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Ring highlights in October come in a double pack

The highlights come in a double pack at the Nürburgring in October. From the Nürburgring Endurance Series, which heralds the hot final phase of the championship with two races, to historic motorsport at the ADAC/RGB season finale and ADAC Westfalen Trophy. In addition, leisure and holiday activities await the visitors. The Green Hell Driving Days even offer three whole days of driving fun at a...
Ring highlights in October come in a double pack


The highlights come in a double pack at the Nürburgring in October. From the Nürburgring Endurance Series, which heralds the hot final phase of the championship with two races, to historic motorsport at the ADAC/RGB season finale and ADAC Westfalen Trophy. In addition, leisure and holiday activities await the visitors. The Green Hell Driving Days even offer three whole days of driving fun at a stretch for tourist drivers and for the family adventure there is plenty to discover not only in the motorsport experience museum ring°werk. A brief portrait of the highlights Nürburgring Endurance Series | 8 and 22 OctoberAt the Nürburgring Endurance Series, decisive points in the battle for the championship will be awarded on 8 and 22 October. Before races seven and eight, the driver team of Oskar Sandberg, Sindre Setsaas and Daniels Zils is leading the standings. The three drive a BMW 330i for the Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive. A highlight in the starting field is on the horizon for the race on 22 October. The return of the Porsche 911 GT3 R from Manthey is expected here. The green-and-yellow crowd favourite will be back in action on the Nordschleife for the first time since the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring. In addition, a real world premiere awaits at the Nürburgring Endurance Series in October. However, this will remain a secret until the race weekend. Tickets for the Nürburgring Endurance Series are available for a family-friendly 18 euros per person (children up to 14 years free). This not only gets you into the open grandstands at the Grand Prix circuit and the exclusive spectator areas Brünnchen and Pflanzgarten, but also into the paddock, the pit lane, the starting grid and the motorsport experience museum ring°werk. Holiday offers | 1 - 31 October & Green Hell Driving Days | 1 - 3 OctoberFor all those who are not racing drivers but still want to take the legendary Nordschleife under their own wheels, there are the tourist drives on the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix circuit. Anyone can take part with their own vehicle, subject to the road traffic regulations. A special highlight in October are the Green Hell Driving Days. From 1 to 3 October, the Nordschleife is open all day for tourist drivers. For families and Nürburgring fans, there are also holiday offers. Here, too, fast laps can be taken - for example in the ring°kartbahn or in the eSports Bar. Meanwhile, everything about the history of the Nürburgring can be found in the ring°werk motorsport experience museum or on the backstage tour. The latter offers a great look behind the scenes. ADAC/RGB Season Finale | 1 - 2 October & ADAC Westfalen Trophy | 14 - 16 OctoberThere are no less than two events revolving around historic motorsport at the Grand Prix Track of the Nürburgring in October. The RGB season finale on 1 and 2 October offers almost a dozen race series on one weekend. Among others, the Youngtimer Trophy, the Dunlop Historic Endurance Cup or the so-called "battle of the dwarfs". At the ADAC Westfalen Trophy, from 14 to 16 October, the touring car legends with their partly historic vehicles will make the fans' hearts beat faster. Cup and GT cars from 1970 to 2008 will be competing in the Touring Car Classic. The regularity test of the Touring Car Revival or the DMV Classic Masters with their touring cars and GT racing cars also promise a lot of excitement. The final of the ADAC Racing Weekend will also take place as part of the Westfalen Trophy. Here you can also experience the latest racing cars. For example, racy open-wheelers as part of the ADAC Formula 4 or full-blown GT3 bolides at the Special Touring Car Trophy H&R Cup. Highlights in October: 01.10. – 02.10. ADAC/RGB Saisonfinale 01.10. – 03.10. Green Hell Driving Days 08.10.              Nürburgring Endurance Series 7 09.10.              RCN 8 /GLP 6 14. – 16.10.     ADAC Westfalen Trophy 22.10.              Nürburgring Endurance Series  8 23.10.              European TimeAttack Masters 28.10.              GLP 7 29.10.              RCN (3h Race)

NLS dates 2023: Eight times through the Green Hell


The race calendar of the Nürburgring Endurance Series for 2023 is set: Next year, the popular series will again stage eight races on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. Six events will cover the classic NLS race distance of four hours, one race will last six hours and one 12 hours. The new season highlight of the NLS with camping at the Nordschleife will be held from 8 to 10 September. The 2023 endurance teams will start on 18 March with NLS1. One week before, the unofficial starting signal for the 47th season of the traditional racing series in the Green Hell will be given with the test and set-up run (11-12 March). Until the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring (18-21 May), two more NLS events will take place on 1 and 15 April.  NLS4 on 17 June will be followed by the 6h race on 8 July. After a summer break of just under two months, the final spurt begins with the 12h Nürburgring from 8-10 September. NLS7 (23 September) and the season finale NLS8 on 7 October follow in a two-week rhythm.  In 2023, there will again be a full day of test and setting runs on the Friday before the races. These not only serve to prepare for the race, but also offer the possibility of co-pilot rides in the afternoon, so that partners and guests can experience the NLS result with all their senses.  Alternative dates provide planning securityNLS has made provisions for weather-related race cancellations, at least in terms of alternative dates: Should one of the first two races not be able to take place due to weather conditions, there is the option to extend NLS3 as a doubleheader to 16 April. Another alternative date is 4 November. NLS dates 2023 11.-12.03.2023    Test- and Set-up Sessions 18.03.2023    NLS1 01.04.2023    NLS2 15.04.2023    NLS3 17.06.2023    NLS4 08.07.2023    NLS5 (6h Race) 09.-10.09.2023    NLS6 (12h Nürburgring) 23.09.2023    NLS7 07.10.2023    NLS8

Green light for DNLS 22/23: Innovations in the virtual championship


The engines are still roaring in the Green Hell - and with three races still to run, the Nürburgring Endurance Series will start into the golden autumn and towards the championship decision on 08 October. To ensure that the friends of cultivated Nordschleife sport don't get bored over the winter, preparations for the 22/23 season of the Digital Nürburgring Endurance Series are in full swing. More competition is the motto for the winter. To bring the DNLS races to the home screens, the livestream will also be upgraded again. The DNLS is entering its fourth season. Originally launched as a replacement for cancelled races in the real world at the beginning of the pandemic, the digital counterpart of the Nürburgring Endurance Series quickly drove its way into the hearts of the fans. Thrilling motorsport in cold temperatures - the virtual world makes it possible. And to make the DNLS experience even stronger, there are some innovations in the livestream. The opening show will have a new format. A big part of it is the earlier entry into the training events in order to pick up the viewers even better. In addition, the two regular presenters Patrick Simon and Olli Martini will in future always be assisted by a simracing expert who will contribute his expertise in virtual racing.What has distinguished the DNLS from the very beginning is the combination of real racing drivers and simracing professionals in the cars of the SP9 class. These rules will be refined for the coming season. In the process, an internal rating of the simracing pros will ensure more competitiveness among the participants. The requirements that a real racing driver has to bring along in order to participate will also be concretised in order to ensure more competitive competition. The DNLS season starts on 19 November with the first race. Shortly before Christmas, it will be another round on 17 December. In the new year, the races will take place on 7 January, 11 February and 11 March. The SP9, CUP2, SP10 and SP3T classes will be offered again this winter season. Up to 60 vehicles will compete in the 3-hour races in the racing simulation iRacing. Registrations will be possible online shortly.

A real Eifel thriller: High-voltage at the premiere of the 12h Nürburgring


Premiere a success! The first edition of the 12h Nürburgring was a real highlight on and off the track. The race had all the elements needed for a good Eifel thriller: a real tyre poker in changeable conditions on Saturday, Nordschleife romance in the evening hours, the restart as an additional element of suspense, drama in the fight for victory and a happy ending with beaming winners at the end. The successful protagonists were Joel Eriksson, Jaxon Evans, Sven Müller and Alessio Picariello after two six-hour races. They brought the Porsche 911 GT3 R from Falken Motorsports home in first place after 79 hard-fought laps through the Green Hell. "It wasn't clear to us until the very end whether we would really take home the win, because we didn't know exactly how long our competitors would need at the final stop based on the time monitors," said Müller. "In the end, we were extremely happy to win the 12h Nürburgring after winning the 6h race. The conditions in the first six hours were really tough. With slicks and a lot of rain, it was difficult to keep the car on the track. Today the weather was no longer a factor. It was still really close in the end." Müller welcomes the format of the 12h Nürburgring: "We had a lot of fun driving into the night yesterday. The restart was interesting as well." The fastest car on Sunday was the Audi R8 LMS GT3 of Scherer Sport Team Phoenix. Jakub "Kuba" Giermaziak and Kim Luis Schramm could only be stopped by a strategic slip-up. After 58 laps, Schramm rolled into the pit lane with an empty tank. After the stop, the team lost further seconds until the car started again. "It's not always the fastest car that wins, then we would be at the top of the podium," Giermaziak admitted. "On Saturday we had the wrong tyres on once, which also cost us a lot of time. Still, it's nice to be on the podium, but it's not nice to be second." On the other hand, Frank Stippler and Vincent Kolb were happy about third place, who in the sister car of Scherer Sport Team Phoenix ended up less than a minute behind the leaders. "We didn't do everything right on Saturday in particular, but we didn't do everything wrong either, which shows third place at the end," said Stippler. Kolb added: "I lost some time when I was on slicks in the heavy rain in the early stages. That was like driving on black ice. Today we didn't lose much time and we are happy with the result."Behind the top trio, Björn Grossmann and Luca Ludwig drove to fourth in the Ferrari 488 GT3 from octane 126. After the duo had been in contention for the top spot in changing conditions on Saturday, they lacked the pace in the dry to climb the podium. Fifth place went to Marcel Marchewicz and Marek Böckmann in the Schnitzelalm Racing Mercedes-AMG GT3. The fastest SP9 Pro-Am car - the Audi R8 LMS GT3 from Lionspeed by Car Collection Motorsport - was driven by Leon Köhler, Simon Reicher, Florian Spengler and Jörg Viebahn in eighth place. The Cup2 911s, new this year, caused a sensation especially in the early stages of the race. Starting from third place, Gabriele Piana (Black Falcon) stormed into first place immediately at the start with the right tyre choice. After the first lap, Fabio Grosse in the G-Tech Competition counterpart returned as the leader. Even though the Cup 911s could no longer compete for the very top positions in the end, they showed strength: After 12 hours, Daniel Blickle, Tim Scheerbarth and David Jahn in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup of AVIA W&S Motorsport only just missed the top 10 in eleventh place. They collected the 30 points for first place in the class, as did Mauro Calamia, Ivan Jacoma and Kai Riemer in the fastest Cup3 Cayman. In VT2-R+4WD, Daniel Zils, Oskar Sandberg and Sindre Setsaas triumphed in the BMW 330i of Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive. Thus, the top two finishers in the championship each scored maximum points. The gap in the drivers' standings remains unchanged at 17 points with three races to go. Jahn/Hinzer/Sidorenko/Schroers (VW Golf, GITI TIRE MOTORSPORT BY WS RACING) in VT2-FWD, Epp/Uelwer/Kaatz (Renault Clio Cup, MSC Adenau) in SS3 and Markert/Reimer/Deißler (BMW M240i Racing Cup, Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive) also secured maximum points.The VLN officials drew a positive conclusion at the end of the 12h Nürburgring. "From a sporting point of view, almost everything went perfectly - so the many hours of preparation were worth it," said Michael Bork, VLN Head of Sport and Race Director. "Especially the restart was a highlight of the event. We received a lot of positive feedback from the participants." The event was also a success from a marketing point of view: "Together with our partners, we created a lot of attractions on the ring°boulevard, in the paddock and the pit lane. This attracted many young families to the Nürburgring and there were shining children's eyes," says Michel Pathe, Managing Director of VLN VV GmbH & Co. KG. "When you look at the great pictures of the 12h Nürburgring, it becomes clear what our team has put a lot of heart and soul into over the last weeks and months." The teamwork of the two organisers, AC Altkreis Schwelm e.V. in the ADAC and Dortmunder MC e.V. in the ADAC, is praised by Ralph-Gerald Schlüter, Managing Director of VLN Sport GmbH & Co. KG: "For the first time in the history of the series, a race was jointly organised by two organisers. ACAS and DMC have succeeded in this in an exemplary manner. Both clubs complemented each other and played to their strengths." The sixth race of the Nürburgring Endurance Series will take place on 8 October. The 54th ZEWOTHERM ADAC Barbarossapreis of the MSC Sinzig will then again take place over the usual NLS distance of four hours.

Fan festival, curious race start and exciting race action


The Nürburgring Endurance Series got off to a flying start in the 12h Nürburgring. The premiere of the new season highlight went into the break on Saturday evening with the first race section scheduled for a six-hour race distance. In the interim results, Joel Eriksson, Jaxon Evans, Sven Müller and Alessio Picariello in the #3 Falken Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R are leading after half the distance. The quartet kept a cool head in changeable weather conditions and finished 59.932 seconds ahead of Björn Grossmann and Luca Ludwig in the #26 Ferrari 488 GT3 from octane 126. Kim Luis Schramm and Jakub "Kuba" Giermaziak were flagged off in third place on the first of two race days in the Eifel. The Saturday of the 12h Nürburgring was not for the faint-hearted. On a wet track, qualifying already turned into a thriller. On the track, which dried out towards the end, Giermaziak set the best time in 8:19.189 minutes, closely followed by the Walkenhorst-BMW #34 with a gap of 1.530 seconds. The surprise followed in third place: Gabriele Piana put the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup from Black Falcon on the third grid spot. Never before has a Cup 2 car qualified for a grid spot in the top three. In the course of the first half of the race, showers repeatedly added spice and challenged man and material alike. Over the course of the six hours, the lead changed no less than seven times. The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup from G-Tech Competition, the Ferrari 488 GT3 from octane 126, the Audi R8 LMS GT3 from Scherer Sport Team Phoenix and the currently leading Falken Porsche collected the lead kilometres. "We are happy that Sven was flagged off in first place. But we'll settle the score tomorrow," says Felix Stiller, vehicle engineer of the #3 Falken Porsche. "We got the maximum out of it, brought the car home in one piece, always had the right tyres on and made the right decisions." In addition to the action on the race track, the extensive supporting programme thrilled the fans at the Nürburgring: the legendary vehicle K.I.T.T. was just as popular a photo motif as the stars from Paw Patrol. In the paddock and on the track, the Falken-Drifters caused as much of a sensation as the Red Bull DJ-Mobile. The ring°boulevard was a popular meeting point and the fans were thrilled by the autograph session with all the participants during the pitwalk. There was also a good and exuberant atmosphere at the Nordschleife, where camping was possible for the first time at an NLS race. Until the second half of the race on Sunday, the cars will remain in the Parc Fermé on the start-finish straight. The restart will take place tomorrow at 10 a.m. in the intervals in which the cars were waved off today. 

Exciting programme at the 12h Nürburgring


On the weekend of 9 to 11 September, a real season highlight awaits at the Nürburgring. With thrilling motorsport, a "Back to the 90's" party with the original stars and a supporting programme that appeals to fans and families alike. The programme items range from camping at the Nordschleife to Caught in the Act and from grid walk to children's entertainment. The teams of the 12h Nürburgring speak of a new challenge when they look at the race format that is now celebrating its premiere. On Friday, the weekend of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) will still start as usual with the all-day test and set-up runs (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.) on the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife. From Saturday onwards, things will really get going. At 9:30 a.m., the lights for qualifying will turn green for the first time. The teams have until 11:30 a.m. to get a good starting position. Race until dusk, morning restart from the pit laneThe 12h Nürburgring will then start at 14:30 and be run in two sections of six hours each. After the first finish, at 20:30 on Saturday evening, the cars will be stored overnight in the Parc Fermé. No work is allowed on them during this time. The following morning, the teams will start the race again from the pit lane - lined up in three rows in the order of the previous finish. The winner of part one starts first. The other cars follow in the distance they had when crossing the finish line on Saturday - similar to a pursuit race in the biathlon. Code-60 then applies throughout the course. Once all vehicles have started the race, the speed limit is lifted and the race continues. Six more hours of motorsport action await. The winner of the 12-hour premiere will be decided on Sunday afternoon at 16:00. Drivers and cars to touch, hands-on activities in the ring°boulevardDuring the weekend, the fans will have ample time to experience the activities on and off the track. In addition to the open paddock, they can, for example, get up close and personal with the drivers and vehicles between qualifying and the start of the race. On Saturday, there will be a pit walk with an autograph session and an extensive visit to the grid - the one-hour grid walk. In addition, a parade with more than 400 vehicles from the Porsche Club Nürburgring and BMW M-Town will take place on the Nordschleife before the race. The Falken Drift Show will take place on the start and finish straight and in the AMG Arena. In addition, various highlights await throughout the day: On the ring°boulevard there are the hands-on activities of the RPR1.Livemobile, the HARIBO Roadshow, Chase and Skye from Paw Patrol or K.I.T.T. from the Knight Rider series. Exhibitors thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN, KTM Sportscar, Blåkläder, Scherer and BMW M will also be represented here. Visitors can also see BMW M vehicles in front of the Bitburger Event Centre. The Porsche Club Nürburgring will exhibit its classic cars in the ring°carré. So that fans can keep an eye on everything, the Nürburgring has published timetables and site plans on its website. "Back to the 90's" party on Saturday evening - admission to the grandstands for concert ticket holderOn Saturday evening, shortly after the finish of the first half of the race, the time of the 90's will come alive again in the ring°arena. Live and with the original stars Caught in the Act, Loona, Masterboy & Beatrix Delgado, Candela Squad and the DJ team Mütze Katze can be experienced live. The big 90s concert starts at 9:45 pm. The pre-show starts as a warm-up at 8:30 pm. There will also be a good atmosphere after the main acts: the after-show party will start at 2 am.A special motorsport offer awaits all ticket holders of the 90's Party. On Saturday, 10 September, from 7:30 p.m., they will have free access to the BMW M Power Grandstand (T3) and can experience another hour of motorsport free of charge. You won't find this special combination at any other concert.Tickets for the concert are available here. Motorsport live. On the grandstand, at the Nordschleife or at the campsite.The season highlight of the Nürburgring Endurance Series can be followed as usual around the track. At the Grand Prix circuit, the BMW M Power grandstand (T3), the Bilstein grandstand (T4) as well as the T12 and the T12a near the Grand Prix paddock will be open. There are also numerous spectator points around the Nordschleife. The special feature of the 12h Nürburgring is the opening of camping sites directly at the Nordschleife. From Thursday evening (08.09.) to Sunday (11.09.), race fans can set up camp at the "Brünnchen" (already sold out) and Pflanzgarten sections and enjoy the Green Hell. Those who want something a little more exclusive and fancy motorsport combined with good catering, lounge atmosphere and exclusive excursions to the paddock and the Nordschleife can book a VIP ticket for the 12h Nürburgring. This way, nothing stands in the way of an all-round, carefree visit. All information on the 12h Nürburgring and advance ticket sales are available here at Tickets can also be purchased at the open box offices.

Event highlights in September - 12h premiere, 90s live & historical legends


12-hour premiere, 90s Live and 1000km legends:These event highlights await at the Nürburgring in September The Nürburgring takes off in September with a new season highlight, live performances by well-known 90s bands and legendary racing cars. The 12h Nürburgring of the NLS will celebrate its premiere on the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife. The supporting programme is as varied as the starting field of the popular racing series - including the "Back to the 90's" concert and live performances by the original stars. Big names and originals also await at the legendary 1000-kilometre race, which returns to the Green Hell this year.  A brief portrait of the event highlights: 12h Nürburgring | 09 - 11 September 2022The new season highlight of the Nürburgring Endurance Series promises to be a motorsport festival for the whole family. A total of around 23 hours of action await on the track alone. After practice and qualifying, the race of the 12h Nürburgring will start on Saturday, 10 September, at 2:30 pm. The first six hours will be run until dusk. Overnight, drivers, cars and teams will rest and no work will be allowed on the cars. On Sunday morning, the restart will take place with a unique procedure directly from the pit lane. At 4pm, the winner of the first edition of the 12h Nürburgring will be decided. Fans can be there live on the open grandstands of the Grand Prix circuit and around the Nordschleife. Even camping is possible in designated areas along the Nordschleife. A comprehensive entertainment programme also awaits the visitors next to the track. There is a lot to discover in the Grand Prix paddock. One of the highlights: the Falken drift show. In the ring°boulevard there is the large fan area. Here, the younger visitors can look forward to the Haribo Roadshow and the famous Gold Bears. Chase and Skye from PAW Patrol will also be waiting here for a souvenir photo. In addition, fans can meet Batman or experience the replicas of the famous movie cars K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider) or DeLorean (Back to the Future) up close.Tickets are available here. Back to the 90's | 10 September 2022On 10 September, the era of idolised boy bands and catchy dancefloor hits will come alive again. Live and with the original stars at the Nürburgring. Caught in the Act, Loona, Masterboy & Beatrix Delgado and Candela Squad will bring the ring°arena to life. The big 90s concert starts at 9:45 pm. The pre-show already starts at 8:30 pm. Before that, the RPR1 Livemobile will be providing good music and a warm-up in the ring°boulevard. The good mood doesn't stop after the main acts: the after-show party with the Mütze Katze DJ team starts at 2 am. The ticket is available for 29,90€ per person in our online shop. When booking a 12h Nürburgring ticket for the big race of the Nürburgring Endurance Series, buyers receive a € 5.00 discount on the additional booking of the concert ticket in the Nürburgring online shop as well as at the open daytime and evening box offices. ADAC 1000km Race | 16 - 18 September 2022With the ADAC 1000km Race, great moments of Nürburgring history return to the Green Hell. The cars built between 1947 and 1992 will race for around seven hours on Saturday, 17 September for victory on the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife. The day already starts in the morning with qualifying (8:00 to 9:30 a.m.). The start will be at 12:00. Off the track, the cars and drivers can be experienced up close in the paddock at the Pitwalk and Gridwalk. The racing cars and open-wheel racing cars, which are not allowed to drive on the Nordschleife today for safety reasons, will already provide goose bumps on the Grand Prix circuit one day before with an evening race. Practice starts at 4:45 pm. Afterwards, the pit and grid walk await before the traffic lights give the green light for the race at 6:15 pm. On Sunday, various race series and vehicles are also waiting. From the Belcar Sprint Cup and the Dunlop Gentle Drivers '65 to the historic Touring Car and GT Trophy.Tickets for the journey back in time are available here. Events in september: 03.09. – RCN 7 /GLP 5 09. - 11.09. – 12h Nürburgring (NLS 6) 10.09. - Back to the 90’s Party 16. - 18.09. – ADAC 1000km-Rennen 30.09. - 02.10. – ADAC/RGB Saisonfinale

The "12h Nürburgring" challenge is just around the corner with an exciting programme


The premiere of the 12h Nürburgring from 9 to 11 September will be a new highlight in the Nürburgring Endurance Series calendar. Lots of entertainment for the spectators on and off the race track meets a whole new challenge for teams and drivers. While the fans camp out at the Nordschleife, the team bosses face the demanding task of finding the right strategy with pinpoint accuracy in the two-part race with six hours each on Saturday and Sunday. > Tickets and more info "The 12h Nürburgring will be a challenge, especially tactically," says Daniel Sorg, team boss of Sorg Rennsport. The team from Wuppertal is represented in the NLS with up to eight BMW and Porsche cars in different classes. "The most important thing will be to position ourselves in the best possible way for the restart." In addition, according to Sorg, the most important thing is excellent preparation in the run-up to the race: "Race cars have become more and more stable in recent years. There are hardly any technical defects any more. Nevertheless, every car has its Achilles' heel. A 12h race is more than just a double-header or a 6h race. We will keep a very meticulous eye on the running times of individual assemblies and in the end we will prepare our cars almost as we did before the 24h race at the Nürburgring." Sorg unreservedly welcomes the concept of the 12h Nürburgring: "This will be a huge festival - a real highlight in the NLS. And thanks to the parc fermé regulation at night, we can have a cold drink with the whole team and our guests in peace on Saturday evening and continue racing on Sunday morning after a good night's sleep." The event character is also welcomed by Vincent Kolb, who will contest the 2022 NLS season together with Frank Stippler in Phoenix-Racing's Audi R8 LMS. "It was already really nice at the first NLS races to have spectators at the race track again," says the 27-year-old. "That makes driving twice as much fun. And I think that at the 12h Nürburgring with camping at the Nordschleife, the atmosphere is even better then." From the Audi driver's point of view, it's all about the restart phase: "The most important thing here is that the drivers manage to get the tyres and brakes properly up to temperature before things really get going again." The cars will be sent into the race on Sunday morning in the time intervals in which they were waved off on Saturday evening. Code 60 will apply throughout the circuit until all cars have started from pit lane - only then will they be allowed to drive. "Race control has really put a lot of thought into this point so that there is no backlog," says Kolb. "For example, if a vehicle is going slower than 60 km/h, you are allowed to pass it." For Marcel Hoppe, who competes in Cup2 with Mühlner Motorsport, it is a great moment to be part of the premiere. "History will be made at the beginning of September and we will be at the start," he says. "I believe that the 12h Nürburgring is a winning concept." The biggest challenge is to keep tension and concentration. "You have to drive with your head in every race on the Nordschleife, but you have to drive a tad more in a 12h race. After all, after part 1 on Saturday, you also have to complete part 2 on Sunday without making any mistakes. Compared to the Double Header, where the cars could be prepared overnight, here you have to be careful with the material. If you can do that, you're in with a chance of a top place." Fans have the opportunity to camp at the Brünnchen from Thursday to Sunday at the 12h Nürburgring. The camping area is well equipped with toilets, showers, water supply and lighting. Person tickets for camping are available online as well as tickets for the big "Back to the 90's" party, which will rock the ring°arena on Saturday evening with Masterboy & Beatrix Delgado, Candela Squad, Caught in the Act, Loona and Mütze Katze. And during the day there is also a lot going on next to the race track. Exhibitions by BMW M and the Porsche Club Nürburgring, the Haribo Road Show and the RPR1.Livemobile make a visit to the ring°boulevard and the ring°carré a must. Fans can then experience the protagonists up close during the extended pitwalk with autograph session of all participants and the starting grid. 

12h Nürburgring: A motorsport festival for the whole family


A major event is casting its shadow ahead: the premiere of the 12h Nürburgring. The new season highlight of the Nürburgring Endurance Series will be a motorsport festival for the whole family from September 9 to 11, 2022. Camping at the Nordschleife is possible and tickets are available from € 25.00.A total of almost 23 hours of action on the race track from Friday to Sunday, the big 'Back to the 90's' party on Saturday evening, an extensive entertainment program in the paddock and ring°boulevard, and more than 400 exhibition vehicles from BMW M and the Porsche Club Nürburgring mean there will be no time for boredom. There is a lot to experience - for all ages: The Haribo Golden Bear, Chase and Skye from PAW Patrol, Batman as well as the two famous movie cars K.I.T.T. from the series Knight Rider or the DeLorean from 'Back to the Future' can be discovered on site.The ring°boulevard will become a large fan area during the 12h Nürburgring. The Haribo Roadshow is aimed primarily at the young public, and the RPR1.Livemobile will be hosting hands-on activities for all age groups throughout the weekend. Other exhibitors include Manthey Racing, Bilstein and Blåkläder. BMW M will also be exhibiting in the ring°blouevard. Other sports icons from Munich can be seen in front of the Bitburger Event Center and in the Historic Paddock. The Porsche Club Nürburgring also has a number of classic automobiles at the start - to be found in the ring°caré. There is also plenty to see in the paddock. The Falken Drift Show, which will be providing plenty of rubber on the track on Saturday lunchtime, will be offering co-pilot rides in the event area. In line with the 'pay what you want' pricing model, donations will be collected for those affected by the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley. The minimum price for the unforgettable cab experience with one of the co-pilots is 20 euros. Even one year after the event of the century, every cent counts to help the popular vacation region not far from the Nürburgring regain its former beauty.In addition, as usual at the NLS, you can look over the teams' shoulders in the pits. As long as the engines are at rest, access to the pit lane is also possible. On Saturday, there will be an autograph session with all participants of the race from 12 to 12:45 pm during the pitwalk. Afterwards, all ticket holders will have an extra-long visit to the grid from 1 p.m. during the gridwalk. On Saturday evening, it's party time in the ring°arena. Under the motto 'Back to the 90's', Masterboy & Beatrix Delgado, Candela Squad, Caught in the Act, Loona and the DJ team Mütze Katze will do the honors from 8:30 pm. There will be a warm-up from 6:30 p.m. in the ring°boulevard at the RPR1.Livemobil. Tickets are available for 29.90 euros at When booking a 12h Nürburgring ticket, buyers receive € 5.00 discount on the additional booking of the concert ticket.