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Ring Highlights in November: Motorsport Showdowns, Taekwon-Do and Job Fair

In November, event diversity reigns supreme on and off the entire Nürburgring race track. With thrilling motorsport on the Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife at the Nürburgring Endurance Series and with action-packed duels on the Müllenbachschleife at the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Right next to the start and finish straight, visitors can experience the Job Fair - powered by...
Ring Highlights in November: Motorsport Showdowns, Taekwon-Do and Job Fair


In November, event diversity reigns supreme on and off the entire Nürburgring race track. With thrilling motorsport on the Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife at the Nürburgring Endurance Series and with action-packed duels on the Müllenbachschleife at the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Right next to the start and finish straight, visitors can experience the Job Fair - powered by Nürburgring in the Bitburger Event Centre. Companies from the region will present their career opportunities here. Meanwhile, high-quality martial arts are on offer in the ring°arena. The German Taekwon-Do championship will take place here. A brief portrait of the highlights Job Fair - powered by Nürburgring | 18 and 19 NovemberThere are many exciting career opportunities in the entire region around the Nürburgring. On Friday, 18 and Saturday, 19 November, numerous companies will present their job portfolios. From apprenticeships and offers for professionals to temporary jobs. The event starts at 10 a.m. on both days at the Bitburger Event Center. Among others, the IHK Koblenz, Lidl, dpd, Bofrost, Subway, Manthey, Nett Stahl- & Metallbau, Riedel, SANI, WiSolar and Volksbank RheinAhr Eifel will be there. As participants in the fair, the Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG and Nürburgring Hotels & Ferienpark - managed by Lindner will also be presenting their portfolios. Admission for visitors is free of charge. All information and exhibitors can be found on the Nürburgring website. Nürburgring Endurance Series | 05 NovemberThe Nürburgring Endurance Series goes into overtime for the season finale. Fans will experience an extra shift of thrilling motorsport from the popular series at the catch-up event. The freshly crowned champion trio Daniel Zils, Oskar Sandberg and Sindre Setsaas will also be taking part. They scored the decisive points in the last race. The spectators can look forward to the entire range of racing cars. From production-based small cars to full-blown GT3 racers. After the qualifying in the morning, the starter groups will go hunting for the last points of the year at 12 noon. For four hours, there will be racing action on the legendary Nordschleife for the last time in 2022. Tickets cost 18 euros per person (children up to 14 years free). This gives visitors access to the open grandstands at the Grand Prix circuit, the exclusive spectator areas Brünnchen and Pflanzgarten, the paddock, the pit lane, the starting grid and the motorsport experience museum ring°werk. FIA World Rallycross Championship | 12 and 13 NovemberAt the last race at the Nürburgring this year, a world champion will be crowned. At the FIA World RX of Germany, Johan Kristoffersson is aiming for his fifth rallycross title overall. The Swede is having an absolute dream season and has won almost every race so far. Kristoffersson has fond memories of the Nürburgring. Back in 2021, he was allowed to put on the crown of rallycross sport in the snowy Eifel. The spectators can be there live in the stadium-like round of the Müllenbachschleife. During the action on gravel and asphalt, they have the approximately one-kilometre-long track and the exceptionally fast racing cars in view at all times: Equipped with 500 kW - equivalent to around 680 hp - and a torque of 880 Nm, they accelerate faster than current Formula 1 cars. German Taekwon-Do Championship 2022 | 05 NovemberMartial arts in a class of its own can be experienced in the ring°arena. The International Taekwon-Do Federation Deutschland e.V. invites you to the German Taekwon-Do Championship 2022. From 12 years up to adult age, the fighters will compete according to age and graduation. In addition, there will be various disciplines such as fighting, special technique or strength-breaking tests as part of the competition day. In addition to the championship, participants will also compete in a children's and junior tournament. Admission for visitors is free. The highlights in November:- 05.11. Nürburgring Endurance Series- 05.11. German Teakwon-Do Championship- 12. - 13.11. FIA World RX of Germany- 18. - 19.11. Job Fair - powered by Nürburgring

Investment in electric mobility at the Nürburgring


The Nürburgring continues to invest in its infrastructure and in the future of the automobile. In cooperation with "TotalEnergies", 18 new charging points for electric vehicles have been installed at the world-famous event location. The charging facilities are now available to visitors to the Nürburgring. The importance of electric mobility and its expansion have played a major role at the Nürburgring since 2009. With the construction of the multifunctional event location, the first e-charging points were also installed. In recent years, various charging options have been added - including six Tesla Superchargers. With 18 more AC charging points, the Nürburgring has consistently pushed ahead with the expansion of its own future-oriented infrastructure, its sustainability and the service for owners of electric vehicles. The charging facilities are available to all Nürburgring visitors as well as guests of the accommodation and holiday destinations operated by Lindner - Nürburgring Ferienpark, Nürburgring Motorsport Hotel and Nürburgring Congress Hotel. Further charging stations at the unique event location are already being planned. Charging is powered by 100% green electricity - the green energy makes charging particularly sustainable. Electric drives in development, at record runs and for the first time at the FIA World ChampionshipElectric drives are also playing an increasingly important role in development and motorsport at the Nürburgring. This year's event will be the FIA World RX of Germany for the first time (12.11. - 13.11.2022). This will be the first all-electric event at the Ring and will thrill the spectators on a track of gravel and asphalt. The development of electric vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers takes place at the Nürburgring at the so-called Industry Pool. Within this framework, companies from the automotive industry spend a total of 16 weeks a year on product developments as well as test and development drives on the legendary Nordschleife. The performance of the cars can be put to the test during the official Nürburgring record drives. Here, too, impressive records have already been set with the alternative e-drives. In the prototype category, the VW ID.R circled the Nordschleife in 6:05.336 minutes in 2019. In the electric production vehicles, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S holds the current record with 7:33.35 minutes. Electric karts for big and small racers The ring°kartbahn has had purely electric karts since 2014, which have been repeatedly updated to the latest state of development with the latest models. Around 30 karts for adults and children are in use at the Nürburgring. A sound box provides the powerful racers with an additional portion of racing feeling. A roll bar, seat belt system and brake lights make the ride on the 400-metre-long indoor track a fast-paced and safe experience. The ride here is possible for big and small racers - from the age of 8 and a height of 1.20 metres, anyone can take the wheel here.

Vehicles and ultrasound equipment for DRK rescue service Nürburgring


With two new emergency vehicles and a mobile ultrasound device, the equipment of the DRK rescue service Nürburgring has been expanded. With a new all-terrain and wadeable Unimog as well as a retrofitted command vehicle, the Medical Service Nürburgring of the DRK-Kreisverband Ahrweiler e.V. can support operations at events and in the region. The new ultrasound device enables the team to make diagnoses as quickly as possible. The new purchases were supported, among other things, by the financial commitment of the Nürburgring operating company. Nürburg. The staff of the DRK Medical Service take care of the needs of many patients, large and small. Whether it's injuries to event visitors, injuries to racing drivers or various emergency missions in the region: the team of the modern racetrack hospital is on duty all year round and even accompanies rescue helicopter missions in the entire district and beyond. With the acquisition of a mobile ultrasound device, the German Red Cross at the Nürburgring is now doubly equipped for quick diagnoses of people who have had accidents. With the support of Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG, a second mobile ultrasound device was purchased for the emergency ambulance. In case of doubt, this can save lives by providing the fastest possible sonography with display on the tablet screen. The evaluation at the scene of the emergency provides valuable information for the choice of a possible target hospital. In addition to its operations on and off the racetracks, the DRK-Nürburgring is also committed to providing the best possible care for the citizens of the Adenau region with the new equipment and, if necessary, supports the colleagues of the DRK rescue station in Adenau when they are not available. Powerful vehicles for operations at major events and in the regionIn addition to the ultrasound device, the DRK rescue service at the Nürburgring now also has a modified Unimog that is capable of off-road use and wading. This can be used in the adjacent off-road park of the Nürburgring as well as in the numerous camping areas during major events. If necessary, the Unimog can also be called upon district-wide to provide support in the event of major disasters. Talks are underway with the district administration on this. The extended equipment of the vehicle includes a respirator, ECG, suction and emergency backpack, scoop stretcher and vacuum mattress. If necessary, the equipment can be supplemented by a sling stretcher. The new command vehicle is also in use at major events at the Nürburgring. Like the Unimog, it is also available for regional operations in the event of major incidents or a mass casualty incident. The vehicle is a gift from the Ober-Ramstadt fire brigade as part of the flood relief. A delegation from Ober-Ramstadt brought the vehicle to the district during the flood disaster to hand it over to the DRK rescue service Nürburgring. The vehicle was refitted with state-of-the-art technology by the team itself. In addition, the company Stefan Manheller from Meuspath assisted with the repainting, the company Landstorfer in Bonn with the sticking in the DRK ring design and Alexander Krahe from the district fire brigade association Ahrweiler, who established the contact to Ober-Ramstadt. All in all, the DRK-Nürburgring was able to gain important building blocks in the medical care at and around the Nürburgring with the new acquisitions.

Exciting programme at the 12h Nürburgring


On the weekend of 9 to 11 September, a real season highlight awaits at the Nürburgring. With thrilling motorsport, a "Back to the 90's" party with the original stars and a supporting programme that appeals to fans and families alike. The programme items range from camping at the Nordschleife to Caught in the Act and from grid walk to children's entertainment. The teams of the 12h Nürburgring speak of a new challenge when they look at the race format that is now celebrating its premiere. On Friday, the weekend of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) will still start as usual with the all-day test and set-up runs (9 a.m. - 6 p.m.) on the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife. From Saturday onwards, things will really get going. At 9:30 a.m., the lights for qualifying will turn green for the first time. The teams have until 11:30 a.m. to get a good starting position. Race until dusk, morning restart from the pit laneThe 12h Nürburgring will then start at 14:30 and be run in two sections of six hours each. After the first finish, at 20:30 on Saturday evening, the cars will be stored overnight in the Parc Fermé. No work is allowed on them during this time. The following morning, the teams will start the race again from the pit lane - lined up in three rows in the order of the previous finish. The winner of part one starts first. The other cars follow in the distance they had when crossing the finish line on Saturday - similar to a pursuit race in the biathlon. Code-60 then applies throughout the course. Once all vehicles have started the race, the speed limit is lifted and the race continues. Six more hours of motorsport action await. The winner of the 12-hour premiere will be decided on Sunday afternoon at 16:00. Drivers and cars to touch, hands-on activities in the ring°boulevardDuring the weekend, the fans will have ample time to experience the activities on and off the track. In addition to the open paddock, they can, for example, get up close and personal with the drivers and vehicles between qualifying and the start of the race. On Saturday, there will be a pit walk with an autograph session and an extensive visit to the grid - the one-hour grid walk. In addition, a parade with more than 400 vehicles from the Porsche Club Nürburgring and BMW M-Town will take place on the Nordschleife before the race. The Falken Drift Show will take place on the start and finish straight and in the AMG Arena. In addition, various highlights await throughout the day: On the ring°boulevard there are the hands-on activities of the RPR1.Livemobile, the HARIBO Roadshow, Chase and Skye from Paw Patrol or K.I.T.T. from the Knight Rider series. Exhibitors thyssenkrupp BILSTEIN, KTM Sportscar, Blåkläder, Scherer and BMW M will also be represented here. Visitors can also see BMW M vehicles in front of the Bitburger Event Centre. The Porsche Club Nürburgring will exhibit its classic cars in the ring°carré. So that fans can keep an eye on everything, the Nürburgring has published timetables and site plans on its website. "Back to the 90's" party on Saturday evening - admission to the grandstands for concert ticket holderOn Saturday evening, shortly after the finish of the first half of the race, the time of the 90's will come alive again in the ring°arena. Live and with the original stars Caught in the Act, Loona, Masterboy & Beatrix Delgado, Candela Squad and the DJ team Mütze Katze can be experienced live. The big 90s concert starts at 9:45 pm. The pre-show starts as a warm-up at 8:30 pm. There will also be a good atmosphere after the main acts: the after-show party will start at 2 am.A special motorsport offer awaits all ticket holders of the 90's Party. On Saturday, 10 September, from 7:30 p.m., they will have free access to the BMW M Power Grandstand (T3) and can experience another hour of motorsport free of charge. You won't find this special combination at any other concert.Tickets for the concert are available here. Motorsport live. On the grandstand, at the Nordschleife or at the campsite.The season highlight of the Nürburgring Endurance Series can be followed as usual around the track. At the Grand Prix circuit, the BMW M Power grandstand (T3), the Bilstein grandstand (T4) as well as the T12 and the T12a near the Grand Prix paddock will be open. There are also numerous spectator points around the Nordschleife. The special feature of the 12h Nürburgring is the opening of camping sites directly at the Nordschleife. From Thursday evening (08.09.) to Sunday (11.09.), race fans can set up camp at the "Brünnchen" (already sold out) and Pflanzgarten sections and enjoy the Green Hell. Those who want something a little more exclusive and fancy motorsport combined with good catering, lounge atmosphere and exclusive excursions to the paddock and the Nordschleife can book a VIP ticket for the 12h Nürburgring. This way, nothing stands in the way of an all-round, carefree visit. All information on the 12h Nürburgring and advance ticket sales are available here at Tickets can also be purchased at the open box offices.

Photovoltaic system implemented in partnership with Wi SOLAR


A new photovoltaic system has been installed on the roof of the motorsport experience museum ring°werk at the Nürburgring. With this investment, the versatile motorsport and event location is further developing its sustainability. The system was implemented in partnership with the internationally successful service provider Wi SOLAR from Kaisersesch. The company from the region is now also the name sponsor of the ring°kartbahn. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the ring°werk directly next to the Grand Prix circuit is 3,500m² in size. The Nürburgring uses the annual yield of 500,000 kWh entirely for its own energy supply and thus covers around 10% of its annual electricity requirements. The CO2 emissions avoided by the newly installed plant amount to 238,973 kg per year. "The Nürburgring already obtains 100% green electricity, now we have taken the next step," explains the Managing Director of Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG, Christian Stephani. "For us, the investment in solar energy is a further development of our sustainability. In addition to our role as an economic driver and as a location for the development of mobility, we also attach importance to making further progress in environmental and climate protection." Name sponsoring: ring°kartbahn powered bei Wi SOLARThe construction of the new photovoltaic system was implemented with the company Wi SOLAR. The focus of the service provider is the professional use of solar energy in the sectors of construction, trade, commerce, industry and logistics. In addition, a further partnership was concluded with Wi SOLAR, which includes, among other things, a name sponsorship of the ring°kartbahn. This will now be called "powered by Wi SOLAR". To ensure that the performance of the new photovoltaic system is also clearly visible to all visitors, an information board with the current values of energy generation through solar energy is to be installed in the kart track. Thematically, ring°kartbahn, the photovoltaic system and Wi SOLAR go well together, because here the visitors exclusively go chasing for fastest times with the electric karts from RIMO.

Event highlights in September - 12h premiere, 90s live & historical legends


12-hour premiere, 90s Live and 1000km legends:These event highlights await at the Nürburgring in September The Nürburgring takes off in September with a new season highlight, live performances by well-known 90s bands and legendary racing cars. The 12h Nürburgring of the NLS will celebrate its premiere on the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife. The supporting programme is as varied as the starting field of the popular racing series - including the "Back to the 90's" concert and live performances by the original stars. Big names and originals also await at the legendary 1000-kilometre race, which returns to the Green Hell this year.  A brief portrait of the event highlights: 12h Nürburgring | 09 - 11 September 2022The new season highlight of the Nürburgring Endurance Series promises to be a motorsport festival for the whole family. A total of around 23 hours of action await on the track alone. After practice and qualifying, the race of the 12h Nürburgring will start on Saturday, 10 September, at 2:30 pm. The first six hours will be run until dusk. Overnight, drivers, cars and teams will rest and no work will be allowed on the cars. On Sunday morning, the restart will take place with a unique procedure directly from the pit lane. At 4pm, the winner of the first edition of the 12h Nürburgring will be decided. Fans can be there live on the open grandstands of the Grand Prix circuit and around the Nordschleife. Even camping is possible in designated areas along the Nordschleife. A comprehensive entertainment programme also awaits the visitors next to the track. There is a lot to discover in the Grand Prix paddock. One of the highlights: the Falken drift show. In the ring°boulevard there is the large fan area. Here, the younger visitors can look forward to the Haribo Roadshow and the famous Gold Bears. Chase and Skye from PAW Patrol will also be waiting here for a souvenir photo. In addition, fans can meet Batman or experience the replicas of the famous movie cars K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider) or DeLorean (Back to the Future) up close.Tickets are available here. Back to the 90's | 10 September 2022On 10 September, the era of idolised boy bands and catchy dancefloor hits will come alive again. Live and with the original stars at the Nürburgring. Caught in the Act, Loona, Masterboy & Beatrix Delgado and Candela Squad will bring the ring°arena to life. The big 90s concert starts at 9:45 pm. The pre-show already starts at 8:30 pm. Before that, the RPR1 Livemobile will be providing good music and a warm-up in the ring°boulevard. The good mood doesn't stop after the main acts: the after-show party with the Mütze Katze DJ team starts at 2 am. The ticket is available for 29,90€ per person in our online shop. When booking a 12h Nürburgring ticket for the big race of the Nürburgring Endurance Series, buyers receive a € 5.00 discount on the additional booking of the concert ticket in the Nürburgring online shop as well as at the open daytime and evening box offices. ADAC 1000km Race | 16 - 18 September 2022With the ADAC 1000km Race, great moments of Nürburgring history return to the Green Hell. The cars built between 1947 and 1992 will race for around seven hours on Saturday, 17 September for victory on the combination of Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife. The day already starts in the morning with qualifying (8:00 to 9:30 a.m.). The start will be at 12:00. Off the track, the cars and drivers can be experienced up close in the paddock at the Pitwalk and Gridwalk. The racing cars and open-wheel racing cars, which are not allowed to drive on the Nordschleife today for safety reasons, will already provide goose bumps on the Grand Prix circuit one day before with an evening race. Practice starts at 4:45 pm. Afterwards, the pit and grid walk await before the traffic lights give the green light for the race at 6:15 pm. On Sunday, various race series and vehicles are also waiting. From the Belcar Sprint Cup and the Dunlop Gentle Drivers '65 to the historic Touring Car and GT Trophy.Tickets for the journey back in time are available here. Events in september: 03.09. – RCN 7 /GLP 5 09. - 11.09. – 12h Nürburgring (NLS 6) 10.09. - Back to the 90’s Party 16. - 18.09. – ADAC 1000km-Rennen 30.09. - 02.10. – ADAC/RGB Saisonfinale

Nürburgring extends contract with AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix


The AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix will remain an integral part of the Nürburgring event calendar in the long term. The operators of the race track and the organisers of the classic event agreed at an early stage to continue their cooperation until 2028. The largest classic car racing event in continental Europe will continue to take place in mid-August in the future. The extension of the event contract was already decided one year before the original contract expires in 2023 and thus underlines the good cooperation. Next year, the 50th AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix will celebrate a "round birthday" and the conclusion of the contract guarantees that this edition will be followed by several more. "We are very pleased to ensure continuity - not only for our spectators in the grandstands, but above all to remain an important fixed point in the annual calendar for teams and drivers. The agreement with our partners at the Nürburgring also gives us security for all subsequent planning," says Wolfgang Schulz as co-managing director of the organisers' association.  The signing of the contract is also an important signal for the operators of the race track: "The AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix represents the entire motorsport history of our race track," explains the Managing Director of Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG, Ingo Böder. "The vehicles that compete here have fascinated visitors to the 'Green Hell' for decades and bring the great moments to life. That's why we're delighted to be able to experience this highlight at the Nürburgring for the long term."

Apprentices start their careers at full throttle


Twelve new trainees have successfully started their careers at the Nürburgring. From now on, the young employees will be working at full throttle at the operating company and in the Nürburgring Hotels and Holiday Park operated by Lindner. The event location is one of the strong trainers and employers in the region with a wide range of job profiles. Including the apprentices in their second and third year of training, 28 young people are currently gaining experience at the Nürburgring for their vocational qualification in various fields. > more information and vacancies How does the operational business of a race track work, how are the processes in the Nürburgring Congress Hotel, how is an event accompanied by the media? At the beginning of their training, the young professionals were given numerous insights into the Nürburgring companies as well as their tasks and processes. During the familiarisation week, there was a lot to learn about the multifunctional event location's diverse portfolio. Subsequently, the commercial trainees of Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG will spend their training period in all departments of the company, including Communications, Events & Operations, Sales & Partner Management and Track Management. More specific apprenticeships of the Nürburgring operator - such as IT specialist or automotive mechatronics technician - the apprentices learn in the specialist departments such as the IT department or the Nürburgring Driving Academy. At the Nürburgring Hotels operated by Lindner and at the holiday park, apprenticeships are currently being offered in the professions of chef, hotel specialist and the dual degree programme "International Business Management - focus on hotel management". At nü GmbH & Co. KG, one apprentice is currently completing his training as a media designer for image and sound. Anyone who wants to follow the example of the Nürburgring trainees can already do so. For 2023, the Nürburgring is looking for the following career starters, among others: Event clerks, office management clerks, event technology specialists or hotel management trainees. Different job opportunities at the Destination NürburgringWith 350 permanent employees and over 1,100 temporary staff, Destination Nürburgring is one of the strong employers in the region. Diverse career opportunities also await professionals and career changers at the Nürburgring companies. In addition to Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG as the operating company of the race track and event locations, you will find Lindner Hotels AG as the manager of the Nürburgring Hotels and the holiday park, VLN VV GmbH & Co. KG - organiser of the Nürburgring Endurance Series as well as nü GmbH & Co. KG and Nürburgring eSports GmbH & Co. KG.

Summer vacations at the Nürburgring: Experiences, events and recreation for the whole family


With its mix of adventure offers and exciting events, the Nürburgring is the perfect destination during the summer vacations. The whole family is always right in the middle of the action: Whether at breathtaking races, offers to drive yourself or a look behind the scenes of the legendary race track. The overnight accommodations also offer the best conditions for day trips or a relaxing vacation. And in the official #RingSommer competition, a high-quality experience package awaits all visitors as a prize. During the summer vacations in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, there are particularly many opportunities at the Nürburgring for families and motorsport fans. A visit to the Motorsport Adventure Museum always offers an exciting journey through the history of the legendary racetrack as well as breathtaking racing cars, famous racing drivers and action-packed hands-on activities. If you would like to stand on the winners' podium high above the race track or learn all there is to know about the Green Hell in the pit lane, the backstage tour is just the thing for you. On the ring°kartbahn, big and small racers can go hunting for best times. Modern electric karts and a varied track layout ensure a fast-paced yet safe driving experience.  From virtual racing experience to tourist driveAnyone can drive a racing car at the limit at the Nürburgring eSports Bar in the ring°carré. High-quality and fully mobile simulators turn the virtual drive into an adrenaline adventure. Visitors can choose between different race tracks and vehicles. And in the real world, the most challenging 21 kilometers in the world await. The tourist drives take visitors on the legendary Nordschleife in their own vehicles and in compliance with road traffic regulations. Thrilling motorsport events, virtual races or experience the Green Hell for yourselfThose who prefer to experience thrilling duels on and off the asphalt from the stands are in good hands at the numerous events during the summer vacations at the Nürburgring. Fast-as-an-arrow rallycross vehicles, legendary classic cars, gigantic trucks or exciting GT vehicles engage in hot duels on the weekends. Refreshments are available right next door at the Bitburger Gasthaus and at LUCIA - Pollo Italiano. A wide range of food and drinks awaits visitors here. In good weather also in the outdoor gastronomy. Overnight accommodation directly at the RingHowever, the Nürburgring is more than just a destination for the perfect day trip. In the region at and around the legendary track, there are numerous opportunities for active vacations in nature. Hiking trails - also around the Nordschleife - offer just as much distance from stressful everyday life as an excursion by bike. Since visitors cannot take advantage of all the offers in one day, it is worthwhile to take advantage of the overnight accommodations in the immediate vicinity of the race track. The Nürburgring Holiday Park managed by Lindner offers the perfect vacation conditions for families and groups with comfortable vacation homes of various sizes. Souvenirs of the Nürburgring visit are available in the official ring°fanshop directly on the ring°boulevard. Your #RingSummer - competition for all Nürburgring visitorsThe summer vacations at the Nürburgring will also be accompanied by a special competition on social media. Anyone who shares their personal Ring experience on their social media channel under the hashtag #RingSommer has the chance to win a great experience package worth more than 1,000 euros. The Nürburgring is giving this away among all participants. Included are three nights at the Nürburgring Ferienpark for up to five people, a co-pilot ride in the Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO, a 10-person ticket for the ring°kartbahn, a visit to the ring°werk motorsport experience museum, a voucher worth 50 euros for the gastronomy in the ring°carré, a voucher worth 100 euros for the ring°fanshop and a voucher for a virtual experience in the Nürburgring eSports Bar. Events during the summer break:     01. – 03.07.   ADAC/DMC Race Weekend     09.07.   Nürburgring Langstrecken-Serie 5 (6h-Rennen)     10.07.   GRIP – Das Motorevent     10.07.   European TimeAttack Masters     15. – 17.07.   ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix     22. – 24.07.   Rad am Ring     29. – 31.07.   ADAC Racing Weekend     30. – 31.07.   FIA World RX of Germany     05. - 07.08.   ADAC GT Masters     12. - 14.08.   AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix     26. - 28.08.   DTM