02 June, Sunday

Scherer-Audi wins the shortest “Eifel Marathon” in the long 24h history

A novelty and a new record winner: Scherer PHX wins what is probably the most extraordinary and definitely the shortest “Eifel Marathon” in the long history of the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring and catches up with its Meuspath neighbor and record winner Manthey with its seventh overall victory. Ricardo Feller drove the #16 Scherer-Audi across the finish line at 3.05 pm on Sunday afternoon, the...
Scherer-Audi wins the shortest “Eifel Marathon” in the long 24h history


A novelty and a new record winner: Scherer PHX wins what is probably the most extraordinary and definitely the shortest “Eifel Marathon” in the long history of the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring and catches up with its Meuspath neighbor and record winner Manthey with its seventh overall victory. Ricardo Feller drove the #16 Scherer-Audi across the finish line at 3.05 pm on Sunday afternoon, the first time it had crossed the line before the end of the 24 hours - and also the first time it had been neutralized and driven slowly due to fog. Celebrating together with Feller were Dennis Marschall, who like the Swiss celebrated his first 24-hour victory, and the two Audi “veterans” Frank Stippler and Christopher Mies, who each celebrated their third triumph in the Eifel in front of 240,000 spectators (overall weekend). “I've known the mechanics since 2009 when I started at Audi. It's nice to finish this here with a victory together,” said Mies after what was probably his last race in an Audi. The other places on the podium went to the #911 Manthey-Porsche with Laurens Vanthoor, Thomas Preining, Kevin Estre and Ayhancan Güven and the #72 RMG-BMW with Daniel Harper, Max Hesse and Charles Weerts. Like ten other cars that were still on the lead lap after the race was interrupted, these two teams no longer had any chance of attacking the leaders in the final phase, despite the elimination of the previous time gaps. This was because the last five laps were completed in neutral behind a lead car. After a 14-hour break due to fog, the ninth and second-longest interruption of the traditional race ever, the race was restarted at 13:30. However, as visibility did not improve sufficiently, race director Walter Hornung had to call off the race prematurely. It is the first victory for an Audi since 2022. Stippler had previously won in the “Green Hell” in 2012 and 2019, Mies in 2015 and 2017. Spectacular start phase after “punctual” rain interventionShortly before the start of the formation lap, it began to rain in various places on the track. While Harper, who was on pole, remained on treadless dry tires, his direct pursuers quickly switched to rain tires before race director Walter Hornung sent the first starting group on their journey into the “Green Hell” with the green flag. It was the wrong decision for Harper's team, as the Briton headed for the pits before the race was cleared and also had rain tires fitted, which initially dropped him back to 21st place. At the front, Estre in the #911 Manthey-Porsche defended the lead he had taken without a fight against Maro Engel in the #130 Getspeed-Mercedes-AMG and Farfus in the #99 Rowe-BMW, who had moved up from seventh on the grid. Engel took the lead on the Grand Prix circuit and led the field out onto the Nordschleife for the first time. However, the tire poker didn't work out for him there either, as Engel was passed through to 24th place on hand-cut slicks in the further course of the first lap and then also took rain tires. Estre and Farfus then fought a private duel at the front, often less than a second apart, swapped the lead four times and after four laps already had a 37-second lead over the third-placed #16 Scherer-Audi, which Harper had fought his way back into the lead with a fantastic chase. After the first pit stops, the #99 Rowe-BMW led the field for a long time until Sheldon van der Linde was hit by a slower car while lapping and was involved in a violent three-car crash. This ended the Rowe BMW's dream of victory. As darkness fell, Mies in the #16 and Harper again provided the best entertainment and fought tough but fair duels for the lead. When the race was red-flagged at 23:23 due to the increasing fog, the Audi driver was ahead. Restart after a long break in the fogIt was the ninth interruption in the history of the race. The first had been in 1992, the last so far in 2021 - this was also the longest to date with a 14.5-hour stoppage due to fog. In 2020, heavy rain during the night caused a forced break of 7.5 hours. In 2018, the race was interrupted three hours before the end due to fog, and the decision was made after the restart in a 90-minute “final sprint”. As the fog persisted on Sunday morning, the restart had to be postponed again and again. It was not until 13:30 that race director Walter Hornung green-flagged the race, which finally came to an end behind a lead car. “I would like to thank all the fans who turned this week into a huge motorsport festival and celebrated the 24h Nürburgring with us despite all the capricious weather,” said Hornung. “I would like to thank the participants and teams for their understanding that we were able to bring this special race to a close in this way.” The next ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring will take place from June 19 to 25, 2025.

Harper, Estre and Farfus set off fireworks in the starting phase


Kevin Estre in the fan favorite “Grello”, Augusto Farfus in the #99 Rowe-BMW and especially Daniel Harper in the #72 RMG-BMW left their mark on the 52nd edition of the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring in the first hour. While Estre and Farfus fought a fierce duel for the lead, Harper experienced a rollercoaster ride. Due to a wrong tire choice, he had to give up his pole position without a fight before the start, but then flew spectacularly through the field on rain tires and was back in third place after just under an hour. Shortly before the start of the formation lap, it began to rain in various places on the track. While Harper stayed on treadless dry tires, his direct pursuers quickly switched to rain tires before Walter Hornung sent the first starting group on its journey into the “Green Hell” with the green flag. It was the wrong decision for Harper's team, as the Briton headed for the pits before the race was cleared and also had rain tires fitted, which initially dropped him back to 21st place. The tire poker doesn't work out for Maro Engel eitherAt the front, Estre in the #911 Manthey-Porsche defended the lead he had taken without a fight against Maro Engel in the #130 Getspeed-Mercedes-AMG and Farfus in the #99 Rowe-BMW, who had moved up from seventh on the grid. Engel took the lead on the Grand Prix circuit and led the field out onto the Nordschleife for the first time. However, the tire poker didn't work out for him there either, as Engel was passed through to 24th place on hand-cut slicks in the further course of the first lap and then also took rain tires. Up front, Estre and Farfus fought a private duel, often less than a second apart, swapped the lead four times and after four laps already had a 37-second lead over third-placed Frank Stippler in the #16 Scherer Audi. However, Harper, who had fought his way back to within touching distance of the lead with a fantastic race to catch up, was already appearing in his rear-view mirror. Huge crowd of fans at the Nürburgring“The support from the fans this year is once again enormous. We are delighted with the many visitors, many of whom have been camping out here at the Nordschleife since the beginning of the week and have not let the rainy weather and crowded roads around the Ring spoil their mood. We know that we had to make a few compromises with the parking spaces this year and would like to thank the fans for their patience,” said Race Director Walter Hornung.  Fans can follow the rest of the action on the track at home on free TV partner NITRO and here.

Max Hesse takes pole position for BMW


Max Hesse has secured pole position at the 52nd edition of the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring. After setting the fastest times in the qualifying sessions on Thursday and Friday, the 22-year-old in the #72 RMG-BMW was also the fastest in the battle for the final grid positions in the second top qualifying session. With a time of 8:10.992 minutes, he was four tenths of a second faster than Belgian Laurens Vanthoor in the #911 Manthey-Porsche and became the youngest driver ever to win the Glickenhaus Trophy for the pole-sitter. “This is a very cool feeling. For me, pole is the result of five years of hard work. We are in a great starting position for the race and the car is working perfectly. Of course, we still have a long race ahead of us - but today we are simply happy,” said Max Hesse. “Grello” driver Vanthoor was also satisfied. “The car was really good to drive. The laps alone on the Nordschleife were really fun. My heart rate was 190, I tried, but we are just behind the BMW. That's still a great starting position for the race tomorrow,” he said.BMW, Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini - four brands in the top four places Swiss driver Ricardo Feller drove a stronger second lap in the #16 Scherer-Audi to finish third on the grid, directly ahead of his DTM team-mate Kelvin van der Linde in the #27 Abt-Lamborghini. This meant that four different manufacturers occupied the first four places. Defending champion survives top qualifying 1Before the final showdown, the last five tickets for the second stage were fought over in Top Qualifying 1. Nicolas Varrone's best time of 8:10.889 minutes secured last year's winner, the #1 Frikadelli-Ferrari, as well as Sheldon van der Linde for the #99 Rowe-BMW, Dan Harper for the #72 RMG-BMW, Maro Engel for the #130 Getspeed-Mercedes-AMG and Arjun Maini for the #3 Bilstein-Mercedes AMG. “It was really good. After we had a few problems before, we changed the setup a bit, which was very good for the new tire. The lap was really clean, although there was a bit of dirt on the track from the frame series and that was a bit difficult. I pushed hard on the second lap. It was the first time I had this chance to do two clear laps, which was wonderful,” said Varrone. Team-mate Daniel Keilwitz secured sixth place on the grid for the team in the end. Full program on site, extensive live reportsNow that the positions for the start of the 24h Nürburgring have been established, the “race of the year” can finally get underway on Saturday at 16:00. But before the 127 participants embark on the spectacular fight through day and night, a full program awaits the spectators at the Nürburgring. The thrilling motorsport on the track starts at 9:10 am with the ADAC 24h-Classic. After the warm-up for the main race at 12:40 pm, the touring car legends will contest their third race of the weekend at 2:00 pm. The Ravenol Ferris wheel in the paddock and many other offers and promotions from partners also make the visit more than worthwhile. Tickets are still available at the box office. Fans can also look forward to car parades by BMW, Hyundai and Volkswagen as well as a lap of honor by rally world champion Kalle Rovanperä in a Toyota. If you want to follow the action at the Ring from home, free TV partner NITRO is the right choice, with a 26-hour non-stop live broadcast starting at 14:45. The official live streams on YouTube ( and on the event website ( will also be on air continuously.

Warming up for the Nordschleife thriller


The battle for the best grid positions at the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring has begun: In the first two qualifying sessions of the weekend, the almost 130 teams started the hunt for the best times in changeable weather. While for the majority of the teams it was already about the pre-decisive grid positions in the 25 different classes, this first day of the endurance classic was primarily a warm-up for the first big showdown for the GT3 cars with the fastest times on the day. This is because they will be battling for grid positions on the front rows in top qualifying late on Friday afternoon from 5:30 pm - 15 top-class GT3 cars will then fight for the five remaining places in the decisive Top Qualifying 2 before the final battle for pole: a dramatic climax to a day full of attractions and thrilling racing action. If you want to be there, you can get your ticket on site at the Nürburgring at the open box offices and at all entrances to the spectator areas on the Nordschleife. Even if you stay at home, you won't miss anything: there is an info center at with timing, ticker and detailed livestream. Dan Harper, who set the fastest time in the RMG-BMW #72 in the first qualifying session and improved it again in the second qualifying session, set the clearest exclamation mark in qualifying: His 8:17.236 minutes on Thursday were significantly faster than the times of his rivals. “It's going quite well for us,” said the Briton happily, “We set the fastest lap, but its value is obviously limited. The conditions today are really challenging. On my fastest lap, the track was largely dry, but there are treacherous, slippery spots, especially where the rain has washed mud onto the track. In Q1, we concentrated on our mandatory laps, which every driver has to complete. In Q2, the focus was more on completing a few fast laps. In four GT3 starts at the 24h, I've yet to finish - that's why this is the most important task for me. We have shown in the past that we are really fast and I believe that if we finish the race, we can finish well up front.” The class leader set a clear time with his best time along the way: The second-placed brand colleagues in the Rowe-BMW #98 and the Mercedes-AMG #11 from Schnitzelalm-Racing only cracked the 8:21 mark on the 25.378 km circuit. What all three of the fastest drivers in practice have in common is that they are not yet guaranteed a grid position in Top Qualifying 2, where the best grid positions will be allocated on Friday. Excitement ahead of Friday's top qualifying At the longest race of the year on the longest race track in the world, the position in qualifying is even more decisive for the position in the race than anywhere else. Accordingly, many of the more than 500 drivers competing in the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring were tense - especially in the numerous vehicle classes, the preliminary decisions are made in the two Friday qualifying sessions, after which there is only a short third qualifying session on Friday afternoon. The direction taken in the GT3 class, which is capable of overall victory, was completely different, with the teams focusing on a concentrated testing and set-up program. After all, the weather on the Nordschleife this weekend has been changeable and damp or wet, unlike in the preparation races. Slippery sections of the track therefore caused a few slips with Code 60 phases, which often prevented fast laps. In addition, there was heavy rainfall in the second half of qualifying 1, which meant that the best laps were more like scent marks for the two-part individual time trial on Friday, after which the polesitter and his pursuers will be determined. Numerous highlights attract fans to the Ring The program on and off the race track is particularly full again this year at the 24h Nürburgring - no wonder that many fans are not deterred by the rather mixed weather forecasts and enjoy the season highlight on the Nordschleife to the full. This is especially true from Friday onwards: Attractive support races, especially on the Grand Prix circuit, alternate with shows, autograph sessions and even a world premiere at the presentation of the new VW Golf GTI Clubsport on the covered ring°boulevard at noon are on the program. The evening will be particularly atmospheric and highly entertaining for visitors: After the spectacular top qualifying session, the pit lane and the home straight will open on the Grand Prix circuit. From 7:45 p.m., visitors can take a pit and track walk on the world-famous asphalt and meet the 24-hour teams in person at the big autograph session. At the same time, there will be hot tires, smoky driving skills and full-throttle fun at the Falken drift show in the Müllenbachschleife. Here, too, many fans will spend an atmospheric evening from 20:00. The entire fan program, timetables and visitor information can be found here.

The full-throttle festival on the Nordschleife has begun


The ADAC Ravenol 24h Nürburgring is putting the longest and most beautiful race track in the world into a state of emergency this week: the on-demand campsites around the 25.378 km long combination of Nordschleife and Grand Prix circuit are now open, and the arrival of the more than 200,000 visitors expected at the weekend has begun. They are all eagerly awaiting the clash of the best international long-distance drivers, who want to determine the fastest of their guild twice around the clock on the marathon distance on Saturday (June 1) from 4:00 pm. More than two dozen vehicles in the overall victorious classes have submitted their entries for this season highlight in international GT3 sport, with a total of 130 touring cars and GTs in over 20 different classes competing for the coveted winners' trophies in the world's biggest race. If you want to be there live, you can still buy tickets on site. Whether a day or multi-day ticket - all tickets include the complete racing experience including access to all visitor areas around the track, the open grandstands and the paddock. If you have to stay at home, you can follow the 24-hour action live and in full length on free TV with television partner NITRO. From Thursday onwards, you can follow the action on the Ring via the 24h live stream. > All info & livestreams here. The Porsche GT3 teams go into the weekend as favorites after a dominant performance in preparation. There have been four races on the season calendar so far: two each in the ADAC Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS), which is run under the same technical regulations, and in the official prologue as part of the 24h Qualifiers. All races were won by the 911 GT3 R (992) of the Falken Motorsports and Manthey EMA teams. A total of eight different vehicle brands are competing in the top category (GT3), and a closer look at the results reveals this: Other makes also have the necessary pace. BMW (Rowe Racing), Audi (Scherer PHX) and the Lamborghini of the Abt team have already finished on the podium this season. In the qualifying sessions, Falken was even the only Porsche team to make it onto the front row of the grid once, which was otherwise contested by the HRT-Mercedes-AMG GT3s alongside Rowe-BMW and Scherer-Audi. And the other teams and manufacturers in the top category will also be doing their utmost to be perfectly sorted in the race of the year: Aston Martin and Scuderia Glickenhaus, for example, with their picture-perfect SCG 004c. Not forgetting the only Ferrari in the field! Klaus “Frikadelli” Abbelen and his Frikadelli Racing team clinched the historic first overall victory for a Ferrari last year and will therefore be defending the title this year with the number #1 starting number in his heavily-laden 296 GT3. A whole week of superlativesThe ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring earns the title of “biggest race in the world” several times over at this year's 52nd edition. Nowhere else, for example, is there such a large starting field: 130 vehicles in over 20 classes will be competing. The fight for the class trophies is also tough in some cases, as the respective classes are heavily populated. Of course, the track is also a superlative with a length of over 25 km, on which the race can only be safely organized by a gigantic team of around 2,000 often volunteer helpers. The insane party of over 200,000 visitors around the Nordschleife is also second to none. The countless groups of visitors have been arriving since Monday morning, setting up their homes and ensuring that the first campsites will be full as early as Wednesday. But don't worry: even with record crowds, there are always free camping options, which are signposted along the route. Day visitors will also always find a parking space (although the walk may be a little longer on the main visitor days on Fridays and Saturdays). There is also likely to be increased traffic and road closures around the route throughout the week. The organizers therefore recommend arriving early and following the radio traffic news. Program full of highlightsThe fact that the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring is so popular with fans is not only due to the one-off action in the main race. The race weekend is also full of other highlights. The first races in the supporting program take place on Thursday (30 May). The highlight of the day is the second 24-hour qualifying session in the late evening, which runs until 11:30 pm and offers a foretaste of the long 24-hour night from Saturday to Sunday. Further support races follow on Friday and an absolute festival highlight in the late afternoon: the fastest teams battle for pole position in the two-part top qualifying session. Afterwards, the pit lane will open for a large autograph session with all the teams, which will be combined with a track and pit walk. At the same time, there will be plenty of action at the Falken drift show in the Müllenbachschleife. Saturday offers an extra program before the start of the 24h in the afternoon. This includes the three-hour ADAC 24h Classic race with over 200 historic racing cars. Even when the starting grid is formed at 14:45, it won't be boring because there will be plenty to see at the start and finish - including the bike artists from Energydrink Monster, who will also provide entertainment with their shows in the paddock throughout the weekend. There will be parades on the track before the start by BMW, Hyundai and Volkswagen, among others. The latter will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golf during the 24-hour race with many activities - including the world premiere of the VW Golf GTI Clubsport. From Thursday, the ring°boulevard will also become a fan mile with many exhibitors and activities. In the paddock, there will be large fan hotspots around the RAVENOL Ferris wheel that can be seen from afar. Among other things, the Monster energy drink can be found here, Hyundai offers a large fan program and Mercedes-AMG celebrates 130 years of motorsport successes. On the track, the RCN performance test (Thursday on the Nordschleife), the two Cup and Touring Car Trophy races (Thursday and Friday), three rounds of the Touring Car Legends (daily Thursday to Saturday) and the 24h Classic (Saturday) will provide entertainment.

High tension at the race of superlatives


The biggest race in the world will transform the Nürburgring into a top-class motorsport festival from May 30 to June 2. At the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring, the largest field of participants in international motorsport will compete on the world's longest race track in front of the largest crowd in the German motorsport calendar. 130 cars will take part in the 52nd edition of the XXL endurance race, including more than two dozen GT3s, which will probably be battling it out for overall victory. Eight makes will be battling it out in this extremely strong group - in addition to the German premium manufacturers Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and an SCG 004c from the Glickenhaus team will also be taking part. Not to be forgotten: the Ferrari 296 GT3 of the defending champions from Frikadelli Racing, which will line up with starting number #1 after last year's success. If you want to experience the race in person, you can buy your ticket directly at the Nürburgring at the open ticket offices. Anyone unable to experience the full-throttle festival, which is once again expected to attract over 200,000 visitors, can follow the race live and in full length on free TV partner NITRO. The 24h livestream, which goes live on Thursdays, provides even more comprehensive coverage of the event. > All info & live streams here.  The Porsche teams come to the 24h Nürburgring as favorites, as they proved to be extremely well sorted at the start of the season. In both rounds of the NLS (Nürburgring Nordschleife Series), which is held according to the same technical regulations, as well as in the two 24h Qualifiers races, a 911 was at the top of the podium. The two cars from Falken Motorsports are the class leaders, with a total of three victories. The fourth was claimed by the 911 from Manthey EMA, nicknamed "Grello" due to its striking color scheme. The most successful team in 24h history with seven overall victories has once again secured the distinctive #911 starting number for its latest-generation Porsche 911 GT3 R, which Falken and three other Porsche GT3 teams also use: Dinamic, Renauer u. Renauer and a Pro-Am 911 from Lionspeed GP will also be on the grid. With six entries, the Zuffenhausen-based team is the GT3 brand with the most participants in this year's 24h alongside Mercedes-AMG. Last year's winner Frikadelli relies on Ferrari againFrikadelli Racing, a team with a particularly large number of fans around the Nordschleife, won last year. The team led by Klaus "Frikadelli" Abbelen was cheered accordingly, especially as the local heroes, based not far from the Ring, also achieved the first Ferrari victory in the 51-year history of the Nürburgring 24 Hours. The defending champions will remain loyal to the Italian brand again this year, with which they set a historic distance record in 2023. They completed 162 laps (4085.90 km) on the world's longest race track at 25.378 km. Last year's winner Felipe Fernandez Laser (Leipzig) will be defending his title with three new colleagues as he shares the Ferrari 296 GT3 with Daniel Keilwitz (Villingen), Luca Ludwig (Bornheim) and Nicolás Varrone (ARG). Mercedes-AMG celebrates at the Ring: 130 years of motorsport with a starLike Porsche, Mercedes-AMG is also represented six times on the GT3 grid. A victory would certainly suit the Stuttgart-based brand, which supports its top-class customer racing teams with a large contingent of drivers from the works squad: 130 years ago, vehicles with Daimler engines won the first automobile race, which was held on a track between Paris and Rouen. A GetSpeed-Mercedes-AMG GT3 with the starting number #130 is therefore one of the spearheads of the "star drivers". A good choice, as the team was within striking distance of the eventual winners right up to the final stages last year and ultimately took third and fourth place in the race. HRT should be the second top team from Stuttgart on the agenda. The team led by former DTM driver Hubert Haupt showed its potential in the first two NLS races this year when it took pole position. Another Mercedes-AMG GT3 will also be entered by Schnitzelalm Racing. Small but mighty: the Audi and BMW line-upsAudi and BMW are represented at the Nürburgring 24 Hours with three GT3s each. The spearhead of the BMW M4 GT3s is likely to be the two cars from Rowe Racing: The 2020 24h winners came close to securing a second overall victory last year as runners-up and will be burning with ambition to accomplish the feat this year. The RMG team will also field a third GT3 BMW. In the Audi camp, the last 24-hour overall victory dates back to 2019: it was the sixth triumph for Phoenix Racing, who could draw level with Manthey (7) with another overall win. The team is relying on two of its tried-and-tested Audi R8 LMS GT3s under the Scherer PHX banner in another attempt to attack the top of the statistics. They have already secured pole position in the first round of the 24h Qualifiers - perhaps a good omen? The Audi faction is complemented by a car from the Juta-Racing team, which relies on a Pro-Am driver line-up. This also applies to the majority of Aston Martin entries. In addition to a Vantage AMR GT3 from PROsport Racing, three cars from Walkenhorst are in the race - including the only "Pro" Aston. Much more than just splashes of colorThe supposedly exotic cars in the GT3 field are real eye-catchers: these certainly include the two Lamborghinis from Abt (Pro) and Konrad Motorsport (Pro-Am). The Abt-Lambo in particular showed strong form in the first races of the season. The team was even on course for victory in the first NLS race and lost the triumph to Manthey in an extremely close photo finish. Glickenhaus Racing also has a firm place in the hearts of many fans: the team led by US American James Glickenhaus will return from the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2024 and will field a beautiful SCG 004c from the sports car manufacturer at the Ring. The "race within a race" promises extra excitementThe appeal of the 24h Nürburgring is not only due to the exciting battle for overall victory. On the contrary, the character of the endurance classic is defined by the "multiclass racing", in which the GT3 cars also take to the track with some much weaker rivals: 23 different classes are represented this year, guaranteeing a gigantic motorsport spectrum from the front-wheel drive VLN production cars to the 24h Specials and GT3s. Nowhere else in international motorsport are so many classes - and so many starters - involved: over 450 drivers from 36 nations are on the provisional entry list. And there is plenty of music in the battle of the classes. The Cup2 class, for example, in which Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars from the Porsche Endurance Trophy Nürburgring (PETN) will compete, has a strong field. There are also 14 cars entered here, as in the GT4 category. The strongest class of the VLN production cars is the VT2 with rear-wheel drive with ten participants. Starting on Thursday, it's all about the grid positionsThe majority of the field will have three qualifying sessions to determine their grid position: There are already two sessions on Thursday, the second of which runs until 23:30 into the dark. While Q3 on Friday afternoon will be followed by a rest period for most teams before the start of the race on Saturday (16:00), things will then get really exciting for the top teams: Top qualifying (TQ) is scheduled for late Friday afternoon. This individual time trial for pole position is divided into two sections: All teams in the SP9 (GT3) and SP-X classes that have not yet qualified for the decisive TQ2 will battle it out in TQ1 for the five places still up for grabs. Twelve places in the second top qualifying session have already been allocated based on the practice and race results of the previous NLS and qualifying races. So the second round is where it counts: This is where the fastest of the fast compete to take pole in two flying laps on the Nordschleife. This is where the later course of the race can be decided, because those who are further back in the field will find it extremely difficult to move up the field later on. The 24h Nürburgring is probably the only endurance race in the world where the field is not neutralized by a safety car. Only short "Code 60" zones neutralize individual sections of the track in the event of an accident. This means that there are no moments in which accumulated deficits are neutralized - teams have to catch up on their own. Supporting program promises motorsport until you dropThe supporting program of the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring also promises additional excitement and many, many beautiful and spectacular racing cars. There will be plenty to see on the Nordschleife from 8:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, when the RCN (Rundstrecken-Challenge Nürburgring) will run a performance test, which traditionally sees an extremely large and extremely diverse field of starters on the track. There will also be other sporting decisions on this first day of the event. The Cup and Touring Car Trophy as well as the Touring Car Legends will hold their first races on this day, all of which will be held on the Grand Prix circuit. There will be further races in both series on Friday. The touring car legends, with their focus on former DTM cars, will even add a third race on Saturday afternoon immediately before the starting grid for the 24h. Another special highlight of the weekend is the ADAC 24h-Classic. A gigantic field of 210 historic racing cars from the Youngtimer Trophy and the Historic Championship 81 (HC '81) will compete here. With its three-hour race on Saturday morning, it shortens the waiting time for the 24-hour start in a highly entertaining way. Countless fan attractions at the gigantic motorsport festivalThere will be plenty of motorsport entertainment at the ADAC RAVENOL 24h. And as if that wasn't enough, there will also be a jam-packed fan program starting on Thursday. As befits a real festival, there will be several stages next to the race track, which is the "Main Stage", so to speak. Especially around the start/finish there are great offers for the numerous visitors - last year alone, 235,000 guests were counted over the weekend. The ring°boulevard becomes a promenade where manufacturers, merchandising stores and other exhibitors present themselves. They traditionally attract visitors with a variety of promotions, competitions, autograph sessions and much more. The various paddock areas are also well worth a visit. In addition to the teams, tire manufacturers and racing services, the Grand Prix paddock also features many fan animation offers - from Hyundai and Mercedes-AMG, for example. There are also two important fan hotspots at the heliport and the neighboring "multifunctional area". The RAVENOL Ferris wheel, which can be seen from afar, can be found on the heliport. Around the huge Magic Sky tent roof, there is also the MONSTER action area, a video wall and much more. Right next door there will be a catering mile where hungry fans and others will get their money's worth. Other participants will be accommodated in the Historic Paddock (touring car legends) and in the infield of the Mercedes Arena (24h Classic, Cup and Touring Car Trophy). Of course, the spectator areas around the Nordschleife are also worth a visit, where fans can set up home from the Monday before the race and celebrate a great motorsport festival for a whole week.

ring°guide for the 24-hour race: Tips for Arrival & Camping


Important Information for Arrival at the 24-Hour Race at Nürburgring: What Visitors Need to Know This Year The legendary 24-hour race at Nürburgring, a highlight for motorsport fans, is just around the corner. To provide visitors with the best possible experience, Nürburgring is releasing important information and updates regarding arrival and camping that need to be observed this year. All necessary information can be found in the Park & Camping Regulations. Opening Times and Regulated Arrival The campsites at the Nordschleife will open their gates on Monday, May 27, at 6:00 AM, while the campsites at the Grand Prix track in zones A and C will open at the following times: A5 on Monday at 8:00 AM, C-Zone on Wednesday at 7:00 AM. Visitors are asked not to arrive before these times to protect the landscape, nature, and local residents. Violations of this regulation will be strictly monitored by the police, the public order office, and Nürburgring wardens on-site. Regulations for 2024 Opening Times of Campsites: Nordschleife: Monday, May 27, from 6:00 AMGrand Prix Track: A5 on Monday at 8:00 AM, C-Zone on Wednesday at 7:00 AMCamping before the official opening times is strictly prohibited due to landscape, nature, and resident protection. Compliance with these regulations will be monitored by the police, public order office, and wardens. If an earlier arrival is unavoidable due to planning reasons, Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG provides parking spaces. Adenauer Forst – Important Change: Due to construction work, arrival at the campsite in Adenauer Forst before the official opening times is strictly prohibited this year. There is no possibility to queue near the entrance to the camping area in advance. Wehrseifen, Metzgesfeld: For these campsites, early arrival is generally not allowed due to resident protection reasons. Alternative Areas for Other Campsites: For campsites along the Nordschleife, alternative areas for early arrival have been set up, but these should only be used in exceptional cases. Hatzenbach: Early-arriving campers will be directed to the alternative area D1a, accessible from Saturday, May 25, at 8:00 AM. Access is via the B258. It is new this year that setting up on Kreisstraße 73 before the official opening of the campsite is no longer allowed to avoid noise disturbance and inconvenience for residents and to keep emergency routes clear. Brünnchen, Karussell & Hohe Acht: Early-arriving campers will be redirected to parking lot P96 from Saturday, May 25, at 8:00 AM. Brünnchen II, Pflanzgarten: Early-arriving campers will be redirected to parking lot P98 from Saturday, May 25, at 8:00 AM. Schwalbenschwanz: Early-arriving campers will be directed to parking lot P100, which opens on Friday, May 24, at 8:00 AM. One Racetrack. One Community. As in previous years, Nürburgring continues to uphold the principle of "One Racetrack. One Community." in 2024. This includes the request for all visitors to show consideration for the region and its residents during arrival, stay, and departure, and to adhere to the camping regulations.

Tips for fans of the 24h Nürburgring


In the week around Fronleichnam the Nürburgring will be in full swing: at the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring, the traditional race track in the heart of the Eifel region will be the setting for what is perhaps the most beautiful full-throttle festival in Europe. As early as Monday, May 27, the on-demand campsites around the Nordschleife will be filled with enthusiastic fans who will transform the legendary "Green Hell" into a paradise for motorsport fans until the finish on Sunday, June 2. Even though the actual program on and off the track only really gets underway from Thursday (30 May), the days leading up to the event are also a hive of activity around the world's most beautiful 25 km of asphalt. When the actual racing program starts from Corpus Christi onwards, it's all happening in quick succession: with countless attractions and colourful entertainment, while motorsport can be experienced live on the "Ring". For many full-throttle fans, these days are a must - and once you've experienced it, there's a risk of addiction. If you want to try it out, you can find all the ticket information and the detailed fan program including the schedule here. Even if the wheels don't start rolling until Thursday: The rush of fans traditionally begins on Monday morning, when the on-demand campsites at the Nordschleife open. By then, the numerous individual visitors and fan groups are already hard at work setting up their camps around the legendary Nordschleife - at the same time as the teams arrive in the paddock. However, there won't be anything to really see there until Tuesday afternoon, because that's when scrutineering begins, which lasts until Wednesday evening. Vehicle after vehicle will then roll into the test hall - and visitors will have the opportunity to take a look at the competition vehicles. On Wednesday - for once! - the traditional Adenau Racing Day, which unfortunately falls victim to roadworks in the center of the racing town on the Ring this year. Nevertheless, the trip to Adenau is worthwhile, as the REWE supermarket, which is popular with fans, will start its daily 24-hour promotions on this day. Incidentally, the merchandising collection of the Eifel classic will also be on sale here. Information on this and other promotions can also be found in the 24h fan guide. The race program starts on Thursday It's "full throttle" from Thursday - both on and off the track. The RCN performance test on the Nordschleife will take over wake-up duty in the morning from 8:30 a.m., and the first races with the touring car legends and the Cup and Touring Car Trophy on the Grand Prix circuit will start in the late morning. The highlights are, of course, the two 24-hour qualifying sessions, the second of which lasts until 11:30 p.m., creating that authentic endurance racing feeling at dusk. From Thursday, the 24h fan buses will also be operating a shuttle service around the circuit and the fan mile on the ring°boulevard will open its doors. Friday is fan day! Friday not only brings the third 24h qualifying (from 13:30) and the decisive battle for pole in the top qualifying (from 17:30). The touring car legends and the Cup and Touring Car Trophy will also contest two more races. While they race on the Grand Prix circuit, there will be a lap of honor around the Nordschleife with 24h partner Monster - fans can look forward to a variety of activities. And once the pole has been awarded, the party will of course continue. The pit lane will open at 19:45: at the big autograph session with all the teams, visitors can look forward to selfies and small talk with the drivers, autographs and the real 24-hour family feeling. After all, when else do you get the opportunity to take a selfie on the start-finish straight or in the pit lane and stroll around? At the same time, you'll be spoiled for choice, as the Falken Drift Show in the Müllenbachschleife will be offering squealing tires, smoky drifts and spectacular action. Lars Gutsche will present the action there, which will also be broadcast on the 24h live stream and where many other vehicles can be seen alongside the Falken Drift Team. For the first time: two Hyundai models with electric drive! Saturday won't be long until the start Before the 24h Nürburgring finally starts on Saturday at 16:00, there will be an extra dose of entertainment. One highlight: the 24h Classic race in the morning. The touring car legends will also provide racing action on the Grand Prix circuit with their third race of the weekend. Once they have crossed the finish line, the final countdown begins: there will then be a Toyota lap of honor and car parades with BMW, Hyundai and Volkswagen on the Nordschleife. Watch out for the VW defile: there are some very special models here, as the Wolfsburg-based company is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golf this weekend. While the starting field forms on the start-finish straight from 14:45, there will be an FMX show by Monster in front of the cars. Of course, traditional highlights such as the presentation of the Glickenhaus Cup are also part of the scheduled program. Paddock: RAVENOL Ferris wheel, birthday parties and much more When the race finally gets underway, the entertainment continues - because from Thursday to Sunday, there will be plenty of fan highlights next to the track. From Thursday, the Fan Mile on the ring°boulevard will open its doors, where there will not only be a number of companies with exhibitions, autograph sessions and entertainment. Of course, there will also be delicious catering - and two genuine premieres. Volkswagen is celebrating the Golf anniversary with the world premiere of the Golf GTI Clubsport (Friday, 16:30). Toyota will be presenting the new GR Yaris for the first time in Germany at its large stand on Saturday. There will also be a birthday atmosphere in the paddock. Mercedes-AMG will be celebrating 130 years of motorsport with a star by continuing its birthday tour of the top international events. At the 24h, there will be a large exhibition and action area on the heliport, which will be a hotspot for fans. Finally, RAVENOL also invites you to take a ride on the Ferris wheel here - sponsored by the 24h title partner at a significantly reduced price, it offers an incomparable panoramic view over the Eifel. A Magic Sky tent roof with a diameter of 30 meters also ensures that the fan area on the heliport is weatherproof. There is also a Monster fan zone with an action area, lounge area and many attractions. The fan hospitality of "Bembel with Care" with bullriding action and the ADAC video wall can also be found here. New this year is a catering mile on the multifunctional area next to the heliport: The CEWE photo truck will be waiting here, club members will be able to enjoy free coffee in the ADAC Advantage World, and a DTM Infomobile and many food trucks will also be positioned here. Hyundai will also be making a big appearance in the paddock: The official vehicle partner of the 24h Nürburgring is planning a great deal of entertainment for visitors in its exhibition area in the paddock, including a DJ, video wall and much more. Always stay informed: All information online All important information for visitors as well as the fan schedule is also available online on the ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring homepage. As many dates and activities are traditionally finalized in the days leading up to the event, it is worth checking here for the latest information: Visitor information Fan schedule Fan guide

Start list promises an exciting 24h


The ADAC RAVENOL 24h Nürburgring is regarded by many fans and participants as the "race of the year". The motorsport festival, which is expected to attract over 200,000 spectators again this year, will once again live up to this claim: after the end of the entry deadline, 130 vehicles are on the provisional list of participants. At the top of the field, the stars of the GT3 scene will meet at the upcoming 52nd edition of the endurance classic from May 30 to June 2. Eight car manufacturers with 26 top-class super sports cars will be competing in the top classes (GT3 / SP9 and SP-X), in which the overall victory will be contested. It will also be exciting behind the top-class field, because the battle for victory in the numerous vehicle classes will also be exciting action without end. > Click here for the entry list for the 24h The "title defense" project is likely to be difficult for the crowd favorites from Frikadelli Racing. Because the Ferrari 296 GT3 of the team around Klaus "Frikadelli" Abbelen is not only facing fierce opposition in terms of numbers, the driver line-up is also excellent. Top-class customer racing teams from the major German car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes-AMG will be supported by works drivers and equipment in their bid to take the crown on the longest and most beautiful race track in the world. The Porsche teams are the provisional favorites, having won all the races in the Nürburgring Langstrecken-Serie (NLS) and the ADAC 24h Qualifiers in April. Most successful: Falken Motorsports - the works team of the Japanese tire manufacturer sent two Porsche 911 GT3Rs with top drivers into the race. The green and blue nine-eleven cars with the starting numbers #33 and #44 are likely to be a benchmark for the entire field - together with the car of their brand colleagues from Manthey Racing. The #911 in the familiar "Grello" design will start the race for them, also driven by four proven top drivers. The Porsche GT3 armada is completed by the Renauer, Dinamic GT and Lionspeed teams, with the latter racing in the Pro-Am classification. A total of six 911 GT3Rs are on the grid. Top teams at the front of the fieldIn terms of sheer quantity, the teams that rely on Mercedes-AMG GT3s are right at the front alongside the Porsche teams. Here too, several teams are complemented by drivers from the works squad. The proven and very successful teams from HRT and GetSpeed will be involved as support teams, while a Pro-Am GT3 from Hofor Racing by Bonk Motorsport will also take part in the race. Audi and BMW will each be represented with three cars. The two R8 LMS GT3s from Scherer Sport PHX will spearhead the Ingolstadt outfit, while there will also be a Pro-Am entry from Juta Racing. BMW will rely on the M4 GT3 and the RMG and Rowe Racing teams. Four Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT3Evo cars from Walkenhorst, Prosport Racing and Four Motors are coming to the Ring in very British style. The two Lamborghini Huracan GT3s from Abt and Konrad Motorsport and the SCG 004C from Glickenhaus Racing will also be in the field to add spice, spectacular visuals and further intensify the competition. Cup classes and GT4 field with a strong line-upThe battle in the other classes, which offer attractive cars and fiercely contested classifications, will also provide plenty of excitement. More than 20 entrants will be competing in the PETN (Porsche Endurance Trophy Nürburgring), for example, with the Cup3 classification standing out in particular with 14 cars: the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport may not be vying for championship points, but they will be competing for the most coveted individual victory of the season. The GT4 class (SP10) also has a strong field, with 14 entrants from Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche and Toyota. In the production car classes, the VT2 category with rear-wheel drive is particularly fiercely contested with ten starters - it is firmly in the hands of the BMW 330i models. VW celebrates Golf anniversary, Mercedes-AMG celebrates 130 years of motorsportSpread across the field and in different classes, there will once again be a number of factory entries from car manufacturers or companies from the supplier industry at the 24h. These include Subaru and Hyundai. Volkswagen is using the 24h Nürburgring to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Golf. A Golf GTI entered by Max Kruse Racing will celebrate its race debut at the 24h, bearing the starting number #50 to mark the anniversary. The celebrations will also include a trio of Golf GTIs in the 24h Classic support race and a world premiere: the new Golf GTI Clubsport will be presented for the first time on the ring°boulevard on Friday. Incidentally, this anniversary is not the only one being celebrated on the race weekend: Mercedes-AMG is also celebrating 130 years of motorsport under the banner of the star at the 24h. A Mercedes-AMG GT3 with a strong line-up from GetSpeed will therefore bear the starting number #130, and there will also be a large activity area in the paddock on the theme.