an den Nürburgring schafft, der kann am Samstag und Sonntag viele Höhepunkte im Livestream erleben. > Mehr Infos & Tickets Der Zeitplan des Oldtimer-Grand-Prix bietet drei Tage lang ein Wiedersehen mit Rennsportlegenden. Insgesamt haben sich 500 Rennwagen für das Wochenende angemeldet, die eine rasante motorsportliche Zeitreise versprechen. So gibt es im Feld der DTM-Tourenwagen ein Wiedersehen mit BMW 320, Ford Sierra Cosworth oder auch Mercedes 190 E Evo2, die zudem häufig von echten Rennsport-Legenden pilotiert werden. Eine ganze Reihe ehemaliger DTM-Piloten werden am Nürburgring zu Gast sein – unter ihnen etwa Roland Asch, Olaf Manthey oder auch Leopold Prinz von Bayern. Voller Automobillegenden ist auch der DRM-Revival-Lauf, in dem etwa die Gruppe-5-Monster à la Ford Capri Turbo, BMW 635 und Porsche 935 K3 antreten. Bei den Rennen der seltenen (und kostbaren) zweisitzgen Rennsportwagen und GTs der 50er-Jahre jagen „Flügeltürer“-Mercedes 300 SLS, Porsche 356 und 904, Ferrari 246 SP und 250 im Verein mit anderen bildschönen Le-Mans-Autos um den Nürburgring. Beim zweiten Lauf am Sonntag zeigen die Piloten und Pilotinnen des Rennens den Besuchern auch einen waschechten Le-Mans-Start; am Abend zuvor zelebrieren außerdem die Teilnehmer der Vintage Nürburgring die heute aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht mehr praktizierte Startprozedur. Auch sonst entführen die vier Dutzend Vintage-Rennwagen in die Gründertage des Motorsports. Hier fahren die BMW 328, Kompressor-Mercedes-Benz, Bentleys und Jaguar zwar nicht in sportlicher Wertung, dafür aber mit nach wie vor schlagendem Motorsport-Herz über die Rennstrecke. Auch wer es spektakulär mag, wird beim 50. Oldtimer-Grand-Prix zufrieden sein: Die Demoläufe der Formel-1- und Formel-2-Boliden bieten ebenso Sound und Performance wie die Läufe der Can-Am- und Gruppe-C-Rennwagen. Mit Rennen für die frühen Formel-1-Autos, Formel-2-Monoposti und mehreren historischen Nachwuchs-Klassen wird auch das Racing „ohne Dach über dem Kopf“ stark im Programm vertreten sein. Natürlich bilden außerdem die sehr gut besetzten Läufe für Tourenwagen und GTs der 50er- bis 80er-Jahre einen Fixpunkt des sportlichen Programms. Auch im Fahrerlager gibt es viel zu erlebenWer sich von der Sitzschale auf der Tribüne einmal losreißen kann, den erwarten im Fahrerlager zahlreiche Attraktionen. Natürlich gibt es hier die menschlichen und automobilen Hauptdarsteller des Wochenendes zu bestaunen. Daneben haben die Organisatoren aber eine Reihe von echten „Schmankerln“ für Besucher vorbereitet. Im historischen Fahrerlager aus den 20er-Jahren gibt es neben den Vorkriegs-Rennwagen eine MG-Ausstellung. Im Grand-Prix-Fahrerlager gehören zu den Ausstellern auch die wichtigen Partner des Events. Darunter ist auch der offizielle Timing-Partner Junghans, der eigens für das Jubiläum zwei limitierte und hochwertige Editionsmodelle aufgelegt hat. Zur Anlaufstelle für die Zuschauer und Teilnehmer soll aber auch eine neue Attraktion werden: Auf der Fläche neben dem Medical Center gibt es ein großes Festzelt, das am Wochenende zur Rast einlädt und in dem immer wieder Raum für Begegnungen mit den Aktiven geschaffen werden soll. Hier steigt auch die Party nach dem Abschluss des Abendrennens am Samstag als einem der Höhepunkte des Wochenedes. Beim Bummel durch das Fahrerlager sollte man außerdem die AMG-Arena nicht vergessen, wo sich Top-Markenclubs mit ihren Fahrzeugen versammeln. Sie sind Teil des großen Treffens, mit dem das Wochenende auch in Sachen Straßenfahrzeuge viel zu bieten hat.

The highlights of the 50th Oldtimer Grand Prix


At the Oldtimer Grand Prix, the Nürburgring will be transformed into a true festival of classic racing from 11 to 13 August 2023. The well over two dozen races and driving events in the 13 classes offer an emotional foray through motorsport history, from pre-war vehicles to the dreamlike sports cars of the 50s and 60s and early Formula 1 racers to the legendary touring cars from the DRM and DTM. But that's not all: as befits a real festival, there will be something to see or experience in almost every corner of the Nürburgring this weekend. In the paddock, the large driver-team tent will attract visitors and media partner Motorklassik will present legends of the Oldtimer Grand Prix. A highlight: the anniversary clock, which event partner Junghans has created especially for the anniversary. > Tickets, schedule and further information Of course, the greatest spectacle at the Oldtimer Grand Prix will take place on the race track, where spectators can join in the excitement at more than two dozen races and driving events in the 13 historic racing classes. In addition, the grandstand at the start and finish will certainly be full for two special demonstrations, namely when the Le Mans start demonstrations are scheduled. This starting procedure from the days of the founding fathers of motorsport will of course only be included in the schedule today for demonstration purposes: After the first corner, the first thing to do is "stop" to tighten the seat belts once more! Nevertheless, this start certainly offers a great experience for all involved. On Saturday, it is the final prelude to the evening programme, because after the pre-war cars, the run of the two-seater sports cars and GTs of the 1950s is on the agenda. Traditionally, the 65-minute race leads into the twilight and ends with a fireworks display after the finish. The victorious participants do not roll into the pits or to their team tents in the paddock, but drive to the large marquee in the paddock, where an atmospheric come-together is scheduled. Demo rides with formula cars and OGP legends Many fans will also be eagerly waiting in the grandstand for two demonstration runs scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. One will be themed around the history of Formula 1 and Formula 2 and thus invites to reminisce about legendary drivers and cars. A second parade will form on the Grand Prix circuit to mark the event's 50th birthday. Long-time participants and formative vehicles from the OGP history have been invited to take part here. The defile of these very special cars will certainly be an emotional highlight of the weekend especially for the organisers and the most loyal participants. Historic paddock with pre-war carsEven though there is always something to see on the Grand Prix circuit during the weekend, it is also worth taking a stroll around the grounds. This already starts in the historic paddock, where traditionally the pre-war cars can be admired. This year, they will no longer be racing in a sporting classification, but will be organised purely as a driving event. This brings additional participants to this part of the event, which is of course perfectly accommodated within the walls of the 100-year-old pit area at the Nürburgring. The "100 Years of MG" exhibition on the north side of the paddock in front of the CHRSN tent is also worth a visit. It shows models from the history of the British brand from the pre-war period to the present day. Junghans presents anniversary watchOf course, there is a lot going on in the Grand Prix paddock, where the majority of the participants gather, the tyre and race services have their domicile and, on top of that, there is a lot more on offer. A visit to OGP partner Junghans is a must. The famous watch brand has not only launched great special models for the anniversary, but is also exhibiting an original Formula 2 racer from Stefan Bellof. A fitting backdrop for the two exclusive chronographs in blue and orange, each limited to 50 pieces. Numerous details already make these valuable timepieces coveted collector's items, for which Junghans received the first pre-orders even before the official launch. The other partners, merchandising stands and various shops are also not to be missed. Of course, a visit to Motorklassik is a must: The tent of the OGP media partner features vehicles from the history of the event, and of course, as always, there will be talk over coffee from the popular annual cups. The OGP collection can also be found nearby: The popular race jumper and other great accessories are especially sought-after souvenirs in the anniversary year. New driver team tent in the paddockOne of the most eye-catching new features in the paddock is the large riders' team tent on the area next to the heliport. Here, there will be catering and a programme throughout the weekend, driver interviews and autograph opportunities will be offered. In addition, the teams and active drivers will also be guests here, so there will certainly be opportunities for many exciting encounters. Right next door, there will also be fun for the whole family with a bouncy castle and a photo bull. There will also be super sports cars to admire in a small parking area. AMG Arena is part of the programme againAfter a break of several years, the AMG Arena is once again part of the festival programme. Some teams will be accommodated here - especially the Ferrari and Maserati of the FCD Racing Series. In addition, special brand clubs will be found here, making the area a meeting place for dream cars. This is certainly a starting point and an incentive to also visit the other brand clubs in the parking areas directly at the racetrack. Off to the discovery tourBy the way, if you're on your way to the grandstand area, you can also drop by the Nürburgring right away: The ring°werk museum is of course open and has a little surprise in store for all young visitors under 17 during the summer holidays. The kart track is also open and the popular backstage tours with a look behind the scenes of the world-famous track are also available. And if you still haven't had enough, you can also have a look around the Nordschleife: There are always time slots for brand club drives there at the weekend, and on Sunday morning the pre-war cars are also on the road here.

Full starting fields in the anniversary year for the Oldtimer Grand Prix


At the 50th edition of the Oldtimer Grand Prix, visitors will experience a programme full of legendary vehicles. The organisers are currently receiving entries for the twelve races of Germany's most traditional classic car festival on a daily basis and are hoping for sensationally filled races. The race of the sports cars up to '65, for example, is full, and its one-hour run at dusk on Saturday evening is an atmospheric highlight of the weekend. The DTM cars of the "Golden Era" will shine with a star line-up, the DRM revival race promises spectacular touring cars from the 70s. New this year is a race for Formula 2 cars, which perfectly complements the other races of historic monoposti. The well-known automotive highlights, such as the meeting of the pre-war racing cars or the parades and demonstration runs, will also form up and promise a fast-paced foray through automotive and motorsport history. Next to the track, the get-together of the automobile legends continues - there, the well-known highlights of the past years are now joined by a large marquee that offers catering and a colourful programme and becomes a meeting point for drivers, teams and visitors. The jubilee of the most traditional motor sporting classic car event on the European continent promises non-stop attractions. On the grandstands around the Grand Prix circuit, classic car fans can look forward to twelve racing classes and fascinating demonstration drives. One of the highlights of the entire weekend will be the race of the two-seater racing cars and GTs up to 1965. Technically and aesthetically, these vehicles represent an absolute pinnacle of motorsport, and at the Oldtimer Grand Prix, these unique vehicles can be seen in a full starting field: Ferrari, Maserati and Lotus, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Aston Martin - real legends meet here. In addition, both races of these vehicles provide highlights in the programme: On Saturday evening, the race goes on for more than an hour into the twilight - the finish in the darkness accompanied by fireworks is the crowning glory of the weekend. And on Sunday, before the actual start of the race, the drivers demonstrate how the race used to be started at Le Mans: This starting procedure, in which the drivers sprint to the car at the signal of the race director and only then drive off, will also be demonstrated by the participants of the "Vintage Nürburgring" - they form another highlight of the programme with this demonstration and the laps of the pre-war racing cars on Saturday. These oldest racing cars of the weekend can be experienced in the historic paddock and in three demo runs during the weekend on the race track. Touring car highlights promise action-packed memoriesTouring car racing, which is traditionally strong in Germany, will also be a main focus at the Oldtimer Grand Prix. The top series of the 70s will come back to life in the DRM revival race. Group 5 cars, the legendary Ford Capri, the BMW 320 Turbo or the De Tomaso Pantera GTS will meet here. Spectators can also look forward to a strong line-up in the race of the Golden Touring Car Era. Here, it is mainly the DTM cars of the 1980s that come together, supplemented by STW cars of the 1990s and related touring cars. The highlight: many of these fantastic cars will be driven by the stars of the past, because once again, a whole squad of former DTM drivers has signed up. For example, the championship top three of the inaugural DTM season in 1984, Volker Strycek (in an Opel), Olaf Manthey (ex-Blaupunkt BMW M3) and Harald Grohs (also in a BMW) will be there. The rest of the line-up is also a who's who of DTM history. Leopold von Bayern, Klaus Niedzwiedz and Roland Asch (together with his son Sebastian on the grid!) have already been confirmed, and there will be no shortage of legendary cars either. BMW 320 and 635 CSi, Ford Cosworth, Opel and Co. will ensure a fast-paced journey through time. The touring car programme, which is already worth seeing, will be complemented by the series under the umbrella of the FHR drivers' association: the HTGT and the Dunlop Gentle Drivers both stand for full starting fields with highly attractive cars. With the "CanAm & Sportscars / Group-C-Classics", this series association also offers extremely emotional sports car action. Parades with Formula Legends and Anniversary ParadeOf course, there will also be formula action at the Nürburgring this year. The HGPCA, for example, will travel from the British Isles with their cars from the early days of Formula 1. For the first time, there will be separate heats for front- and rear-wheel-drive formula cars on Saturday, which will then be reunited in a single heat on Sunday. Of course, the Lurani Trophy with its full starting field of Formula Junior runabouts is not missing either. Also new to the programme is the British HSSC / Historic Formula 2, which offers a fast-paced excursion into the 1970s. There will also be demonstration laps for cars from the history of Formula 1 and Formula 2 on Saturday and Sunday. A very special parade will also take to the track on both race days. It is the anniversary parade on the occasion of the 50th Oldtimer Grand Prix, bringing together formula cars and sports cars, touring cars and GTs that have been instrumental in the successful development of the event. They will form a unique defilee especially for many long-time visitors and organisers - an invitation to remember 50 years of wonderful history. A stroll through the paddock is a mustThat this 50th edition of the Oldtimer Grand Prix is something very special becomes clear as soon as you make your way through the paddock, where there are many new things to discover. In the historic paddock from the 1920s, for example, not only the Vintage Nürburgring as a meeting of pre-war racing cars is further upgraded and enjoys lively popularity. There is also an exhibition on 100 years of MG. In the large Grand Prix paddock, the marquee, which will serve as a central meeting point for drivers, fans and officials, will catch the eye. This is also the place where the drivers can always be seen during the weekend, who will also find an opportunity to rest in the separate area. The partners of the event represented in the paddock are also worth a visit. Junghans, for example, will present two limited edition watch models in the exclusive OGP anniversary design. In the tent of media partner Motor Klassik, there will be space for vehicles from the anniversary parade, and in addition to the usual petrol talks over coffee, there will also be interviews and autograph opportunities. The Mercedes Arena will be open on the OGP weekend for the top brand club meeting and also invites visitors to stroll around. After a break, the area is finally integrated into the paddock again and offers a domicile to the Ferrari Club Germany during the event.

Vintage car festival with a schedule full of highlights


The 50th edition of the Oldtimer Grand Prix will offer three days of thrilling historic motorsport at the Nürburgring from 11 - 13 August 2023. With the publication of the schedule, it is clear that the great anniversary will be celebrated absolutely appropriately on the track. For Germany's most traditional and largest historic automobile racing event will come up trumps with fascinating international and domestic Historic racing series and will also captivate the spectators in the grandstands with special parades and show starts. The programme ranges from pre-war racers from the founding days of the legendary Eifel race track to formula and sports car bolides from the most important motor sport eras, with modern classics from Ferrari once again providing a splash of colour. If you want to plan your visit to the Oldtimer Grand Prix, you can find the schedule and all information on advance ticket sales here. Visitors can expect a great programme at the Nürburgringring with three days full of legendary vehicles. Of course, the public racers are part of the programme: the revival run of the DRM cars as well as the Le Mans sports cars of the 50s and early 60s will be one of the highlights on Saturday evening with their races. But there are also new highlights in the schedule - for example, the round of the British HSCC series, which is reminiscent of the Formula 2 European Championship of the years from 1967 onwards. Drivers like Jacky Ickx, Clay Regazzoni or later Stefan Bellof once competed in these cars. And drivers like them and others will also be the subject of a new show section on the race track, where historic Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars will have a rendezvous on both Saturday and Sunday. The organisers of the event are also giving themselves a special birthday present: They invite unforgotten participant cars from the 50 past editions of the event to a track test show under the motto "OGP Legends". Not only long-time visitors will certainly get their money's worth. There will also be several opportunities to marvel at another extremely popular show highlight: the demonstration of the legendary "Le Mans start", which is always a great pleasure for participants and spectators alike. On Saturday afternoon, the participants of the Vintage Nürburgring will take over this part with their pre-war racing cars before they take to the Grand Prix circuit for the first of their two runs without sporting classification. On Sunday, it will be the pilots of the two-seater racing cars and GTs up to 1965 who will take on this task. Motorsport History from Racing Touring Cars to Formula BolidesA special "treat" for lovers of historic racing will be offered at the 50th Oldtimer Grand Prix by the British HGPCA with its pre-1965 Grand Prix cars: the series, which reflects the evolution of Formula racing in a particularly impressive way, will exceptionally run separate races for the front- and rear-wheel-drive cars on Saturday, thus giving a great impression of what the ancestors of today's Formula 1 looked like in their day. Formula racing is not only present with Formula 2 races and track test demonstrations. The Lurani Trophy, for example, with its always packed historic Formula Junior starting fields, is an important constant in the event's programme. After a break of a few years, the AvD Historic Race Cup also marks the return of Formula 3 cars to the programme. Those who rather love the races "with a roof over their heads" will also get their money's worth: With the touring cars of the "Golden Era" there is the historic DTM, Dunlop Gentle Drivers '65 and FHR HTGT for the Dunlop Dunlop Trophy bring the popular races with touring cars and GTs to the track. With the FCD Racing Series, the Ferrari Club Deutschland will also be contributing modern super sports cars. Last but not least, the spectacular vehicles from CanAm & Sportscars / Group-Classics will provide action and furore with great historic sports cars. Historic Festival also invites visitors to join in the funThe journey to the 50th Oldtimer Grand Prix is not only worthwhile because of the many historic racing cars on the track. Because the organisers are opening the doors wide to every classic car lover and automobile enthusiast. For example, the readers' race of the media partner Motor Klassik can also be experienced on the track. Away from the legendary tarmac, the paddock & co. will entice visitors to take a stroll. The Mercedes Arena, for example, is the venue for the big top brand meeting, for which registration for interested clubs is still possible until 30 June. And on Friday, of course, the Nordschleife will once again be populated by historic and modern vehicles that will meet there for a trackday. Interested parties can register on the internet at

Nürburgring starts the 2023 event season


It's finally starting again - under the new claim "we make your heart race", the Nürburgring is entering the new event season. Great emotions await professionals, amateurs and spectators at around 50 events from the genres of motorsport, music and sport. Highlights include the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring and the 12h Nürburgring of the Nürburgring Endurance Series as well as the 50th anniversary of the Oldtimer-Grand-Prix, the mega festival Rock am Ring or sporting events such as Rad am Ring or the Hotfoot Run. And even beyond the events, there will again be an extensive range of leisure and adventure activities.   As usual, the Nürburgring Endurance Series will do the honours for the season premiere in 2023. On 18 March, the lights will turn green for the first time. The NLS will shake the Green Hell a total of eight times. On the combination of sprint track and Nordschleife, the large field of starters in the Green Hell will once again be at full throttle - with the entire automotive diversity from near-series racing cars to full-blown GT3 bolides. The highlight of the NLS season will again be the 12h Nürburgring from 8 to 10 September. Here, even the complete version of the race track - including the entire Grand Prix Track - will be driven. The fans know the same track variant at the motorsport highlight of the season. After a veritable fan festival with 230,000 visitors, the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Race from 18 to 21 May once again invites to a gigantic horsepower party. Race teams from all over the world, a tough race on the most demanding race track in the world and the unique atmosphere around the track are expected: drivers and fans alike are looking forward to the camping and campfire atmosphere. A foretaste of the endurance classic is already available in April - on 22 and 23 April, the ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers will get underway. 50th Anniversary of the Oldtimer-Grand-PrixFans of historic vehicles will also get their money's worth this year - even with a big anniversary. The Oldtimer Grand Prix (11 - 13 August) is turning 50! As one of the most traditional festivals for traditional vehicles in Europe, it is once again the highlight of the historic motorsport season in Germany. In addition to an outstanding starting field with vehicles from the entire history of the Nürburgring, fans can look forward to a fan world around the Grand Prix circuit. Those who want to experience even more time travel is in the right place at the Nürburgring. With the endurance classic ADAC 1000 kilometre race (15 - 17 September), at the Nürburgring Classic (26 - 28 May) or at the ADAC Westfalen Trophy (13 - 15 October), horsepower-packed time journeys through history await. The Int. ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix is a little rougher than the historic vehicles. The race trucks will make the racetrack shake - and from 13 to 16 July they will give each other a run for their money when they thunder around the racetrack at around 160 km/h. Also at the start in the supporting programme: the ADAC GT Masters. Besides the track, there will be a lot of colourful activities. With many activities and exhibitors in the paddock, a children's area, a trade fair and, of course, the traditional music festival in the Müllenbachschleife.  Real GT3 highlights await each other on two weekends at the end of July and the beginning of August. The Fanatec GT World Challenge pwd by AWS (29 - 30 July) will kick things off. The DTM immediately follows from 4 to 6 August. A total of 13 teams with six different brands will be competing in the race series, which is being held under the umbrella of the ADAC for the first time. There will be cars from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG Porsche as well as Lamborghini and Ferrari. Strong line-up and only European concert by the Foo Fighters at Rock am RingThe festival fans return at Rock am Ring from 2 to 4 June. Strong headliners are waiting at Rock am Ring again this year with the Toten Hosen and the Kings of Leon. They will be completed by the Foo Fighters, who will make their only European appearance at the festival this year. Anyway, the band, which has won the Grammy eleven times, returns to German stages for the first time after 2018. In addition, many other international fan favourites such as Rise Against, Limp Bizkit, the rock duo Tenacious D or US superstar Machine Gun Kelly await. Motorbike service a tradition for many bikersMotorbikes are also part of the programme at the Nürburgring. They celebrate their traditional opening of the season during the ecumenical service "Anlassen" (2 April). More than 10,000 bikers get their blessing in the paddock and enjoy the highlight: the joint parade around the Nordschleife. In addition, there will be tourist rides on the Grand Prix Track and other programme items in the paddock. Racing motorbikes from different eras will take centre stage at the Cologne circuit. On 14 May, they will show their best side on the Grand Prix Track. Particularly eye-catching are the starts of the veteran sidecar riders and the historic motor scooters. This year, for the third time, the Grand Prix circuit will be the venue of the ADAC/DMC Race Weekend (10-11 June). From "old iron" to sidecars and superbikes, everything is represented here for beginners and experienced pilots.  On foot and by bike around the RingThe fact that the Nürburgring can also be mastered on foot or by bike is impressively demonstrated by the athletes at the Hotfoot Run and at Rad am Ring. On 6 May, the famous obstacle course involves overcoming mountains of straw bales, mud pits and ice-cold pools of water. From 21 to 23 July, the cyclists take on the world's most demanding race track. The highlight of the event is the 24-hour cycle race over the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife. But the Nürburgring is also popular with athletes beyond the event: a total of seven cycling and running events are scheduled for 2023. Here, amateur athletes can run or experience the legendary track on the various dates.  But even without a major event, the Nürburgring is always worth a visit. There is much to discover and marvel at. For example, the motorsport experience museum ring°werk, the ring°kartbahn with pure motorsport feeling, the Nürburgring eSports bar, the ring°kino with one of the largest 3D cinema screens in the region or various gastronomic highlights such as the Italian restaurant Lucia or the Bitburger Gasthaus in the ring°carré as well as the Devils Diner at the Nordschleife await the visitors. For those who want to take a look behind the scenes of the legendary race track, the backstage tour is just the right thing - including a visit to the winner's podium. > see the whole event calendar 2023 Start of the season with a new claim"nürburgring. we make your heart race."The Nürburgring is taking off with a new claim. Because the Nürburgring is more than just a race track. Nestled in the Eifel forests and firmly rooted in the region, it has been an international place of emotion, passion and unique stories for almost 100 years. And for Nürburgring fans from all over the world, it is one thing above all: a place of solidarity and community - a kind of home. The fact that emotional moments, people and a very special feeling of longing make up the Nürburgring will be visible and tangible this season under the new claim of the destination. From now on, the motto at the Nürburgring is: "we make your heart race". This claim stands for the passion of the employees of the Nürburgring companies, who see themselves as pioneers of unique moments and for the diverse experiences that the players and visitors experience here. It stands for goose bumps and heart throbbing, for adrenaline and joy, for an incomparable challenge.  These emotions can be triggered by a visit to the Nürburgring Endurance Series just as much as by an overnight stay right next to the race track at the Nürburgring Congress Hotel managed by Lindner. A ride in a kart, in the passenger seat of a racing car or in the simulator of the Nürburgring eSports bar also causes special palpitations - and taking part in a corporate event with a direct view of the race track is just as special. All of this is the Nürburgring emotion that creates special impressions and memories for everyone involved. Beyond the on-site experience, the Nürburgring feeling is transported all over the world. Through emotional scenes - for example in the live broadcast of a race by Nü or in the new image clip of the destination. And of course there are a variety of emotional image motifs from all events and moments at the Nürburgring via the Nürburgring communication channels.  No matter where, no matter when: everyone should have the opportunity to experience a piece of the Nürburgring and, of course, to feel for themselves what it means when it says: "nürburgring. we make your heart race."

Pre-sale start for the 50th Oldtimer Grand Prix with Christmas offer


The largest and most traditional racing event for classic cars, the Oldtimer-Grand-Prix, will celebrate its 50th anniversary at the Nürburgring from 11 to 13 August 2023. This unique motorsport event has already opened its advance ticket sales - ideal for a successful Christmas present. In addition to the normal tickets, we have launched a special promotion until 31.12.2022: Two weekend tickets in advance for the price of one ticket = € 79.00.  > Further information & tickets 3-days of classic motorsport fascination.The programme of the 50th Oldtimer-Grand-Prix will once again present the most important racing series in history, offering two race rounds for most classes in addition to practice. Typical for this most traditional German classic racing event with international participation is the diversity of the racing series: The Grand Prix cars of the HGPCA from the 1930s onwards and the Formula Junior of the model years up to 1961 will open the round of monoposti, there will be a prominent selection of F-1 and F-2 bolides which will include Grand Prix ́s of the 1950s to 1980s in various races, the FHR with its sports cars and GT ́s up to the DTM - bolides of the 1990s and not to forget the vintage racers and sports cars in the old paddock. Many well-known drivers and teams will be presenting themselves at demo drives and autograph sessions, and the paddock and parking areas will be home to the brand clubs. Discounted tickets for ChristmasThose who decide today to visit the 50th Oldtimer Grand Prix 2023 can enjoy the "2 for 1" offer in advance until 31 December 2022.