27 May, Friday

"Queen of the Nürburgring - Child of the Eifel": Sabine Schmitz exhibition opens at the Nürburgring

Emotional inauguration of the exhibition in honour of Sabine Schmitz at the Nürburgring: Mother Ursula Schmitz and Sabine's long-time partner Klaus Abbelen jointly opened the new area of the motorsport experience museum ring°werk. Under the title "Queen of the Nürburgring - Child of the Eifel", fans can now experience private and racing moments from her life. Family and team members, friends...
"Queen of the Nürburgring - Child of the Eifel": Sabine Schmitz exhibition opens at the Nürburgring


Emotional inauguration of the exhibition in honour of Sabine Schmitz at the Nürburgring: Mother Ursula Schmitz and Sabine's long-time partner Klaus Abbelen jointly opened the new area of the motorsport experience museum ring°werk. Under the title "Queen of the Nürburgring - Child of the Eifel", fans can now experience private and racing moments from her life. Family and team members, friends and companions came to the opening. Among them Johannes Scheid, with whom she won the 24h race twice, motorsport great Bernd Schneider or long-time friends like Ralf Zensen. Together with Sabine's family, he helped with the realisation of the exhibition: "Sabine was unique and versatile. It's good that all of that now has its place here," he explained and recalled many moments from Sabine's life during the opening: Her first laps on the Nordschleife at just 17, her rides in the BMW Ring Taxi, her love of animals and painting - and also music. "At Christmas, she played the piano that is here in the exhibition. She didn't hit every note on it, but they're great memories of a good time with her." How Sabine was like that - just an original - the exhibition shows with background information and especially with personal photos and quotes. "The entire project is one of the most emotional that we were allowed to accompany - from the first selection of photos and exhibits to today's opening. Sabine's family and friends have been really open-hearted in their support of this process," said Alexander Gerhard, Head of Communications at Nürburgring Betreibergesellschaft. "This exhibition at the ring°werk is a great tribute to Sabine and a special place to go for all fans who want to remember her." From now on, the exhibition can be seen during the opening hours of the motorsport experience museum ring°werk.

"Queen of the Nürburgring - Child of the Eifel" - Exhibition honours the life of Sabine Schmitz


The Nürburgring pays tribute to former racing driver Sabine Schmitz with a very personal exhibition. Under the title "Queen of the Nürburgring - Child of the Eifel", private and racing moments from her life will be brought to life for fans. The exhibition will open in the circuit's own museum ring°werk on Friday, 27 May, just in time for the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring. Full of joie de vivre, always with an easy joke on her lips and always available for a souvenir photo - that's how the fans knew Sabine Schmitz and that's how everyone remembers her. Her fellow racers, on the other hand, often only knew the rear of her car. Especially on the legendary Nordschleife, the woman from Nürburg, who was born not far from the race track, drove away from many of them - for 15 years alone in a Frikadelli Racing Porsche. She was the first woman to win the 24-hour race and she showed her fellow drivers in the BMW Ring Taxi the Green Hell in her unique way. Through her successes and her unmistakable manner, Sabine Schmitz became a popular figure all over the world and through her lived connection to her homeland, she became the figurehead of the Nürburgring. Fans all over the world eventually christened her "Queen of the Nürburgring". Personal exhibition - from racing suit to pianoAfter her much too early death last year, the Nürburgring already honoured Sabine Schmitz for her successes and achievements with her own section of the Nordschleife - the greatest and extremely rare honour. Now, with the support of her family and friends, an exhibition follows in the motorsport experience museum ring°werk. It gives fans a very personal insight into the life of Sabine Schmitz. On display are motor sport stations and successes. But also private moments and exhibits that have not yet been seen in public. Her racing suits, the piano she played at Christmas, her love of painting and animals. All this belonged to Sabine Schmitz, this made her unmistakable and all this is shown in the exhibition "Queen of the Nürburgring - Child of the Eifel". From 27 May, visitors can see the ring°werk exhibition. In addition, many other exhibition areas with winning cars and racing drivers as well as hands-on attractions and 4D cinemas all about the history of the Nürburgring await visitors. © Björn Schüller

Nürburgring starts 2022 season with full calendar


The Nürburgring kicks off the season. In 2022, the versatile event location will once again offer the entire event portfolio with engine sounds, guitar tones and endurance sports. Finally, the focus is back on the fan experience. At the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h-Nürburgring, the unique party atmosphere will return to the Green Hell for the 50th anniversary, and at Rock am Ring thousands of festival visitors will finally celebrate together again. Those who want to feel like a racing driver themselves this year are also in good hands at the Nürburgring. The training sessions for everyone with the new Formula 4 cars provide unique memories. Despite the different event formats, thrilling motorsport is still the focus at the legendary race track. The racing series and vehicles are characterised by an enormous variety. Impressive race trucks, such as at the ADAC Truck Grand Prix, are just as much a part of the experience as international top-class sport in the DTM or the ADAC GT Masters. Meanwhile, the FIA World RX of Germany is a fully electric event with plenty of power under the bonnet. On the other hand, vehicles from all eras of motorsport await at a wide variety of classic car events such as the AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix or the ADAC 1000-km-Race. Those who prefer to experience racing on two wheels will also find exciting dates in the calendar. The traditional start of the season for bikers, the "Anlassen" motorbike service, will also be held again in 2022. The emotional conclusion here is the joint parade of all participants over the legendary Nordschleife. At sporting events like Rad am Ring and the StrongmanRun, on the other hand, there is no performance measured in horsepower. Here, the participants only use their own muscle power. Away from the race track, the party gets going for the spectators at the Nürburgring Darts Gala. World champions and big names of the sport will be present in the ring°arena on 25 March. Big 24-hour anniversary, a 12-hour premiere and a mega rock festivalIn September, the big 90s party will take place in the same location - among others with the musicians of Caught in the Act or Loona. The indoor event is part of the supporting programme of the new Nürburgring 12h Race, which will celebrate its premiere from 9 - 11 September. The motorsport weekend will be the new highlight of the Nürburgring Endurance Series, which will start a total of eight times on the combination of Grand Prix Track and Nordschleife in 2022. Already in May (26.05. - 29.05.) the 50th anniversary of the legendary 24-hour race will take place. The fans will finally be able to enjoy the complete fan experience again. Including camping, barbecue and party around the Nordschleife, free choice of seats on the grandstands, access to the paddock and the obligatory visit to the grid before the race. There will be a big reunion with the fans just one week later at the Rock am Ring festival. From 3 to 5 June, the bands around the headliners Green Day, Muse and Volbeat will perform here and really heat up the crowd. A day at full throttle at the Nürburgring Driving AcademyFor all those who not only want to experience goosebump moments at events, but also want to put their foot down themselves, the Nürburgring also has an innovation in its programme. In future, participants in the Nürburgring Driving Academy training sessions will sit in ultra-modern Formula 4 cars. With breathtaking cornering speeds and explosive acceleration - from 0 to 100 km/h: 2.9 seconds - they will race around the Grand Prix Track. Everything is built according to the latest safety standards. The Nürburgring offers around 60 courses, ranging from starter courses to professional formula training. In principle, anyone with a valid driving licence and a maximum height of 1.90 metres and a weight of 110 kilograms can take part.

Get the boost: ring°kartbahn special in February!


Wednesdays and Thursdays with extra power: In February, the ring°kartbahn attracts drivers to the Nürburgring with a special. On the two days mentioned, drivers can use the boost button for extra power during the public sessions. That means: double power at the push of a button! At the ring°kartbahn there is now the opportunity to experience an overtaking button for yourself in the modern RIMO electric karts. This doubles the power of the kart for a few moments, thus making it faster and easier to overtake. In February, the Boost button will now be used every Wednesday & Thursday all day during normal operation.  This doesn't cost a cent extra: € 13.00 is the price for the 10-minute stint for adults, children over 12 pay € 11.00. The only restriction: the use of the overtaking button is only allowed for people over 18 - for safety reasons. A lap on the ring°kart track lasts about 30 seconds. But it's a tough one: full-throttle bends, hard braking manoeuvres and challenging combinations of bends alternate rapidly. The Nürburgring electric karts are ideally suited for this. Without hesitation, they convert engine power into speed and thus ensure great driving fun.  For more on the subject, visit the ring°kartbahn website.  

Nürburgring announces dates for tourist drives in 2022


Nürburg. The new management at the Nürburgring officially starts their work on January 1st. Nevertheless, Ingo Böder and Christian Stephani have already made an important decision: The prices for tourist trips remain stable - despite inflation and despite increased costs. At the same time, the race track is publishing the dates for the 2022 tourist drives on the Grand-Prix track and the legendary Nordschleife. This also includes the highlight weekends such as the “Green Hell Driving Days” and the Easter weekend, which offer several days of driving fun at a time. For frequent drivers there is still the offer of the season card, which is available from January 11th. "In these times, when so many things are getting more expensive, we want to give the fans of our racetrack a piece of consistency," says the future management of the Nürburgring operating company. The decision in favor of stable prices is therefore also a sign of solidarity in difficult times. In addition to occasional drivers from all over the world, a large community of fans has formed who regularly drive their own vehicles on the track. The rules for driving as part of the tourist drives are very simple: In principle, anyone who has a driver's license and a registered, roadworthy car or motorcycle can drive on the Grand-Prix track or the Nordschleife. The rules of the road traffic regulations apply. This means that, for example, the right-hand drive applies and overtaking is therefore only permitted on the left. A stopwatch is also not allowed to run while driving. These rules define the tourist trips as a ride for everyone and clearly separate them from racing events.  Tourist trips almost daily - first date on March 12th The Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG has now published the dates for everyone who wants to take the historic race track under their own wheels. The official start of the tourist driver season will be given on Saturday, March 12th. From March 21st, things really get going: the racetrack opens its barriers to private drivers almost every day. The Green Hell Driving Days and the Easter weekend promise to be real highlights again. From April 15 to 18, from June 16 to 19 and from October 1 to 3, the Nürburgring can be used for several days from morning to evening. A round of the Nordschleife starts at 25 euros In addition to the dates in 2022, our website offers the option of  topping up credit for tourist trips. With a customer account, everyone can keep an eye on their personal data. Since the lap prices remain stable in the sixth year, a lap on the Nordschleife still costs 25 euros from Monday to Thursday and 30 euros from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays. On the Grand-Prix track, regardless of the day of the week, the 15-minute stint is also available for 30 euros. Anyone looking for unlimited driving pleasure is well advised with the season card. It is available for 2,200 euros and entitles you to drive on the Nordschleife and the Grand-Prix track. Until it starts again, the fans have to be patient a little longer. The asphalt on the wintry Nürburgring is currently being renewed. The work will be completed in time for the start of the season and then, as usual, offer all drivers the best conditions.

Ring free for the summer holidays! Unique family experiences at the Nürburgring


Different offers for day trips or vacations Action on the kart track, nature experience with the eBike # RingSummer Contest: Experience Package worth more than 1,000 Euros Nürburg. For families looking for a varied excursion destination during the summer holidays, the Nürburgring is the right choice. Numerous adventure offers and attractive overnight accommodation offer the perfect conditions for entertaining day trips or a real relaxing holiday. Rapid rounds on the kart track are just as possible as a relaxed trip into the Eifel countryside – on foot or by eBike. During the summer holidays, a visit to the Nürburgring is worth twice as much. A competition with a high-quality experience package as a prize awaits visitors young and old. All information, opening times and offers can be found on the website of the race track at: The Nürburgring and the legend of “Green Hell” are known all over the world, yet for many this unique place is located right at the doorstep. During the summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, the racetrack offers a lot of opportunities for families. The motorsport adventure museum “ring°werk” offers an exciting journey through the history of the Nürburgring. Visitors can expect breathtaking racing cars and legendary racing drivers, but equally action-packed hands-on offers. Those who want to take a look behind the scenes of the racetrack can take part in the backstage tour at selected dates – including visits to the winners’ podium or in the pit lane and lots of interesting facts about the Nürburgring. For a short detour and a view of the start-finish straight and the pit lane, the trial stand will also open to visitors. Virtual race, real tourist ride or best time on the kart trackAnyone who wants to take the wheel and chase the best times can do so at the ring°kartbahn. Modern electric karts and a varied track layout ensure a fast and safe driving pleasure. Right next door there is the driving pleasure on the racetrack with your own vehicle during the tourist drives. For big and small racing drivers who would like to push a racing car to the limit, the Nürburgring eSports Lounge in the ring°carré offers a great opportunity. High-quality simulators make the virtual ride experience feel real. Visitors can choose between different racetracks and vehicles. And if you need a refreshment after exciting races, you will find here the Bitburger Gasthaus and from August the new restaurant “LUCIA – Pollo Italiano” – a versatile offer of food and drinks right next door. When the weather is good the outdoor gastronomy is the best choice. Accommodation offers directly at the RingHowever, the Nürburgring is more than just a destination for the perfect day trip. In the region all around the legendary track there are numerous opportunities for active holidays in nature. Hiking trails – also around the Nordschleife – offer as much a distance from stressful everyday life as an excursion by bicycle. In future, there will be the opportunity to rent an eBike at the Nürburgring to explore the region around the Green Hell yourself. Since visitors cannot take advantage of all the offers during only one day, it is worthwhile to make use of the overnight accommodation options in the immediate vicinity of the racetrack. The Nürburgring holiday park managed by Lindner offers the perfect holiday conditions for families and groups with cozy cottages of various sizes. From here, every holiday starts well rested into the day. If you want to take a souvenir of the beautiful time, you will find many different fan articles in the Paddock shop right next to the ring°boulevard. Your #RingSommer - Competition for all visitors to the NürburgringThis year’s summer holidays at the Nürburgring are more than just a local experience. They will also be accompanied by a special contest on social media. Anyone who shares their personal ring experience on their social media channel under the hashtag #RingSommer has the chance to win a great experience package worth more than 1,000 euros. The Nürburgring will draw this prize among all participants. Included are three overnight stays in the Nürburgring holiday park for up to five people, a co-pilot ride in the Mercedes-AMG GT R, a 10-ticket for the ring°kartbahn, a visit to the motorsport adventure museum “ring°werk”, a Nürburgring eBike for one day, a voucher worth 50 euros for the gastronomy in the ring°carré, a voucher worth 100 euros for the Nürburgring paddock shop and a voucher for a virtual experience in the Nürburgring eSports Lounge. Go to #RingSommer competition



The Corona-related break at the ring°kartbahn is over. From Saturday, 22 May 2021, karting fans young and old can go full throttle again. They can look forward to a freshly wrapped kart fleet. Fire red on matt black - interspersed with white design elements: The new design of the Nürburgring karts is elegant and racy at the same time. And is thus perfectly comparable to a lap on the almost 400-metre-long indoor track. A motorsport spectacle for everyone: from the age of 12 you can take a seat in the modern electric vehicles. Special children's karts are available for younger drivers (8 - 12 years). The 10-minute stint starts at 11 euros. Currently, karting enthusiasts need an appointment in advance, which can be obtained by phone +49 (0) 02691 302 6670. In addition, a negative Corona rapid test must be available. more information & open hours